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USA's PAULA WHITE -CAIN brings Governments of Nations' International&USA National Sunday Law, November 5th 2019-2020,trigger of Persecution to God's Holy People who keep God's Covenant and sealed with 7th Day Holy Sabbath.Ezekiel 20:12, Ezekiel 20:20 and Revelation 14:12.

NB: Happy 7th Day Holy Sabbaths in all days to come 22/10/2020-15/10/2024-22/10/3024. 
Dear SDA&NonSDA Jesus Christ is coming very very soon, on 15th October, 2024 : 
I send You these three Links as Warning please read,repent and share at least to 7 people you love, family members, neighbors and on social medias: 
Time is over! It is Over! Sunday Law comes initiated from United States of America(USA) to be spread to all Nations worldwide, Causing 7 plagues and from Sunday Law enactment "Daniel 12:11" in USA  it will soon be Over in only Daniel 12:12-13: 3years 8 months and 15 days to be Over !!!Please repent, repent, repent!!

Through President Donald Trump the USA's PAULA WHITE -CAIN  proclaimed since June 2019 that soon the great USA  governmental prayer movement in the history of the USA would begin and that would possibly be model for governments of Nations to continue perhaps longer , while this was still in her thoughts in June.
Not surprisingly , according to the Up to Date Worldwide Thinking on joint between Bible Prophecy and Worldwide Sustainable Development Goals and Climate Change Emergency, the USA National Sunday Law will be a role model for governments of Nations to continue to fight against Climate Change, and the Nations will be collaborating with their Nations' Religious Councils to profit on that Sunday Law to Rest and Worship to have an official Day of Workers weekly Rest as a common Christians Day of worship they will have to worship on that Day weekly and work for the rest 6 Days restlessly to Achieve Sustainable development Goals(SDG) while also combating Climate Change by reducing Carbon Dioxide Emissions in the atmosphere at every weekly based Rest.
without doubt , the Climate Change is affecting the world's Population and there was a scientifically predicted Mass extinction in near future if nothing is done today, also this was urged in the Roman Catholic Church's Current Pontifex Maximus Pope Francis in His Previous Encyclical Letter entitled Laudato SI'.
The previous United Nations(UN) Climate Change Summit, the United Nations (UN) urged the World Leaders to bring their plans that were presented officially on their measures taken to start action on Carbon Dioxide emissions in the atmosphere , and they were warned to end every emission by 2050.
However, the United States of America(USA)'s President and Vice President who attended the US Climate Summit were extremely concerned by demonstrating the USA capacity on Ruling Country worldwide for Freedom of Religious liberty and this pride dealt with all Nations to take their example on ending persecution against Christians.
The main link between USA, POPE Francis's Laudato SI' and United Nations(UN) is a common joint of a Common Good which is a Sunday.
A Sunday which links the three above totally different Leaders ; President Donald Trump of USA the worldwide supper power and role model for Religious liberty , Pope Francis the Pontifex Maximus representative of Roman Empire which gave birth to the Roman Catholic Church and Antonio Gutreress the General Secretary of United Nations(UN) which represents interest of all Governments of Nations  is not a usual SUNDAY.

This is a SUNDAY of a Common Good.
1.From USA , this SUNDAY is Common from the ways USA is by constitution a Sunday worshiping Protestant Nation since its creation. USA was founded by Protestant immigrants who were freeing themselves from ROMAN Catholic Popes and Jesuits Persecutions from Europe in the 1260 years by 1798 during French Revolution, and it is still Legally a Protestant Nation and looking its extreme emphasis on warning all worldwide nations to stop Christian persecutions in the previous UN Climate Summit September 23 evidenced their will to play a role model for its Sunday Worship believes as an example to the Governments of Nations worldwide.

2.From Laudato SI', Pope Francis emphasized on a Sunday through its main role from Roman Catholic Church worship of God by which day they share the Eucharist , and that was strongly confirmed in the paragraph 237 of Laudato SI' where Sunday is a day of Rest that was recommended by God to connect Him with Humans and Environment.

3. From the United Nations(UN), Antonio Guterres emphasized on promoting a weekly day of rest based on ideas of the scientists who claim that heavy Carbon Dioxide emissions have made the atmospheric Sun Protecting Ozone Gas weak and makes it to reach the Earth with strong rays that unfortunately become difficult for the whole heat to be reflected back in Atmosphere and cause melting of Ices in Oceans and seas where this increased the level of water where all of these geographical events were associated with severe Climate Change emergency in this century  which requires Action for governments of nations worldwide to stop this climate change before it is too late.
Nevertheless , with climate change effects, the United Nations(UN)'s Sustainable Developments Goals(SDG) can never be achieved in 2030.
And among the solutions United Nations has to stop Climate change is to have at least on weekly day of human activity cessation and dedicated to reducing shopping, travelling and deforestation activities which were automatically counted on its exceptional high level on Sundays.

