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The Universal Great Controversy"matching the 1177 Principal Repetition Number",between the Master and the Deceiver,Against the Poisonous Covid-19 Vaccines as a whole: SARS-CoV-2-19 mRNA Vaccines are poisons by Containing Graphen Oxide as Nanoparticles.Published on Thursday September 2nd, 2021 at 3:59' a.m.

0.Introduction:[  ],[ Nanotechnology: Hacking Humans, Its Potential, and Real Risks: ].:Note:{This is African Union Students' Council(AUSC)" For The Better Africa We Deserve" Special Dedication to Our United States of America(U.S.A)based Amazing Word Ministries International YouTube Channel deleted by YouTube Team to please Allow You All Globally To Read, Analyze,Copy,Paste and Share this Link to At Least 7 Peoples online and offline:[ ].

May Almighty God bless You All.}

*02/09/2021-13/1/3=15/10/2024 at 1:59' a.m. The 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ's waiting Prayers and Fasting Days on Day -13/1/3 of 1138  Days remaining from the 1335 Days of Daniel 12:1-13..Thursday.

1)Who owns the body and soul of a human being?the answer is in two specific ownerships 1st is the Master and 2nd is the Caregiver, this cooperation,between the Master and the Caregiver of the body and soul of human being,this cooperation must be centered on the principal of Liberty of Conscience that is obtained by the Caregiver as given through creation or birth canal by the Master.

2)The Master,in that channel of creation and birth canal, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Caregiver basing on the principal of Liberty of Consciousness trusting that the Caregiver will provide the necessary care to the body and soul, which as well gives the rights for the Caregiver to ask for everything necessary needed to facilitate the effectiveness of providing such Care as specifically enclosed in the Memorandum of Understanding between the two parties, the 1st part Owns the body and soul as the Creator, while the 2nd part Owns the body and soul as the guardian of the Created body and soul, both parties work differently for each of the two parties must be accountable of the duties as entrusted in the Memorandum of Understanding signed between them in order to maintain this question for every single person among all Created human beings:Who owns the body and soul of a human being?the answer is in two specific ownerships 1st is the Master and 2nd is the Caregiver, this cooperation,between the Master and the Caregiver of the body and soul of human being,this cooperation must be centered on the principal of Liberty of Conscience that is obtained by the Caregiver as given by the Master.

3)In this context, the justice which creates the two parties regulatory mechanism is inevitable and is as well based on  Copyrights that inevitability testify that every primary resources available to be used by the Caregiver are the properties of the Master, which gives the Master the premier Right to claim for Copyright jurisdiction concerns in any case the Caregiver ruins the body and soul of the human being.

4)The claimed Copyright jurisdiction concern in case of ruined body and soul brings in the distortion and termination of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Master and the Caregiver individually and results in permanent punishment to the Caregiver Lawfully, the end result becoming the total destruction of both the ruined body and soul, Deceived Caregiver and Deceiver in Hell Lake of Fire and Brimstones, quoted in Revelation12:1-17&Revelation13:1-18&Revelation14:1-20&Revelation15:1-8&Revelation16:1-21&Revelation17:1-18&Revelation18:1-24&Revelation19:1-21&Revelation20:1-15&Revelation21:1-27&Revelation22:1-21&Isaiah66:21-24.

5)The total destruction of both the ruined body and soul becomes more important than keeping alive the ruined body and soul, because the action of ruining the body and soul is irreversible, and serves no more benefit to the Master.

6) The Master claims the Copyright jurisdiction concerns in any case the Caregiver ruins the body and soul of the human being, while the claim gives the full right for the Master to destroy as well the Caregiver, while the Caregiver deciding to ruin the body and soul justifies the existence of a Deceiver who uses an other Antiliberal Principal of the Common Good to contrast the Liberty of Consciousness in order to try to Own the Body and Soul contrarily to the Honor and Respect of the Copyright Jurisdiction Concerns permanently Claimed by the Master over the Caregiver, in other term being called the Great Controversy between the Master and the Deceiver.

7)Who is the Master?, who is the Caregiver?, who is the Deceiver?in this AD 2024 ending long lasting 6000 Years Universal Great Controversy matching the 1177 Principal Repetition Number: [ ].

i)The Master is Almighty God who Created the Human Being before without Breath of Life and after inflating the Breath of Life in the Created Body to become a Living Soul, whereas both Body and Living Soul composed the 1st Human Being called Adam Created in the Garden of Eden under a Universally Claimable Copyright as said the Holy Bible in Genesis 1:1-31&Genesis 2:1-25&Genesis 3:1-24.

ii)The Caregiver is an individual Person or individual Angel or a Group of individuals both Angels and persons working together who are given such authority of providing a specified care to the body and soul of human being either through normal legal and lawful ways by the Master using non deceived Caregiver or either through deception illegally and unlawfully by the Deceiver using deceived Caregiver,quoted in Ezekiel33:1-5&Ezekiel34:1-31&Ezekiel35:1-15&Ezekiel36:1-38&Ezekiel 33:1-33.

iii)The Deceiver is SATAN the fallen Lucifer owning the origin of disobedience to the Laws of the Master Almighty God, given that capability of Liberty of Consciousness as the supreme Angel later misused the given supremacy in Heaven targeting illegally and unlawfully to use deception to own the Copyrights claimed by the Master,quoted in Isaiah14:1-32&Ezekiel26:1-21&Ezekiel 27:1-36&Ezekiel 28:1-26.

