Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Message of AUSC president about AUSC Leadership Attributed Titles.

Dear All,
The issues raised for AUSC Leaders attributed Titles for all available occupied positions across Africa is well noted, as was mentioned by some countries officials ,some students and teachers, as well as some AUSC Leaders wishing to have titles such as Excellency, Honorable,Majesty ,will remain inside the AUSC leaderships system as a questionable point ,and it is expected to have some changes on that as the family of AUSC to limit harming people with AUSC Leaders Titles.
Therefore, let it not be a cause of misunderstanding with any body , we also are one family of the young people and more importantly gathered to shape the better Africa we deserve as Young generations as well as deserving our next generations.
AUSC President's Office wishes to let AUSC Leaders across Africa live in harmony and make every effort to build on peaceful foundation.
AUSC Leaders will make themselves the owners of their titles inside AUSC groups and AUSC business as far as needed according to the purpose .
And if also any body from a local leadership in all villages where AUSC leaders live complains on why an AUSC Leader has a certain title displayed on his or her names, if it brings confusion better will be to give them a free space and humble to remove his/her title to his/her names in that context to let the claiming person to feel more comfortable with AUSC Leadership .
Mr Iraguha Bandora Yves.
AUSC President.,


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