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AUSC President's special Communique for the all AUSC Offices.

African Union Students'Council (AUSC) "For The Better Africa We Deserve ".
Wednesday, August 31st, 2016.
Object : AUSC President's special Communique for the AUSC Offices all.
Hello dear Honorable AUSC Representative all.
I would like to congratulate Honorable Mr Jonh Dari,AUSC Benin National Representative for having many applications from Benin Republic reaching the AUSC International Communication Office.
The work being done is very important and very easy where at the reception of  the applications, all were being oriented to be handled by his office successfully.
Congratulations once again for the AUSC Republic of Benin National Office for having translated in French communication language the AUSC President's office special Call for Applications to All African Academicians from each country in Africa to have their AUSC National Representative.
AUSC National Representatives also are and must keep using the same Call For Applications ,where they call for their Countries 5 AUSC Zones Offices Representatives.
AUSC Zonal Representatives using the same Call For Applications they Call for their Zones 5 AUSC Districts Offices Representative.
AUSC Districts Representatives using the same Call for Applications they Call for their Districts AUSC Schools Offices Representatives(Depending on a number of Available Universities, Secondary Schools, Primary Schools, Nursery Schools, disabled people academic institutions either boarding school or part-time non boarding Schools each school must have the AUSC School Representative by the end of December 31st, 2016 as inside AUSC International Action Plan 2016-2019 the only period for AUSC Staff and Members Recruitment session will be completed and closed within this first Period started from January 1st, 2016 to end in December 31st,  2016.).
AUSC Schools Representatives using the same call for applications they call all willing volunteers students in each school where AUSC get for all interested Students from PhD programs to Masters Program, Undergraduate Programs, Secondary Schools Advanced Levels and Ordinary Levels, Primary Schools ,Nursery Schools{to be a top 3 Nursery School Student elected for AUSC School Representative will be helped in communication and in decision making by the mentor teacher appointed by the AUSC Districts Representatives as to have AUSC members in nursery schools forming a special AUSC School Club } as well as it must be done in every country of Africa with already AUSC National representative's Office managing and controlling the implementation of the AUSC International Action Plan 2016-2019 in his or her Country from National Level, to Zonal Level, District Level, School Level, and in the Community of the surrounding areas from each school. AUSC basically starting from a single individual student in every school from nursery student to PhD student in Africa and for those African students studying in the Diaspora, after reading and understanding the AUSC vision, mission, activities, organizational structure, leadership empowerment ,and target AUSC -SDGs achievements before 2030 in every African Country ,basing on status of being a Student in your country, at your school village , we want to see Africa achieving its special development basing on you as an individual citizen of your country at that village where you are registered as a student, please take your time to use the skills, the knowledge, the physical forces and mental forces you have and create a project, select a project title from the bellow 17 Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) {each individual student must choose one sustainable development goal in the list below and design in detail a collaborative project between schools in five different AUSC districts and choose your collaborative project between schools in two different AUSC Districts that will address the specific SDG you have chosen from the same AUSC zone that will address that specific SDG you have chosen. 
This means that you will need to identify an issue{community based issue as must be fitting inside one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals below} in common in your community in the two AUSC Districts served by your specific AUSC zone as the focus of the project.
Below is the list of the Global Goals for sustainable development to be implemented by the young Africans all together in the surrounding community around your school please, starting to develop your village in order to achieve this Global Goals for Sustainable Development in your village because you are educated and because you are still young, because you still have physical forces, because your country provides you with basic knowledge and skills you must not wait to see this things be done by an other person, that is you who is the basic to develop Africa and Africa starts from your village in the surrounding areas around your school there.
Below is the United Nations SDGs developed  to be achieved in this continent of Africa with developed  AUSC International Action Plans 2016-2019,2019-2020,2022-2025,2025-2028,2080-2031 by starting from the AUSC International Action Plan 2016-2019 with all its planned broad and specific activities which are S.M.A.R.T goals(Specific in strategies, Measurable in one minute management with motivating source,  Achievable in actions oriented in an agreement in an ambitious way  aligned with corporate goals, Realistic in a reasonable  resourced results-based way, Time-bound in a time-sensitive cost-limited and trackable in one minute manager of a timeframe.
AUSC[] shares the United Nations developed SDGs to all AUSC Members in a new recalling sentence "African SDGs for AUSC Members ":
NB: The AUSC International Committee will take responsibilities on funding your projects .
