Sunday, November 13, 2016

The AUSC Presidency's Special Adviser for African Union Focal Point,Honorable Professor Mammo Muchie truly congratulates all who made The 5th African Post Graduate Academy becoming remarkably research rich and such an inspiring Event.

The 5th Africana post graduate Academy was remarkably research rich where the resources of learning flowed like a river to reach and fill ultimately  the African ocean of knowledge.... Over 100 RSVP  and there was  the highest number of post-graduates.
The AUSC President takes the due time to congratulate the success merged from Honorable Professor Mammo Muchie the  AUSC Presidency's Special Adviser for African Union Focal Point.

Honorable Professor Mammo Muchie truly congratulates all who made The 5th African Post Graduate Academy becoming remarkably research rich and such an inspiring Event.
The SARChI chairs in TUT and UJ and the R & I Directorate in TUT together successfully ran the two day post graduate training in UJ. The attendees  came from various parts of South Africa demonstrating the need to fill this gap of organising focused training for all those completing their masters and doctoral research. Presentations that included natural science, engineering and human and social sciences were delivered focusing on how to  acquire very relevant research and writing skills in all fields. The unity of knowledge by exposing all the post graduates to all fields enriches their learning acumen for creativity and innovation to approach any problem with a sense of wonder, curiosity and imagination.

Below is what Professor Mammo Muchie tells you:

"In South Africa We need every year to graduate at least over 6000 doctorates. Last year only 2400 doctorates were reported to have graduated. This means transformation is not taking place as expected. He said: "We need to run the academy  as many times as possible annually to produce high quality  doctoral graduates who in turn can do more training , innovating and creating to  make education valued  as food and water... education is life and not to be seen merely a means to life in our African human context..."

"We are discussing if we can pull off the 6th Afrikana post-graduate academy  before the end of the year in TUT or UJ. In 2017 we would like to reach all South Africa by making sure that we ran  AGPA in different universities to encourage the post-graduates to work together. We have now the Africa Talent Hub Community Interest Company and the Africa Entrepreneurship  Award."

"We would like all our African post-graduates to work hard to make Africa united  and renaissant to make Africa the knowledge, learning, innovation and entrepreneurship hub of the world."
"I truly congratulate all who made such inspiring and truly very rich contributions... Very proud of you..."

Learn more on next step for including all African Youth and Academicians in the way to unit our efforts  for the sake of an excellent new Africa we deserve as Africans.,,,,,,

Moreover, Mammo suggested In 2017 to run the 3rd Afrikana Post-Graduate Academy(AGPA), and again to invite the AUSC Leaders all and  the AU Leaders.

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AUSC President's Office.
Kigali-Rwanda-East Africa.

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