Friday, September 16, 2016

AUSC Presidency Special Advisors as Available following the appointments orders

African Union Students’ Council (AUSC)/ P.O Box: 7348 Kigali, President’s Office -Rwanda / : +250787384244/+250783935990/ African Union Students' Council - AUSC "For The Better Africa We Deserve" /

AUSC Presidency Special Advisors as Available following the appointments orders:
  1. Committee: AUSC International Transitional Committee 2016-2019,
  2. Working Team: AUSC Presidential Team
  3. Coordination: AUSC President’s Office
  4. Specific work : AUSC Presidential Team Members Offices( Every AUSC Head of AUSC Office must have 4 additional staffs:1administartive assistant,1secretary,1treasurer,1communication officer)
  5. Title: AUSC Presidency Special Advisors
Available AUSC Presidency Special Advisors include:

  1. Honorable Miss Tebian Eltohami Ali, Nationality of Sudan, Title:AUSC Presidency Special Advisor For North Africa Region Focal Point/
  2. Honorable Mr Nkurikiyeyezu Didier, Nationality of Rwanda, Title:AUSC Presidency Special Advisor For East Africa Region Focal Point/;
  3. Honorable Mr Joshua Amponsem, Nationality of Ghana, Title:AUSC Presidency Special Advisor For West Africa Region Focal Point/ Blog:
  4. Honorable Prof Mammo Muchie, Nationality of Ethiopia, Title:AUSC Presidency Special Advisor For African Union Focal Point/ ;

  1. Description of Job Activities:

  1. Helping AUSC Presidency to implement AUSC International Action Plan 2016-2019 for the whole continent of Africa,
  2. Helping AUSC Presidency to raise the voice of African Students and to make it become fully included in the African Union leadership and development decision making for the better Africa We Deserve as deserving our next generations.
  3. Helping AUSC Presidency to maximize recruitment system for obtaining all African Countries from all 5 regions of Africa be fully represented inside the AUSC International Leadership system.
  4. Helping AUSC Presidency fulfil its overall control of the AUSC International Leadership by providing operational and functional support for the leadership of all 5 African regions and diaspora Africa,
  5. Helping AUSC Presidency ensuring the proper welfare of the members of the AUSC in Africa and Diaspora.
Copy Rights 2016, African Union Students' Council (AUSC)" For The Better Africa We Deserve", All Rights Reserved. Founded on January 1st, 2016, 5th international Development Students Society (IDSS)’s International Students Camp, Zanzibar Island, Indian Ocean, East Africa, Tanzania.


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