Each School club starting to conduct free time sessions using your afternoons ,create groups of 5 students mixed following their levels of studies and their gender, every group of 5 students bring on table 5 different and personal developed Project title based to the mentioned SDGs to be achieved in your surrounding communities around your School.   Each of the 5 projects titles is selected according to the most identified and prioritized goal to be achieved in your communities around your two collaborating schools from the same AUSC District as you set a collaborative work, arrange to meet the school club from the next school you have taken for collaboration and negotiate on your group project as the identified need is proved common between the communities around your two schools, and after selecting the topic to start working on in that collaboration way, each school with its 5 group members will have to schedule favorable group work sessions ranging from 2-7 in every week and the project will be guided by teachers also chosen by the group members assisted by the AUSC Representatives of those School clubs .
A finalised project will be a continuous project and a property of the AUSC School Level Club Office where all the produced AUSC School level Clubs groups projects will be mandatory implemented in the same identified community around that school.
AUSC School Clubs will request the needed budgets for realizing and implementing all their produced projects as all must be implemented during the specified period of time by the AUSC School Club groups.
The funding for those developed projects will be delivered by the AUSC International Committee its self and will also be providing recommendations for a go a head to start implementation of your AUSC School Club developed projects all in collaboration with an other group from a different AUSC School Club group.
The AUSC School Clubs members must produce S. M. A. R. T. Projects and set an evaluation tool.

In order to get funds for your AUSC School Club projects you must have collaborated with an other different AUSC School Club that worked on the same SDG as the collaboration is fixed only between two AUSC School Clubs Groups from the same AUSC District in order to be able to implement them in your community as affected from the same AUSC District.
Structure of the Group Work:
There are only 2-7 possible group work sessions (approximately 10 hours in total)  in the programme.  The group work must be completed by a period of one month. Once done in one month or before one month, the group takes a second project and finds a collaboration between an other AUSC School Club group in your District which has a similar project work on the same SDG and initiate a collaborative project, among the sessions, there is at least two group work sessions approximately 10 hours in total sharing opinions as you are working on a similar SDG in order to develop the community around your schools in your specific District.
The group work must presented to other same AUSC School club members for criticism and appreciation before to be accepted by the AUSC School Club Representative Office.
The project to be submitted for funding from each AUSC School club ' 's AUSC Representative  Office must be handed as soft copy printable 3 formats :1)Posters presentation developed format to allow conference accessibility in different Conferences invited by the AUSC International Committee. ,
2) Word developed format in a detail for publication in AUSC International Communication Office Journals and Books.
3) Power point presentation format to allow Slide show in case of online slide sharing by the AUSC International Communication Office Website.
The system above will provide a Copy Right and Rights Reserved for each AUSC School Clubs Office submitted Projects for a continuous support and funding to their AUSC School Club as provided Funds from the AUSC International Committee will directly be oriented to the AUSC School Club Representative ''s Office and be directed to the specific Groups that worked on that SDG topic.
The 3 format released documents in a soft copy system must be used to call for sponsors and to compose the AUSC International Communication Office Journals and Books that once provided to the International Markets will be providing resources that will go back to the AUSC School Club Office to keep their continuous implementing their projects in their communities around their schools following the collaboration between two different AUSC School Club groups as worked on the same SDG Topic and as they all provided a sustainable Solution on the identified issue from the same AUSC District and as they choose to work on that SDG topic Framework .
Through the published AUSC 2nd Period of the AUSC International Action Plan 2016-2019,which starts from January 1st, 2017 to December 31st, 2017 ,throughout the Establishment of the African Students ' International Development Fund(ASIDF)" For the Self-reliant Africa We Deserve " all the produced projects and published AUSC International Journals, International Books will be providing financial capacities of the ASIDF and thus growing up the ASIDF as a successful International Mechanism to keep providing funds to all AUSC School Clubs to keep implementing their developed SDGs Based Projects in their surroundings assisting their government local leadership to develop their villages and population around each school in Africa.
Through the establishment of the African Students ' International Development Bank (ASIDB) " For the Sustainable Economic Africa We Deserve " using the amount of money deposited on daily basis to the ASISF, the ASIDB will keep serving the AUSC Offices across Africa for financial and technical supports to be able to facilitate the AUSC School Clubs Members to conduct their implementations of their projects developed basing on prioritized issue as identified in a community around their school and in order to have a sustainable development goal worked on be successfully achieved in that community around that school before 2030.