By conclusion the SUNDAY has become a special linking Day between the three mentioned Worldwide International Leaders of UN,Roman Catholic Church the representative of Ancient Roman Empire and USA in the ways United Nations(UN) sees SUNDAY as a special Day that governments of Nations must apply by force to stop Heavy Carbon Dioxide emissions in the Atmosphere, on weekly basis to stop Climate Change effects in less that 10 Years, the Idea that was totally supported from the Paris Climate agreement where USA was not supporting the agreement on the Carbon Dioxide emission Taxation but joined the team with its imperative warning for worldwide Christian freedom to Worship God on Sunday and stop persecution of Christians while one of the Christians Pope Francis submitted his shoes to support the Roman Catholic Protest on enforcing the Paris Agreement for Climate Change to effectively Care for this Earth , which He calls in his Laudato SI' the Common Home, and the SUNDAY that UN emphasized on Combating the Climate Change is a Child of Papacy and was strongly advised by Pope Francis in the paragraph 237 of Laudato SI' as a Day that God has given to the Humanity to connect Him with Humans and Environment.

The Bible made it very simple , that SUNDAY is never neither a Day of Rest nor a Day for Worshiping Almighty God, the Creator of the Human Beings and the Environment that surrounds the Human beings including Heavens in Genesis 2:1-4, and the Bible calls the Sunday a Mark of the Beast whose Number is 666 in Revelations 13:18.
The Bible warned ans still is warning Human beings to never accept a forced SUNDAY Rest and Never to Worship Almighty God on Sunday which is a Mark of the Beast whose Number is 666 Pontifex Maximus representative of the Ancient Roman Empire who was given power by the Dragon(SATAN) Revelation 13:1-4, Daniel 2:37-45,Daniel 7:7-14, Daniel 8:23-26, Daniel 9:26-27, Daniel 10:19-21, Daniel 11:1-45, Daniel 12:1-13, Revelation 13:1-18, Revelation 14:6-11,Revelation 15:1-6, Revelation 16:10-17, Revelation 17:1-18, Revelation 20:1-15,
The Beast whose number 666 of the name in Bible mentions is the VICAR OF JESUS also called  and is the Title of ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH POPE(Ezekiel 13:20-23)while the Bible calls 666 the Number of a Man who is a representative of the Dragon which is the Ancient Serpent also called SATAN in Revelation 12:1-5. The Dragon was defeated from Heaven by Jesus Christ accepted to die on the Cross (John 12:23-33) and Dragon  definitely Almighty God chased him on Earth and immediately Via Judas Iscariot killed the Son of God  Jesus Christ but from that Friday rested the 7th Day Sabbath and on 1st Day of the Week on SUNDAY was resurrected and taken to Heaven since then.
From that time, Jesus Christ the Son of Man  was given the Kingdom of  David on this Earth by Almighty God His Father and He is from then the representative  the God's Saints also called God's Holy People Revelation 12:6-17.

However, through the current Bible Prophecy, it is clearly evident that Jesus Christ the Son of Man the King of David's Kingdom the decadent of the Judas , Jacob, Isaac and Abraham (Genesis 28:10-22) must come this soonest future to reign  the Kingdom that Almighty God has promised His Saints who Keep All His 10 Commandments included the 7th Day Holy Sabbath. Isaiah 65:1-25.