I. Ezekiel Declaration:[ ].

1)The Ezekiel Declaration is a specified Care delivered to the deceived Caregiver to stop the efforts of poisoning human beings in Australia and in all countries in this World, clearly putting on public the repetition of the Deceiver's extermination agenda to the body and soul of human beings as introduced in the Years 1880-1889 in the United States of America (U.S.A) for evidence based historical repetition of fallen Lucifer Satan trying to enforce the Universal Common Good that He thinks will provide the necessary care to the body and soul of all human beings worldwide illegally and unlawfully to be able to own Copyrights claimed by the Master Almighty God who created the body and soul of all Living Human Beings.

2)In Ezekiel Declaration, the Government of Australia is using deception to ruin the body and soul of all Australian Citizens by setting up the Green Passports imitating the United States of America (U.S.A) deceptive illegal and unlawful 1880-1889 Mandatory chickenpox Vaccination as it is currently declared on the Covid-19 Vaccines mandating the inoculation of SARS-CoV-2-mRNA-19 Vaccines to every citizen of United States of America (U.S.A) before obtaining the Green Card, mandating covid-19 vaccination to become a requirement before trying to apply for the U.S.A Green Card for both illegal residents of U.S.A who want not to return back in their native Countries and those who want to leave their native or residence Countries going to U.S.A under legal immigration and emigration, following the approval of CDC given covid-19 Vaccine since last month of August, 2021.

3) The U.S.A 1880s mandatory chickenpox vaccination that was illegally and unlawfully raised the concerns of Ezekiel Declaration in Australia was fixed on hindering the human beings on using their innate Liberty of Consciousness in favor of the Universal Common Good, while the Term Common Good is original from the deceived person called St.Thomas Aquinas a legendary of the Roman Catholic Church whose Popes declared Mr Thomas Aquinas a Saint after His death, however, the Holy Bible calls a person a Saint if that person is still living and must thereby be totally obeying the Master Almighty God by not daring consciously to break any of His 10 Commandments including the 4th Commandment of Remembering The 7th Day Sabbath To Keep It Holy, a commandment mostly hated by every extremist Roman Catholic Church member including Popes especially the Jesuit Pope Francis elected in the Year 2013 and declared that receiving any of the Covid-19 Vaccine is an act of love as He declared publicly in this last month of August, 2021 quoted in article, SATAN’S PUPPET: Pope Francis calls getting the abortion-tainted COVID-19 vaccine “an act of love” .

4)The term Common Good is a Satanic Term being called the best act of love by the Roman Catholic Church in their Catechism and in order for the whole world to have a universal common good the worldwide Governments must respect a false illegal and unlawful day of rest on Sunday as it was declared by St.Thomas Aquinas, adding that everyone who does not comply to the principles set up by Authorities in order to obtain the Universal Common Good must receive the Capital Punishment which is known also as the death penalty in the writings of St.Thomas Aquinas a heroic so called Saint by deceived Caregiver Roman Catholic Church Leaders.

5)The claimed Copyright jurisdiction concerns by the Master Almighty God on the principal of Liberty of Consciousness misused by Worldwide Governments trying to enforce and mandate the Covid-19 Vaccines was fixed in the Memorandum of Understanding between the Master and Caregivers in Revelation13:1-18 of the number of the Beast 666 that no body will be allowed to buy or sell except having the number of the Beast 666 which means having mandated SARS-Cov-2-mRNA-19Vaccine matches the number of the Beast strategic illegal and unlawful operations by the Deceiver and a parallel destruction warning was set by the Master Almighty God in Revelation14:9-12&Revelation 18:1-5 entitled the 3rd Angel's Loud Cry Message proclaimed by non deceived Caregivers including the True 144000 Saints 7th Day Adventists Globally during the fixed period of 42 Months from February 7th, 2021 until the end of the 5th Last Plague on July 31st, 2024 ,noting that the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ in 2024.5 meaning the Year 2021+3½Years derived into a period of complete falling of the whole 7 Last Plague of Revelation 16:1-21 as starting from February 15th, 2024 until October 15th, 2024 at 1:59' a.m on Tuesday in Revelation22:12 was described to meet two kinds of Caregivers 1st legal and lawful non deceived persons, 2nd illegal and unlawful deceived persons ,both separated in two final last generations one generation for saints and an other generation for vipers.