The AUSC established ASIDF and ASIDB will employ finalist graduated AUSC Members only and a limited number of Expert Consultants from worldwide for a global collaboration system.
The AUSC International Committee,  through the AUSC available Working Teams will be able to control and to provide the total management of all small to big projects that merged from AUSC aiming to have the voice of African Students be fully involved in the activities of the African Union leadership and development decision making process on daily basis, where the AUSC will be totally exhibiting the impact of hindering academicians in worldwide Nations Leaderships and development decision making processes, starting from the Continent of AFRICA, only by the AUSC"For The Better Africa We Deserve " .
We shall provide more guidelines for timing  the AUSC School Clubs Group Projects, more on the needed preparation of the 3 mentioned formats of a document used to produce the SDG oriented prioritized topic project , the Criteria of AUSC International Committee Judges will be considering for accepting to deliver funds to the AUSC School Club submitted projects , Hints and Tips,  and winning group Awarding System.
AUSC President's Office official call for more AUSC Interested Leaders to keep establishing AUSC Offices on all levels from International Level, National Level, Zone Level, District Level, School Level , the AUSC President 's Office has decided on that all applications will be reoriented to be treated by the AUSC National Representative's Office where every Country in Africa must have AUSC National Office appearing online to release the AUSC Copied AUSC President's Official Call for Applications published online via AUSC International Website and be pasted on their AUSC National Facebook Pages share and request more likes to deliver the AUSC online call for application reaching the Facebook Community Users from sides areas of that Country  .Thus allows that increase of accessibility of the AUSC online information and attracts all interested experienced Students Leaders to submit their CVs to the AUSC International Communication Office which finally reorient them to AUSC National Office where they get vacant and available positions to be applied for, the available positions to be applied for from the AUSC National Representatives ' Offices starts in an Hierarchy from AUSC 5 Zones Offices Representatives, if completed start to appoint for AUSC 5 Districts Offices Representatives, if completed start to appoint for all possible and Available AUSC School Clubs Offices Representatives, and all Schools in each Country must have AUSC School Club Office Representative as following the above mentioned purposes.
All AUSC New Applicants must follow the same Inclusion process as well as we use it Successfully on International Level ,to send a well detailed CV, to the AUSC International Communication Office, replied requested to submit at least the self based blog developed with reasons why an applicant thinks AUSC must exist attaching that back to the AUSC International Communication Office with supporting academic materials {university or schoolLog ,university or school Student Registration Number, applicant's Half Photo with a white background, University or School P. O. Box as all these academic supporting materials will be used to make the AUSC Appointment materials including the AUSC Appointment Certificate} .
AUSC International Communication Office  after obtaining the requested documents all attached and verification of competence of a candidate immediately allows an immediate What's Up chat interview involving some of the questions agreed online via e-mail interchanging to verify the successful application and confirm the Appointment and soon add the successful AUSC Appointed New Leader to the AUSC International Online Management System with AUSC Leaders Whatsapp Groups also created basing on specific AUSC Working Teams and finally be joined all together in the common AUSC All Leaders What's app Group.
AUSC President's Office decision was taken for no more AUSC Office Representative from International Level, National Level, Zone Level, District Level, School Level will be allowed to work alone, and that is officially published that all Offices must recruit 4 additional Staffs from the interested able students in the same areas as the AUSC Office to help the activities conduction by the AUSC Office , that is also easy on National Level, After receiving all the Applications reoriented to your Office, please make sure you manage the applications as soon as you can to be able to distribute them from Zone level, after completing all 5 zones distribution as AUSC National Representative's Office has to use the National Map to allocate the Zones according to five orientations, East, West, North, Central, and South.
As all the boarders of any grouped surface will be including the usual local administrative areas, those 5 zones, each must be also composed of 5 District as well grouped following 5 orientations: East, West, North, Central, and South.To make 5 District in each zone, this will be the last division considering also your home country local administrative areas.
Each Country must be having 5 zones and each zone having 5 districts, where any AUSC National Representative calling for application needs to cover those areas all before the end of this 1st period of the AUSC International Action Plan 2016-2019 which aimed to make a massive recruitment of AUSC Staffs from across Africa in all more than 54 African Countries.
