Wednesday, September 15, 2021

*15/9/2021-30/12/2=15/10/2024 at 1:59' a.m. The 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ's waiting Prayers and Fasting Days on Day -30/12/3 of 1125 Days remaining from the 1335 Days of Daniel 12:1-13.Published on Wednesday-September 15th, 2021 at 11:59' a.m.

*15/9/2021-30/12/2=15/10/2024 at 1:59' a.m. The 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ's waiting Prayers and Fasting Days on Day -30/12/2 of 1125 Days remaining from the 1335 Days of Daniel 12:1-13..Wednesday..


#6"Mwebw' Abera Mube Maso".[]. 

2.Isomo ryo muri (Bibiliya Yera)(Holy Bible)

#Luka 9:1-62 "".

3.IkigishoUwifuzwa Ibihe Byose".

#"IGICE CYA 4 - UMUKIZA YABAVUKIYE","IGICE CYA 5 - KWEGURIRWA IMANA ".Ababwirizabutumwa ba ADEPR na METHODIST n' Umupasitoro bayoboraga ibyumba by’amasengesho beretswe isabato babwirwa kuyiruhuka. .

4.Ikifuzo n' IsengeshoAudio:

1)Ku Ki Imana yemeye ko Icyaha(Kugoma kwa Satani na Papa Francis) cyibaho?:

Ubusobanuro bwimbitse Igice cya 5:[ ].

Ubusobanuro bwimbitse Igice cya 6: ].

Ubusobanuro bwimbitse Igice cya 7: ].

Ubusobanuro bwimbitse Igice cya 8: ].

The 1177:The 11th Hour clear fulfilling divine connection of the 50-October 22nd, 1844 Millerites and 144000-October 22nd, 2020 Biblical Saints True 7th Day Adventists of Revelation 14:1-15 description link for reading and sharing [ ].

You can Click Here to View our Alarm, set for You to Start Counting down for 2nd Coming of Our Lord Messiah Jesus Christ our King of 7th Day Holy Sabbath and of All Sealed 7th Day Holy Sabbath Keepers until Tuesday, 15 October 2024 (Chicago time).

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