6)The Generation of Vipers is the 4th Generation from October 22nd, 1844 who pushed the Sunday rest and worship by Law as supporting St.Thomas Aquinas principal of the Common Good that destroy the Master Almighty God's Planned Liberty of Consciousness trusting Memorandum of Understanding between the Master and the Caregiver individually without consent of the Deceiver SATAN fallen Lucifer, while the 4th Generation of Vipers that began in October 22nd, 2004 to end in 2031 after 27 Years of existence must have in common the Number of the Beast'666-SARS-Cov-2-mRNA-19Vaccines,image of the Beast' Ecumenical Vademecum belief' and Mark of the Beast' Sunday Rest and worship by Law', whereas the 150th Generation of Saints  started as the last generation in the Year 1991 to end in the Year 2031 expected to complete 40 Years of full generation, however, Jesus Christ must come to reward the two generations at once in their middle Year obtained by finding the midline between two generations calculated as 40Years+27Years=67Yeras:2=33.5, meaning taking the initial Year of final 150 Generation of the Master Almighty God's Saints in 1991 marking the ending Generation for 6000 Years of the Cosmic Week of 7000 Years whose the 7th Day Holy Sabbath must begin in 2024 to end after full 1000Years Cosmic Sabbath beginning at the end of the outpouring of the 7 Last Plagues as determined by adding 33.5Years to 1991+33.5=2024.5 derived to give a specific period of complete outpouring of the 7 Last Plagues from February 15th, 2024 until the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ on Tuesday October 15th, 2024 at 1:59' a.m, in order to have the Master Almighty God's 1000Years Cosmic Sabbath beginning on Tuesday October 22nd, 2024 in the Heavenly Canaan with the presence of All non deceived Caregivers and Jesus Christ the Master Almighty God's only begotten Son and in absence of All deceived Caregivers and SATAN the Fallen Lucifer.

7) Therefore, whosoever is currently stepping in the shoes of Satanic Puppet Jesuit Pope Francis to declare SARS-CoV-2-19Vaccine as a act of love is deceived, and will be punished by the Master Almighty God in the Hell Lake of Fire and Brimstones from the end of 1000Years Cosmic Sabbath from October 22nd, 3024 as tested by 1177 Principal Repetition Number in different AUSC Articles previously, those who will be burned together with their Deceiver Fallen Lucifer SATAN are now ready to accept the SARS-CoV-2-mRNA aborted Fetus Cells mandated Vaccines and soon reject the True 7th Day Holy Sabbath of Genesis 2:1-3&Exodus 20:1-17&Exodus31:12-18 and makes part of the soon dying 4th Generation of Vipers, please repent, Remember The 7th Day Sabbath To Keep It Holy as directed through the Writings of Madam Ellen Gould White especially in the Boon The Great Controversy until its end when Satan will be burned with His All Followers in the Hell Lake of Fire and Brimstones after the soon Coming 1000Years Cosmic 7th Day Sabbath of the Master Almighty God in Palm 90:4&2Peter3:8 by October 22nd, 3024 at the end of The Great Controversy between the Master and the Deceiver.

II.The U.S.Climate Act of 2021:[ ].

0.Gukuramo Inda no Kwikingiza Covid-19 ni Ugushyigikira Kwica bibujijwe mu Itegeko rya 6,quoted Exodus 20:1-17&John17:1-26:[ ].

This 42 Months Fratelli Tutti Jesuit Pope Francis' covid-19 draconian New World Order Leadership from February 7th, 2021 to July 31st, 2024 is the precursor of the final upcoming Joe Biden's U.S.National Sunday Law Revelation 13:1-18 draconian Authoritative Law globally to enforce the Vatican Jesuit Pope Francis's Satanic Encyclical Letter LaudatoSI'237' and Fratelli Tutti,beginning in U.S.A and disseminating in all Nations Globally to gather the deceived Caregivers together warring against non deceived Caregivers and the Master Almighty God Himself in Armageddon final coalition of level demons Pope Francis and elected Joe Biden Administration of the New World Order from February 7th, 2021 until End of 6th Last Plague on August 31st, 2024 in Revelation 16:1-21.

I.AUSC New Artcle Title:[ ].

The Science"1177"of The 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ on Tuesday October15th, 2024 at 1:59'a.m.

II.SERMON:Read from the Holy Bible in Genesis2:1-3&Exodus20:1-17&James2:10-13:1Day=1000Years Psalms90:4&2Peter3:8 giving 6000Years+1000Years Cosmic SABBATH=7000Years for1Full Cosmic Week&2nd Coming of Jesus Christ for End of Earth in 6000Years is happening in 2024 To begin 1000Years Cosmic SABBATH of Hebrews4:1-16,Revelation12:17,Revelation13:3-18,Revelation14:9-12,Revelation15:1-8,Revelation18:1-5,Revelation20:1-15&Jesus will Come on Tuesday October 15th,2024+1000Years Cosmic SABBATH=3024 Hell Comes at 7000 Years Full. 