In this regards, Every person who lives in this Year 2019 today and who sees that the system of the Worldwide 3 mentioned Supper Powers  USA, UN, and Roman Empire Representation the Beast 666, must try urgently to make  self studying of the Bible Prophecy and make sure that SUNDAY Rest and God WORSHIP on SUNDAY  Contradicts the Bible from which 10 Commandments of Almighty God specifically forbid every human being today to Never Rest or Worship any other Day rather than on 7th Day Sabbath that is Saturday.Isaiah 66:1-24
Saturday is now the Only reason, Almighty God brings POPE FRANCIS to Strong Condemnation, because He dared to write Laudato SI' aimed to care for Earth that must perish.
There is no need to save this Earth , the only thing that is needed today, following the Bible Prophecy, is to never accept to Rest and Worship God by Force on SUNDAY.
If anyone accepts this, makes it a final Test to whom deserves to face God's 7 Plagues that Must Come as soon as the International SUNDAY LAW is set to be forcefully Respected as it will start in United States of AMERICA.
This End Time Movement and 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ is inevitable as USA's PAULA WHITE -CAIN (Ezekiel 13:1-20) brings Governments of Nations' International&USA National Sunday Law initially from Launching the ONE VOICE PRAYER MOVEMENT (Ezekiel 14:1-23) in USA  to prepare for Donald Trump USA President Elections in November 2020 from this Tuesday November 5th 2019 to continue till November 5th 2020.
Only USA President Donald Trump by accepting to sign the USA National SUNDAY LAW  while SUNDAY is a Child of LAUDATO SI' and United Nations(UN) Urged Nations to Apply Force of its Respect to Combat Climate Change, this automatically is the only trigger of Persecution to God's Holy People who keep God's Covenant and sealed with 7th Day Holy Sabbath. Revelation 21:8
The True 7th Day Bible Sabbath Keepers never and never and never will accept SUNDAY linked Laws that will be connected to the 666 Number of the Beast and Total Denial of Almighty God's 7th Day Sabbath, which will lead and result to Death Penalty, and Jesus Christ will redeem them from this GENOCIDE against Almighty God's People, His Saints.

Those Almighty God's People are selected People Among 7th Day Sabbath Keepers and those who will decide to reject SUNDAY Rest and Worship by Force  through the 3rd Angel's message in Revelation 14:9-11 and Revelation 18:1-4 who are currently among Sunday Worshiping Churches attendants including Roman Catholic Church to embrace the 7th Day Holy Sabbath and accept Jesus Christ as their only Savior through His shed Blood on the Cross in order to clean their All Sins Committed including breaking God's Sabbaths , and by Successive Prayers and by Faith deciding to never break God's Sabbaths again  and follow All 10 Commandments strictly to be proclaimed God's Saints and accepting even to die but never accept to break Sabbaths and follow forced Worship and Rest on Sunday instead preaching that as sinning. Revelation 12:10-11, Revelation 14:12-13
to  it was counted only Sealed God's People 144000.

Almighty God's People, His Saints are those who keep God's Covenant and sealed with 7th Day Holy Sabbath.Ezekiel 20:12, Ezekiel 20:20 and Revelation 14:12 and who called others to join their team in Revelation 22:17.

Love of Almighty God to His Saints is endless with promised everlasting Life ; even if they accepts them to die , it is to show other people that the Saints Love God and His Son Jesus Christ the redeemer who died for them before, to save them from SATAN's Everlasting Reserved Punishment of permanent death with Fire and Brimstone. Exodus 1:1-22,Revelation 7:1-5, Revelation 9:4, Revelation 14:1-5, Revelation 15:1-5 .

1)Holy Bible
Read more:
Origins in the Regal period for Pontifex maximuPOPE FRANCIS VICARIUS FILII DEI whose 666 is HIS Number the JESUIT Beast of Revelation 13:18.: 
It is All About Fights between Almighty God (by Jesus Christ to set His Everlasting Kingdom on this Earth and for Him to set it, a last Pope[Jesuit Pope whosoever will dare to enforce Nations to Rest and Worship God on Sunday accompanied with death penalty must be killed after 42 moths to end the Papacy's Worldwide leadership which planned for enacting National Sunday Law in USA with death penalty in His Catechism from Amazon Synod to enforce International Sunday Law, which will be enough for Him to neutralize the 7th Day Holy Sabbath which equalizes all 10 Commandments of God to Zero on this earth to stop Climate Change that tends to cause mass extinction in 2050 also to chase God forever from this earth to go back to Heaven and put the whole humanity on this earth in the hands of Satan the King of Darkness and defeat Jesus Christ the King of Light and His father Almighty God the Creator of Heavens and everything , which is not possible!) and Satan(by Set ROMAN PAGAN EMPIRE Kingdom Chaired by ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH PAPACY with ROMAN CHRISTIAN POPE the Pontifex Maximus 666), this fight on this earth started from Eden between Cain and Seth's Descendants continued between Jesus Christ with His Christian Church and Caesar Ant-Christ Nero with His Pagan Roman Empire until Constantine joined the Christian Church and Transformed Almighty God's 7th Day Sabbath Rest and Worship to Sunday Rest and Worship in that new Roman Christian Church Led by a POPE=The Beast 666, However the Final Battle trigger is going to be the threatening of Human Consciences on freedom of religious participation  by enforcement of POPE Francis The BeastLaudato SI' *237* planned International Sunday Rest and Worship by Law through United Sates of America President(USA Church and State Union=Image of the Beast) on one hand and the Close of Human Probation by Almighty God on the other hand followed by His wrath and 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ:


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