Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A brief profile of Miss. Tebian Ali The AUSC President's Special Advisor For North Africa Region Focal Point.

Doctor Tebian Ali, a Sudanese medical student at Ahfad University for Women (AUW), Sudan. A certified International Trainer at IFMSA(International Federation of Medical Students Association) who has much experience in organizing and conducting various soft skills and capacity building trainings for many youth groups in an international level in order to monitor and improve their leadership and personal competencies. In 2015 she joined the international translation team of IFMSA Global Surgery Working Group.  She participated as an Academic Committee Staff in Sudan Model World Health Organization_SuMWHO2016 and was appointed as the Academic Committee Secretary and got Awarded as SuMWHO2016 Best Academic.  At the national level, she is a member of the national team of MedSIN-Sudan Training Support Division 2015_2016 (Sudan's National Member Organization of IFMSA) and Ahfad Medical Students Association (AMSA) Training Support Division Director, 2015_ 2016.   Locally, she is a Writer and Editor at Elnisf Elwaid Magazine ( Ahfad University for Women _AUW Magazine), an experienced English Debater and a 2 times 1st place winner in AUW English Debating competitions.
Recently,  Honorable Miss. Tebian Ali was appointed as AUSC President's Special Advisor For North Africa Region Focal Point.


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