III.SOURCE:Take,Read&ShareTheLink&Screenshot[Open Letter to All beloved Present Truth Preachers Worldwide.Link:(].

IV.PRAYER quoted in Exodus 20:1-17&John17:1-26:Dear My Almighty God Holy Father in Heaven,Forgive this Person,Give Your Holy Spirit to this Your Child/Person1John3:1-24 to understand this Your Last 3rd Angel's Loud Cry Message Warning to Never Dare to RestToWorship the SUN god"SATAN"by Law on Sundays"Mark of the Beast=Climate Sundays Lockdowns" but to Accept&Believe in the Luke6:5&BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST to Refuse&reject SATAN's Image&Number of The Beast SARS-CoV-2-mRNA"666"'Microchip'Poison(Covid-19Test&Vaccines)in order to be free to Repent,To Remember The 7th Day Sabbath To Keep It Holy in order to Divorce From All Demons as the End of Life on this Earth is Near in 2024 through the 7Last Plagues(February15th,2024 Until October15th,2024 at1:59'a.m)of Revelation16:1-21 to do not die in SIN,Quit SATAN today to live togetherWithJESUS CHRIST in Your Soon Coming Eternal Life in HEAVEN2024&NEW EARTH3024,in CHRIST JESUS NAME I PRAY,AMEN.Isaiah28:1-29&Romans12:1-21&Matthew24:15-31. 

V.WISHES:May Our Almighty God Bless You&Yours All.Amen.


Dr.Bandora,MD,MG. ].




III.Conclusion:[ ].

Follow given links to read more on Ezekiel Declaration and Poisoned Covid-19 for depopulating the world by the Year 2025, Jesus Christ must come in 2024 to save us all saints before this Satanic Project become completed in 2025 as supported by United Nations(U.N) via Alice false prophet of Lucis Trust (Lucifer's Trustees): [ ].

1)AUSC President and Founder's Office shares Analysis and explanation of Counterfeited Spiritual Battle exposed in The Tomorrow War Jesuits Satanic Film.Repent,Remember The 7th Day Sabbath To Keep It Holy.Jesus Christ is Coming on Tuesday-October 15th, 2024 at 1:59' a.m.Published on Sunday-August 15th, 2021 at 6:59' P.M. Link[ ].

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3)Listen, Read and Share Links of The Great Controversy Book Audio  All Chapters-English and in Kinyarwanda.

I.The Book Great Controversy in Audio: Igitabo Intambara Ikomeye mu majwi
0.[Chapter 00- Introduction/The Great Controversy-Audio],(Chap 0-IJAMBO RY'IBANZE in Kinyarwanda )
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II.In fact, AUSC Critical Thinkers Advocate shares article that contains 7 Chapters of a lovely Warning Biblical Prophetic Book"National Sunday Law" in Audio mp3 formats that can be easily downloaded and be daily played in mp 3 audio playing devises at home or while walking and working and be transferrable individually by Bluetooth and WhatsApp and other platforms on social media in order to reach the entire world to the both Young and Adult individuals to prepare for the upcoming Global Crisis of National Sunday Law and associated 7 Last Plagues where to choose between Obeying the 7th Day Sabbath to Keep it Holy or rejecting this 4th Commandment of Almighty God in order to secure Yourself from the Upcoming Climate Sunday Rest and Worship by Law of the soon coming Global Final Crisis which is basically enclosed and explained in the below Shared Book entitled the National Sunday Law.

1) National Sunday Law Book"Text ":

Associated Link:[ ].

2) National Sunday Law Book" Audio ":

Associated Links to All 7 Chapters:


2.Chapter II:NSL- Chapter 2. The Beast Identified.


4.Chapter IV:NSL- Chapter 4. Dynamite.

5.Chapter V:NSL- Chapter 5. The Mark Of The Beast.


7.Chapter VII:NSL- Chapter 7 Global Conflict.

