Friday, November 4, 2016

AUSC International Committee congratulate the African Union (AU) to have established the African Union Reform Steering Committee.

African Union Students' Council (AUSC)" For The Better Africa We Deserve" International Committee  extremely congratulations the African Union(AU) Leadership as a whole ,and AUSC would like to take this time to congratulate this team of African Union Reform Steering Committee and we shall never become as demeaning as some may think we African are not powerful ,Africans are more determined to shape a better Africa we Africans deserve as deserving our next generations.
This team is very special and will be a next way to show case of loving leaders Africa has got to make it the better place for its children .
Congratulations to the President Republic of Rwanda H.E Paul Kagame to open this continent's eyes and become the role model for its new visions and missions ,we are very proud of your extraordinary talent of Leadership as an innate gift from Almighty God in Heaven.

AUSC International Communication Office wishes to share with you that: "President Kagame held two day consultation meeting with the African Union Reform Steering Committee to discuss the institutional reform of the African Union. The meeting took place in fulfillment of the mandate entrusted to President Kagame by Heads of State of AU member countries during the AU Summit held in Kigali last July".

For more pictures:…/paulkagame/albums/72157675953932665

AUSC Leaders have great trust for this African Union Reform Steering Committee , and inviting the rest of the World to look also on the young generation of Africa,  also being determined to contribute with all possible efforts to shape the better Africa we deserve as deserving our next generations .
African Union Students are not silent outside there ,the World knew that This is the time to araise and shine the values of Africans on the sight of the whole World and all African Academicians gathered in different NGOs will be having their turn up to show case of the love young leaders have for this beautiful continent of Africa .
Visit the African Union Students' Council (AUSC)"For The Better Africa We Deserve " online,,Twitter:@AUStudentsCoun1,Instagram :@africanusc.
With all the plans to be worked on during all activities of this excellent ering committee of the Reforming Africa Union ,Our appreciations will be more excellent to have African Union Students voices becoming part of that throughout the mentioned AUSC International Action Plan 2016-2019 ,available online from the above websites .
Congratulations once again .
Please our beloved African Union Reform Steering Committee ,receive the 1st contribution we offer to your plans for institutional reform of the African Union ,include the Industrialized Africa, and involve African Academicians for that by bringing all innovations on bord ,form the appropriate institution for Africa Industrialization as most effective transformation Africa needs ,based on our Continental capacity of having all kinds of natural resources with us ,we will never keep selling them outside this continent ,we will use them ourselves .
Follw our AUSC Presidency's Special Advisor for African Union Focal Point Honorable Professor Mammo Muchie giving all the possible frameworks on making this Africa the most industrialized Global Continent in near future as together we have raised up our contributions to shape the better Africa we deserve .
[] ,Have a look on it ,it is very inspiring and very important for your next meetings activities and plans.
AUSC International Communication Office .


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