Friday, September 16, 2016

(AUSC) Transitional International Committee 2016-2019 Initial Members

African Union Students’ Council (AUSC)/
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African Union Students' Council (AUSC) "For the better Africa We Deserve"

(AUSC) Transitional International Committee 2016-2019 Members: 

I. All 5 AUSC Presidential Team Members All:
1.     His Excellency Mr Iraguha Bandora Yves (Rwanda), Title:  AUSC President.
2.     His Excellency Mr Jomo Eric (Kenya), Title:  AUSC Vice President for Democracy and Participation.
3.     Her Excellency Miss Beza Girma (Ethiopia), Title:  AUSC Vice President for Advocacy and Partnership.
4.     Honorable Miss UWASE Marie Ange (Rwanda), Title:  AUSC International Communication Officer.
5.     His Majesty Mr Prosper Dzitse (Ghana), Title:  1st AUSC Senior Adviser for the AUSC International Transitional Committee 2016-2019
II. All 5 AUSC African Regions Representatives Team Members All :
1.     Honorable Miss Ingabire Janet(Rwanda), Title:  AUSC East Africa Regional Representative.
2.     Honorable Miss Daly Marwa, (Tunisia), Title:  AUSC Northern Africa Regional Representative.
3.     Honorable Mr Oluwaseyi Sodola (Nigeria), Title:  AUSC Western Africa Regional Representative
4.     Honorable Mr Enow Awah Georges Stevens (Cameroon), Title:  AUSC Middle Africa Regional Representative.
5.    Honorable  Mr Blessing Lechane (Botswana), Title:  AUSC Southern Africa Regional Representative.

III. All 5 AUSC Different Affairs Representatives Team Members All:
1.     Honorable Mr Andrew Tangan (Cameroon), United Nations, European Union, Fracophonie and other Non -Students' Organizations, Title:  AUSC (UN) Affairs Representative.
2.     Honorable Mr  Oboth  Julius (Uganda), International Development Students’ Society Title:  AUSC (IDSS)  Affairs Representative .
3.     Honorable Mr RUHUZA Hubert (Tanzania), Commonwealth Students‘ Associations  Title:  AUSC (CSA) Affairs Representative .
4.     Honorable Mr Nyikirize Pius, ( Uganda),  African Universities Guild Councils Title:  AUSC (AUGC) Affairs Representative .
5.     Honorable Mr Macdonald Sayed (Botswana), African National Students' Associations Title:  AUSC (ANSA) Affairs Representative.

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