1.“God is love.” 1 John 4:16. His nature, His law, is love. It ever has been; it ever will be. “The high and lofty One that inhabiteth eternity,” whose “ways are everlasting,” changeth not. With Him “is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.” Isaiah 57:15; Habakkuk 3:6; James 1:17. PP 33.1

2.Every manifestation of creative power is an expression of infinite love. The sovereignty of God involves fullness of blessing to all created beings. The psalmist says: PP 33.2

3.“Strong is Thy hand, and high is Thy right hand.
Righteousness and judgment are the foundation of Thy throne:
Mercy and truth go before Thy face.
Blessed is the people that know the joyful sound:
They walk, O Lord, in the light of Thy countenance.
In Thy name do they rejoice all the day:
And in Thy righteousness are they exalted.
For Thou art the glory of their strength: ...
For our shield belongeth unto Jehovah,
And our king to the Holy One.” Psalm 89:13-18, R.V. [Note: In this text and in some other Bible quotations used in this book the word “Jehovah” is employed instead of “Lord,” as rendered in the American Supplement to the Revised Version.] PP 33.3

4.The history of the great conflict between good and evil, from the time it first began in heaven to the final overthrow of rebellion and the total eradication of sin, is also a demonstration of God's unchanging love. PP 33.4

5.The Sovereign of the universe was not alone in His work of beneficence. He had an associate—a co-worker who could appreciate His purposes, and could share His joy in giving happiness to created beings. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God.” John 1:1, 2. Christ, the Word, the only begotten of God, was one with the eternal Father—one in nature, in character, in purpose—the only being that could enter into all the counsels and purposes of God. “His name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.” Isaiah 9:6. His “goings forth have been from of old, from everlasting.” Micah 5:2. And the Son of God declares concerning Himself: “The Lord possessed Me in the beginning of His way, before His works of old. I was set up from everlasting.... When He appointed the foundations of the earth: then I was by Him, as one brought up with Him: and I was daily His delight, rejoicing always before Him.” Proverbs 8:22-30. PP 34.1

6.The Father wrought by His Son in the creation of all heavenly beings. “By Him were all things created, ... whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by Him, and for Him.” Colossians 1:16. Angels are God's ministers, radiant with the light ever flowing from His presence and speeding on rapid wing to execute His will. But the Son, the anointed of God, the “express image of His person,” “the brightness of His glory,” “upholding all things by the word of His power,” holds supremacy over them all. Hebrews 1:3. “A glorious high throne from the beginning,” was the place of His sanctuary (Jeremiah 17:12); “a scepter of righteousness,” the scepter of His kingdom. Hebrews 1:8. “Honor and majesty are before Him: strength and beauty are in His sanctuary.” Psalm 96:6. Mercy and truth go before His face. Psalm 89:14. PP 34.2

7.The law of love being the foundation of the government of God, the happiness of all intelligent beings depends upon their perfect accord with its great principles of righteousness. God desires from all His creatures the service of love—service that springs from an appreciation of His character. He takes no pleasure in a forced obedience; and to all He grants freedom of will, that they may render Him voluntary service. PP 34.3

8.So long as all created beings acknowledged the allegiance of love, there was perfect harmony throughout the universe of God. It was the joy of the heavenly host to fulfill the purpose of their Creator. They delighted in reflecting His glory and showing forth His praise. And while love to God was supreme, love for one another was confiding and unselfish. There was no note of discord to mar the celestial harmonies. But a change came over this happy state. There was one who perverted the freedom that God had granted to His creatures. Sin originated with him who, next to Christ, had been most honored of God and was highest in power and glory among the inhabitants of heaven. Lucifer, “son of the morning,” was first of the covering cherubs, holy and undefiled. He stood in the presence of the great Creator, and the ceaseless beams of glory enshrouding the eternal God rested upon him. “Thus saith the Lord God; Thou sealest up the sum, full of wisdom, and perfect in beauty. Thou hast been in Eden the garden of God; every precious stone was thy covering.... Thou art the anointed cherub that covereth; and I have set thee so: thou wast upon the holy mountain of God; thou hast walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire. Thou wast perfect in thy ways from the day that thou wast created, till iniquity was found in thee.” Ezekiel 28:12-15. PP 35.1

9.Little by little Lucifer came to indulge the desire for self-exaltation. The Scripture says, “Thine heart was lifted up because of thy beauty, thou hast corrupted thy wisdom by reason of thy brightness.” Ezekiel 28:17. “Thou hast said in thine heart, ...I will exalt my throne above the stars of God.... I will be like the Most High.” Isaiah 14:13, 14. Though all his glory was from God, this mighty angel came to regard it as pertaining to himself. Not content with his position, though honored above the heavenly host, he ventured to covet homage due alone to the Creator. Instead of seeking to make God supreme in the affections and allegiance of all created beings, it was his endeavor to secure their service and loyalty to himself. And coveting the glory with which the infinite Father had invested His Son, this prince of angels aspired to power that was the prerogative of Christ alone. PP 35.2

10.Now the perfect harmony of heaven was broken. Lucifer's disposition to serve himself instead of his Creator aroused a feeling of apprehension when observed by those who considered that the glory of God should be supreme. In heavenly council the angels pleaded with Lucifer. The Son of God presented before him the greatness, the goodness, and the justice of the Creator, and the sacred, unchanging nature of His law. God Himself had established the order of heaven; and in departing from it, Lucifer would dishonor his Maker and bring ruin upon himself. But the warning, given in infinite love and mercy, only aroused a spirit of resistance. Lucifer allowed his jealousy of Christ to prevail, and became the more determined. PP 35.3

