Monday, September 27, 2021

The 6th Day of 40-Jesus Christ's Wilderness Experience Praying and Fasting Days on Day 27/9/2021-18/12/2=15/10/2024 at 1:59' a.m,the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ's waiting Prayers and Fasting Days on Day -18/12/2 of 1113 Days remaining from the 1335 Days of Daniel 12:1-13.Published on Monday September 27th, 2021 at 1:59'P.M.

The 6th Day of 40-Jesus Christ's Wilderness Experience Praying and Fasting Days on Day 27/9/2021-18/12/2=15/10/2024 at 1:59' a.mthe 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ's waiting Prayers and Fasting Days on Day -18/12/2 of 1113  Days remaining from the 1335 Days of Daniel 12:1-13.Published on Monday September 27th, 2021 at 1:59'P.M.

 I.AUSC-NewArtcleTitle:Luke21:21-24(February 7th, 2021-February7th,2024-July31st,2024-Tuesday October 15th, 2024)


II.SERMON:ReadTheHolyBible:Genesis2:1-3&Exodus20:1-17&James2:10-13:1Day=1000Years Psalms90:4&2Peter3:8Giving6000Years+1000YearsCosmicSABBATH=7000YearsFor1FullCosmicWeek&2ndComingOfJesusChristForEndOfEarthIsIn6000Years&IsHappeningIn2024:ToBegin1000YearsCosmicSABBATHof#Hebrews4:1-16,Revelation12:17,Revelation13:3-18,Revelation14:9-12,Revelation15:1-8,Revelation18:1-5,Revelation20:1-15&JesusWillComeOnTuesdayOctober15th,2024+1000YearsCosmicSABBATH=3024inHell ComesAt7000YearsFull.

III.SOURCE:Take,Read&ShareThisLink&Screenshot[OpenLetterToAllBeloved PresentTruthPreachersWorldwide:( )].

IV.PRAYER:DearMy#AlmightyGodTheOnlyOneTrueHolyFatherInHeaven&InEarth(Matthew23:8-12):ForgiveThisPerson:GiveYourHolySpiritToThisYourChild:AsAPersonIn1John3:1-24:InOrderToUnderstand#ThisYourLast3rdAngel'sLoudCryMessageFinalWarning:ToNeverDareToRestOnSundayAsItIsToWorshipTheSUNgod"SATAN":SundayRestByClimateChangeLAWinLaudatoSi'237'#MarkOfTheBeastJesuitPOPEFrancis=ClimateSundaysLockdowns:ButToAccept&BelieveInThe Luke6:5&BLOODOfJESUS CHRIST&ToRefuse&reject SATAN's#Image&NumberOfThePAPACY'sFratelliTutti:[SARS-CoV-2-mRNA"666"'Microchip'Poison(Covid-19Mask,Test&Vaccines)]:InOrderToBecomeFree&ToRepent&#ToRememberThe 7thDaySabbathToKeepItHoly:InOrderToDivorceFrom#AllDemons.AsTheEnd ofEveryLifeOnThisDyingOldEarth isNear:In2024;ThroughThe7LastPlagues=(February15th,2024UntilOctober15th,2024 at1:59'a.m)InRevelation16:1-21ToDoNotDieInSIN#ButToQuit SATAN(Luke15:1-10)TodayToLiveTogetherWith#JESUSCHRIST#InYourSoonComingEternalLifeInHEAVEN2024&NEW EARTH3024#InCHRISTJESUSNAME,I PRAY,AMEN.Isaiah28:1-29&Romans12:1-21&Matthew24:15-31. 



Dr.Iraguha Bandora Yves,RN,MD,MG.,

Rwanda-East Africa.


II. SATAN is revealing His real connection with Covid-19 Vaccination Program Globally as it has been long ago Prophesied in Revelation 13:1-18:

1.In Rwanda if You Are Not Vaccinated with Covid-19 Vaccines You will Not Neither Be Accepted To Study Nor To Teach, fulfilling The No Buy No Sell Criteria of the Number of the Beast"666" as it is Connected to Jesuit Pope Francis and as The 1st Beast as well as it is connected to Joe Biden as the 2nd Beast.
2.It will be followed by A National Sunday Rest by Law, enforced globally as The U.S Climate Act of 2021 from U.S.A in this coming Year 2022, followed by persecution as stage 3 in the Year 2023 ,finally will be followed by Death Penalty in the Year 2014 after the Outpouring of the 3rd Last Plague simultaneously together with the 1st,2nd and 4th Last Plagues from February 15th, 2024 until February 29th, 2024, to be followed by the 5Months of the 5th Last Plague from March 1st, 2024 until July 31st, 2024 and be followed by the outpouring of the 6th Last Plague from August 1st, 2024 until August 31st, 2024 ,to be ended by the outpouring of the 7th Last Plague from September 1st, 2024 until Tuesday October 15th, 2024 at 1:59' a.m.
3.The U.S.President Joe Biden has fulfilled His Prophesied duties by Providing Billions of Covid-19 Vaccines Worldwide as part of enforcement of the Number of the Beast Globally, soon throughout the Years 2021-2022-2023-2024, He will finally enforce U.S Climate Act of 2021 in the whole world until to the enforcement of National Sunday Rest by Law ,leading to t DeaDeath Penalty against the True 7th Day Holy Sabbath Keeping Individuals Worldwide.


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