Monday, September 26, 2016

AUSC China-Africa Diaspora Representative

Honorable Mr PISSO EKWA NSEKE , AUSC China-Africa Diaspora Representative
President of Cameroonian Student’s Association in China
Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST)
Student Number I201422093
                                                                                                                     P.O.Box 430074/ +86 132 9795 6721/
Wuhan, China

Over 8 years of working experience in business and executive positions
v  An administratorand communicator with multi-tasking abilities including identifying, planning, implementing and developing business strategies combined with a wide experience in the field of communications.

v  Articulate and confident, a strong and practiced administrator who uses initiative, time, management and confidence in personal performance role and establishes stable and long lasting relationships at all levels both formal and informal basis.

5 solid reasons why the AUSC must exist especially here in China.

1-      Firstly, from the historical and political perspective, Africa is the continent that has suffered the greatest man-made and natural disasters. Coupled with its history of slavery and colonial servitude, it remains the continent most vulnerable to the geopolitical schemes of the world powers which has been practicing a policy of “divide and conquer”. Unable to continue with such servitude and underdevelopment, African thinkers, philosophers and statesmen started a pan-African movement to liberate Africa from its chains, the great conclusion by which total independence and liberation can happen is first by “Unity”. Africa must unite.
2-      Again, for every society to strive, it must first invest in its youths which represent the future of every nation. For a very long time, the African youth has been neglected, abused, ignored and a times manipulated. This youth movement suffered greatly especially during the 1990’s and early 2000s. The youths were left to themselves, to fend, to learn, to adapt and to grow in this ever fast changing 21st century of technological and digital mobilization. The major lesson learnt from these experiences is that African youths can no longer depend on their governments or international organizations for “cool aid” but must see how to come up with ideas and projects to better develop its continent. African youths must only count on themselves to usher in that change.
3-      Furthermore, this youth ambition to achieve the “African dream” of waking up in a free country, free of wars, free of poverty, free of diseases, free of persecution, free of tribalism, free of nepotism, free of mediocrity, free of corruption, free of racism and free to be whatever they want to become “Uhuru”. Uhuru is that Swahili word that embodies that philosophy of liberation, freedom, autonomy and dignity. It is in this light that a group of young Africans who have that vision, decided to create the African Union Student’s Council (AUSC). With the objective of breeding the next generation of African leaders who want to make our beautiful continent to be better for what we deserve.
4-      Also, due to the difficult circumstances on the continent. A lot of its youths have gone voluntarily or involuntarily to other continents. Mostly seeking better opportunities, better knowledge, better living conditions and maybe some adventure. The reasons are many as the stars but almost all these students still have a soft spot for their roots and origins, Africa. If we do not know where we come from, how can we know where we are going to? This feeling of interconnectedness and solidarity is best explained by the African humanist concept “Ubuntu”. We are what we are because of others, therefore we owe a lot to our motherland Africa. The African diaspora has a major role to play in the development of their nations. They are but a reflection of their roots, the result of the dreams and choices of their ancestors which aspires for a better future.
5-      Finally, taking into consideration the current geopolitical and geostrategic position of China in the world. This is Africa’s biggest trading partner and major investor. There are thousands of African students in China who want to express their talents and share their experiences with the motherland. The AUSC can serve as a bridge for this vibrant and dynamic diaspora that is acquiring knowledge all for the progress of our continent. The AUSC needs to firmly establish itself in China whereby students who finish their studies in China and want to continue serving their continent back home can do so through the platform of AUSC. It is my strong belief that out of the thousands of universities that host the thousands of African students, the AUSC can detect talented Africans who can be groomed so that the motto of AUSC becomes a reality, for the better Africa we deserve.  
After enumerating my vision of the AUSC in China, I am hoping that I am appointed for this position of which I am sure, I will faithfully defend.

Pisso S.E.Nseke


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