11.To dispute the supremacy of the Son of God, thus impeaching the wisdom and love of the Creator, had become the purpose of this prince of angels. To this object he was about to bend the energies of that master mind, which, next to Christ's, was first among the hosts of God. But He who would have the will of all His creatures free, left none unguarded to the bewildering sophistry by which rebellion would seek to justify itself. Before the great contest should open, all were to have a clear presentation of His will, whose wisdom and goodness were the spring of all their joy. PP 36.1

12.The King of the universe summoned the heavenly hosts before Him, that in their presence He might set forth the true position of His Son and show the relation He sustained to all created beings. The Son of God shared the Father's throne, and the glory of the eternal, self-existent One encircled both. About the throne gathered the holy angels, a vast, unnumbered throng—“ten thousand times ten thousand, and thousands of thousands” (Revelation 5:11.), the most exalted angels, as ministers and subjects, rejoicing in the light that fell upon them from the presence of the Deity. Before the assembled inhabitants of heaven the King declared that none but Christ, the Only Begotten of God, could fully enter into His purposes, and to Him it was committed to execute the mighty counsels of His will. The Son of God had wrought the Father's will in the creation of all the hosts of heaven; and to Him, as well as to God, their homage and allegiance were due. Christ was still to exercise divine power, in the creation of the earth and its inhabitants. But in all this He would not seek power or exaltation for Himself contrary to God's plan, but would exalt the Father's glory and execute His purposes of beneficence and love. PP 36.2

13.The angels joyfully acknowledged the supremacy of Christ, and prostrating themselves before Him, poured out their love and adoration. Lucifer bowed with them, but in his heart there was a strange, fierce conflict. Truth, justice, and loyalty were struggling against envy and jealousy. The influence of the holy angels seemed for a time to carry him with them. As songs of praise ascended in melodious strains, swelled by thousands of glad voices, the spirit of evil seemed vanquished; unutterable love thrilled his entire being; his soul went out, in harmony with the sinless worshippers, in love to the Father and the Son. But again he was filled with pride in his own glory. His desire for supremacy returned, and envy of Christ was once more indulged. The high honors conferred upon Lucifer were not appreciated as God's special gift, and therefore, called forth no gratitude to his Creator. He gloried in his brightness and exaltation and aspired to be equal with God. He was beloved and reverenced by the heavenly host, angels delighted to execute his commands, and he was clothed with wisdom and glory above them all. Yet the Son of God was exalted above him, as one in power and authority with the Father. He shared the Father's counsels, while Lucifer did not thus enter into the purposes of God. “Why,” questioned this mighty angel, “should Christ have the supremacy? Why is He honored above Lucifer?” PP 36.3

14.Leaving his place in the immediate presence of the Father, Lucifer went forth to diffuse the spirit of discontent among the angels. He worked with mysterious secrecy, and for a time concealed his real purpose under an appearance of reverence for God. He began to insinuate doubts concerning the laws that governed heavenly beings, intimating that though laws might be necessary for the inhabitants of the worlds, angels, being more exalted, needed no such restraint, for their own wisdom was a sufficient guide. They were not beings that could bring dishonor to God; all their thoughts were holy; it was no more possible for them than for God Himself to err. The exaltation of the Son of God as equal with the Father was represented as an injustice to Lucifer, who, it was claimed, was also entitled to reverence and honor. If this prince of angels could but attain to his true, exalted position, great good would accrue to the entire host of heaven; for it was his object to secure freedom for all. But now even the liberty which they had hitherto enjoyed was at an end; for an absolute Ruler had been appointed them, and to His authority all must pay homage. Such were the subtle deceptions that through the wiles of Lucifer were fast obtaining in the heavenly courts. PP 37.1

15.There had been no change in the position or authority of Christ. Lucifer's envy and misrepresentation and his claims to equality with Christ had made necessary a statement of the true position of the Son of God; but this had been the same from the beginning. Many of the angels were, however, blinded by Lucifer's deceptions. PP 38.1

16.Taking advantage of the loving, loyal trust reposed in him by the holy beings under his command, he had so artfully instilled into their minds his own distrust and discontent that his agency was not discerned. Lucifer had presented the purposes of God in a false light—misconstruing and distorting them to excite dissent and dissatisfaction. He cunningly drew his hearers on to give utterance to their feelings; then these expressions were repeated by him when it would serve his purpose, as evidence that the angels were not fully in harmony with the government of God. While claiming for himself perfect loyalty to God, he urged that changes in the order and laws of heaven were necessary for the stability of the divine government. Thus while working to excite opposition to the law of God and to instill his own discontent into the minds of the angels under him, he was ostensibly seeking to remove dissatisfaction and to reconcile disaffected angels to the order of heaven. While secretly fomenting discord and rebellion, he with consummate craft caused it to appear as his sole purpose to promote loyalty and to preserve harmony and peace. PP 38.2

