Monday, November 28, 2016

Announcing the close of the deadline For registration and release of 1st FANSSO Congress Invitation.

For Interested Partners to this 1st FANSSO Congress, can follow the link below to choose per which bases they will assist the organizing committee to financially and technically has a successful Congress online:
Federation of Nursing Sciences Students’ Organizations (FANSSO)"Together In Nursing"
FANSSO 1st Congress Logistics Team,
Organizing Committee.

Sunday, November 27th, 2016.

Dear Professionals in Health Sciences, Medicine, African and Worldwide Nursing Sciences Students,

It is with great pleasure that the 1st FANSSO Congress Organizing Committee Co-Director and Head of Logistics Team, would like to announce the release of the 1st FANSSO Congress Invitation.

Therefore, in order to receive your invitation to be able to participate in the 1st FANSSO Congress ,you are requested to send your e-mail to the 1st FANSSO Congress Organizing Committee Logistics Team via, requesting for your invitation to participate in the 1st Congress of the FANSSO from  today Thursday  24th November,2016 until  8:00'P.M GMT Thursday 1st December,2016.

From today you can receive invitation accompanied with the timetable of planned activities, you will have to first check if you have completed your online registration from available link found on, and you will need to paste your registration details within your e-mail with Object"requesting for invitation". 
Conference booklets and guidelines on luggage will be submitted to all participants in one day from 9:00' to 11:59' P.M, GMT, Thursday 1st December,2016  to every e-mail provided during online registration.

Every individual interested participant will have to receive an individual invitation ,and you need to make sure ,travel arrangements from home country to Kigali-Rwanda is  self reliant  and must be arranged earlier including booking of your travel tickets at least 4 days before your scheduled travel day.
The invitation you receive will be the essential tool for you to obtain your travel documents as we will be available to provide all the related information for recommendation purposes.

Every International participant must bring $50USDollar cash for registration which cover accommodation, meals,and conference materials  to the conference and you are allowed to request for invitation to raise funds for your travel and registration for attending the 1st FANSSO Congress in Kigali-Rwanda ,as this is one of prerequisites with you when you decide to come to Kigali-Rwanda.

We are regretting that the congress has not managed to raise  any fund  to support delegates ,and thus participation will be a commitment for individual participants .

We are very happy to receive most of All Africans both students and professionals who wish to be among the founders of the FANSSO and the be appearing in the historical creation of the 1st ever Federation of African Nursing Sciences Students' Organizations (FANSSO)"Together In Nursing” .

NB: All National Committees of Different Nursing Sciences Students Associations, Organizations, Chapters, Groups, Teams and Clubs are the only allowed invitees to use one common invitation representing the whole team for the purpose to raise funds for their travel tickets and registration fees from their Universities and schools or Government, and they must attach the list of the names of members that are using that invitation.
Also note that registration is still ongoing up to the 30th of November for all those that may still want to register and so delegates can continue to use the registration link below.
We are excited with the hype this conference has generated across Africa and among the global nursing community, and through students we look forward to changing the face of healthcare across the continent!
For Interested Partners to this 1st FANSSO Congress, can follow the link below to choose per which bases they will assist the organizing committee to financially and technically has a successful Congress online:
 For the available support, everybody can send e-mail to :
Come all,
You are warmly welcome in a country of a thousand hills"Rwanda".

Conference Co-Director for Logistics,
1st FANSSO Congress Organizing Committee.
Medical Student ,Year 5,University of Rwanda,2016.
Representative, Rwanda Nursing Sciences Students' Organization(RNSSO)"Arise and Shine /Associate Member of The Commonwealth Students' Association (CSA)"Fraternity".
President of African Union Students' Council (AUSC)"For The Better Africa We Deserve".
Rwanda Country Coordinator for The Commonwealth Youth Peace Ambassadors Network (CYPAN).
For the available support, everybody can send e-mail to :


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