17.The spirit of dissatisfaction thus kindled was doing its baleful work. While there was no open outbreak, division of feeling imperceptibly grew up among the angels. There were some who looked with favor upon Lucifer's insinuations against the government of God. Although they had heretofore been in perfect harmony with the order which God had established, they were now discontented and unhappy because they could not penetrate His unsearchable counsels; they were dissatisfied with His purpose in exalting Christ. These stood ready to second Lucifer's demand for equal authority with the Son of God. But angels who were loyal and true maintained the wisdom and justice of the divine decree and endeavored to reconcile this disaffected being to the will of God. Christ was the Son of God; He had been one with Him before the angels were called into existence. He had ever stood at the right hand of the Father; His supremacy, so full of blessing to all who came under its benignant control, had not heretofore been questioned. The harmony of heaven had never been interrupted; wherefore should there now be discord? The loyal angels could see only terrible consequences from this dissension, and with earnest entreaty they counseled the disaffected ones to renounce their purpose and prove themselves loyal to God by fidelity to His government. PP 38.3

18.In great mercy, according to His divine character, God bore long with Lucifer. The spirit of discontent and disaffection had never before been known in heaven. It was a new element, strange, mysterious, unaccountable. Lucifer himself had not at first been acquainted with the real nature of his feelings; for a time he had feared to express the workings and imaginings of his mind; yet he did not dismiss them. He did not see whither he was drifting. But such efforts as infinite love and wisdom only could devise, were made to convince him of his error. His disaffection was proved to be without cause, and he was made to see what would be the result of persisting in revolt. Lucifer was convinced that he was in the wrong. He saw that “the Lord is righteous in all His ways, and holy in all His works” (Psalm 145:17); that the divine statutes are just, and that he ought to acknowledge them as such before all heaven. Had he done this, he might have saved himself and many angels. He had not at that time fully cast off his allegiance to God. Though he had left his position as covering cherub, yet if he had been willing to return to God, acknowledging the Creator's wisdom, and satisfied to fill the place appointed him in God's great plan, he would have been reinstated in his office. The time had come for a final decision; he must fully yield to the divine sovereignty or place himself in open rebellion. He nearly reached the decision to return, but pride forbade him. It was too great a sacrifice for one who had been so highly honored to confess that he had been in error, that his imaginings were false, and to yield to the authority which he had been working to prove unjust. PP 39.1

19.A compassionate Creator, in yearning pity for Lucifer and his followers, was seeking to draw them back from the abyss of ruin into which they were about to plunge. But His mercy was misinterpreted. Lucifer pointed to the long-suffering of God as an evidence of his own superiority, an indication that the King of the universe would yet accede to his terms. If the angels would stand firmly with him, he declared, they could yet gain all that they desired. He persistently defended his own course, and fully committed himself to the great controversy against his Maker. Thus it was that Lucifer, “the light bearer,” the sharer of God's glory, the attendant of His throne, by transgression became Satan, “the adversary” of God and holy beings and the destroyer of those whom Heaven had committed to his guidance and guardianship. PP 39.2

20.Rejecting with disdain the arguments and entreaties of the loyal angels, he denounced them as deluded slaves. The preference shown to Christ he declared an act of injustice both to himself and to all the heavenly host, and announced that he would no longer submit to this invasion of his rights and theirs. He would never again acknowledge the supremacy of Christ. He had determined to claim the honor which should have been given him, and take command of all who would become his followers; and he promised those who would enter his ranks a new and better government, under which all would enjoy freedom. Great numbers of the angels signified their purpose to accept him as their leader. Flattered by the favor with which his advances were received, he hoped to win all the angels to his side, to become equal with God Himself, and to be obeyed by the entire host of heaven. PP 40.1

21.Still the loyal angels urged him and his sympathizers to submit to God; and they set before them the inevitable result should they refuse: He who had created them could overthrow their power and signally punish their rebellious daring. No angel could successfully oppose the law of God, which was as sacred as Himself. They warned all to close their ears against Lucifer's deceptive reasoning, and urged him and his followers to seek the presence of God without delay and confess the error of questioning His wisdom and authority. PP 40.2

22.Many were disposed to heed this counsel, to repent of their disaffection, and seek to be again received into favor with the Father and His Son. But Lucifer had another deception ready. The mighty revolter now declared that the angels who had united with him had gone too far to return; that he was acquainted with the divine law, and knew that God would not forgive. He declared that all who should submit to the authority of Heaven would be stripped of their honor, degraded from their position. For himself, he was determined never again to acknowledge the authority of Christ. The only course remaining for him and his followers, he said, was to assert their liberty, and gain by force the rights which had not been willingly accorded them. PP 40.3

23.So far as Satan himself was concerned, it was true that he had now gone too far to return. But not so with those who had been blinded by his deceptions. To them the counsel and entreaties of the loyal angels opened a door of hope; and had they heeded the warning, they might have broken away from the snare of Satan. But pride, love for their leader, and the desire for unrestricted freedom were permitted to bear sway, and the pleadings of divine love and mercy were finally rejected. PP 41.1

24.God permitted Satan to carry forward his work until the spirit of disaffection ripened into active revolt. It was necessary for his plans to be fully developed, that their true nature and tendency might be seen by all. Lucifer, as the anointed cherub, had been highly exalted; he was greatly loved by the heavenly beings, and his influence over them was strong. God's government included not only the inhabitants of heaven, but of all the worlds that He had created; and Lucifer had concluded that if he could carry the angels of heaven with him in rebellion, he could carry also all the worlds. He had artfully presented his side of the question, employing sophistry and fraud to secure his objects. His power to deceive was very great. By disguising himself in a cloak of falsehood, he had gained an advantage. All his acts were so clothed with mystery that it was difficult to disclose to the angels the true nature of his work. Until fully developed, it could not be made to appear the evil thing it was; his disaffection would not be seen to be rebellion. Even the loyal angels could not fully discern his character or see to what his work was leading. PP 41.2

25.Lucifer had at first so conducted his temptations that he himself stood uncommitted. The angels whom he could not bring fully to his side, he accused of indifference to the interests of heavenly beings. The very work which he himself was doing, he charged upon the loyal angels. It was his policy to perplex with subtle arguments concerning the purposes of God. Everything that was simple he shrouded in mystery, and by artful perversion cast doubt upon the plainest statements of Jehovah. And his high position, so closely connected with the divine government, gave greater force to his representations. PP 41.3

26.God could employ only such means as were consistent with truth and righteousness. Satan could use what God could not—flattery and deceit. He had sought to falsify the word of God and had misrepresented His plan of government, claiming that God was not just in imposing laws upon the angels; that in requiring submission and obedience from His creatures, He was seeking merely the exaltation of Himself. It was therefore necessary to demonstrate before the inhabitants of heaven, and of all the worlds, that God's government is just, His law perfect. Satan had made it appear that he himself was seeking to promote the good of the universe. The true character of the usurper and his real object must be understood by all. He must have time to manifest himself by his wicked works. PP 42.1

27.The discord which his own course had caused in heaven, Satan charged upon the government of God. All evil he declared to be the result of the divine administration. He claimed that it was his own object to improve upon the statutes of Jehovah. Therefore God permitted him to demonstrate the nature of his claims, to show the working out of his proposed changes in the divine law. His own work must condemn him. Satan had claimed from the first that he was not in rebellion. The whole universe must see the deceiver unmasked. PP 42.2

28.Even when he was cast out of heaven, Infinite Wisdom did not destroy Satan. Since only the service of love can be acceptable to God, the allegiance of His creatures must rest upon a conviction of His justice and benevolence. The inhabitants of heaven and of the worlds, being unprepared to comprehend the nature or consequences of sin, could not then have seen the justice of God in the destruction of Satan. Had he been immediately blotted out of existence, some would have served God from fear rather than from love. The influence of the deceiver would not have been fully destroyed, nor would the spirit of rebellion have been utterly eradicated. For the good of the entire universe through ceaseless ages, he must more fully develop his principles, that his charges against the divine government might be seen in their true light by all created beings, and that the justice and mercy of God and the immutability of His law might be forever placed beyond all question. PP 42.3

29.Satan's rebellion was to be a lesson to the universe through all coming agesa perpetual testimony to the nature of sin and its terrible results. The working out of Satan's rule, its effects upon both men and angels, would show what must be the fruit of setting aside the divine authority. It would testify that with the existence of God's government is bound up the well-being of all the creatures He has made. Thus the history of this terrible experiment of rebellion was to be a perpetual safeguard to all holy beings, to prevent them from being deceived as to the nature of transgression, to save them from committing sin, and suffering its penalty. PP 42.4

30.He that ruleth in the heavens is the one who sees the end from the beginning—the one before whom the mysteries of the past and the future are alike outspread, and who, beyond the woe and darkness and ruin that sin has wrought, beholds the accomplishment of His own purposes of love and blessing. Though “clouds and darkness are round about Him: righteousness and judgment are the foundation of His throne.” Psalm 97:2, R.V. And this the inhabitants of the universe, both loyal and disloyal, will one day understand. “His work is perfect: for all His ways are judgment: a God of truth and without iniquity, just and right is He.” Deuteronomy 32:4. 
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9.Chap 9-ZWINGLE
24.Chap 24-AHERA CYANE
32.Chap 32-IMITEGO YA SATANI:(Imyaka 6000)
42.Chap 42-IHEREZO RY'INTAMBARA:(Imyaka 6000)


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