The Districts Representatives as the most concerned by the community around different schools,  and universities in those districts will also recruit different Universities, high Schools, primary Schools  AUSC Clubs Representatives.
All the clubs Representatives will set a Mobilizing system via their 4 additional staffs in each AUSC club to mobilized voluntarily interested Students to join their School level AUSC clubs, and all the reporting system goes from AUSC Clubs members to their AUSC Club Representative's office.
The AUSC Club Representative's office from one school with all other AUSC Clubs Representatives' Offices allocated in the same District must be Reporting and receiving orders from or to the AUSC District Representative's Office.
Therefore, one AUSC District Representative's office  in a certain Zone together with all other AUSC Districts Representatives ' Offices will be having to receive orders and to report  their activities to the AUSC Zonal Representative of that Zone.
Therefore,  All the AUSC National Related activities must be handled on National Level .  The AUSC Zonal Representatives Offices  in every Country will have to report to and to receive orders from their AUSC National Representative's offices.
Therefore,  all the AUSC International level related activities will be handled on international level by the Offices of AUSC Regional Representatives Offices and AUSC Different Affairs Representatives Office as much as Concerned in collaboration with the AUSC National Representatives Offices in each African Region  downward,  or receive and report to the AUSC Presidential Team via the Offices of AUSC Vice Presidents as much as concerned upwards.
Finally, the AUSC President's Office working with the AUSC Vice Presidents Offices and AUSC Regional Representatives Offices they work for AUSC International Committee and shape projects or receive different works as far as aiming to keep developing the AUSC International Action Plan 2016-2019 where all Duties and Responsibilities of any AUSC Leader from International Level, National Level, Zonal Level, District Level, and School Club Level all must work targeting to achieve the AUSC International Action Plan 2016-2019 Activities for all 3 years.
Activities were specified in different periods of 3 years, eat period being made of one single year.
The current period is from January 1st,  2016 to December 31, 2016 : And it consists only for Massive Recruitment for all 5  African Countries Regions to have  their  Offices, with AUSC Regional Representative's,  AUSC Regional Deputy Representatives ,AUSC National Representative's,  AUSC Zonal Representatives 5 per each Country,  AUSC Districts Representatives 25 per each Country,  AUSC School Level Clubs Representatives equivalent to the available Schools and Universities and Campuses in the Whole Country.
Therefore,  any Representative at each Level is not supposed to work alone,  that is why we concluded that there must be recruited voluntarily committed Students to be the Technicians(4 additional Staffs) of each Representative's office as 4 additional staff include :1) Administrative Assistant {able to sign and stamp officially in the order given by the office's head or once the office's head is absent for an emergency decision which Doesn't affect the Official Leadership in that Office} this is an important person for AUSC Offices and must be an experienced Students Leaders who can work in progress of their AUSC Office assisting his Head of that Office on every level from International level to School level }, 2) Secretary, this works with head or Assistant to deal with all documentations and preparation of official material and handling official data for their Office. 3) Treasurer, this works for Official management of financial related affairs to have a control on banks signatures and historical official bank account documents are all managed by the Treasure and this post is very important from the office deciding to find sponsorships and partners in any financial related activities moreover during the 2nd period of the AUSC International Action Plan the Treasures will be the focus points from International Level to school level. 4) The Communication Officer,  this is very important staff who is uncharged of information distribution, collection, sharing with other Offices online and at physical areas with news letters editions and press releases etc... With websites and pictures of all events to be evidencing the work of each AUSC office.
Please dear appointed AUSC Representative provide your appointed 4 additional staffs, we have not been very abusive to our usual used communication system between each AUSC appointed Representative from AUSC International Committee Representatives, downwards to the AUSC Appointed National Representatives,  AUSC Appointed Zonal Representatives, AUSC Appointed Districts Representatives, however, decisions againist such kind of resistance and ignorance will be equally taken from the mentioned levels AUSC Regional Offices, AUSC National Offices, AUSC Zonal Offices, AUSC Districts Offices, AUSC Schools Clubs Offices, if any AUSC Appointed Representative delays and decides to block the planned framework towards the Implementation of the AUSC International Action Plan 2016-2019 ,we advise a resignation letter to be officially addressed to the office of the AUSC President.
The time is limited for Massive Recruitment for all AUSC Offices only to be completed by the end of December 31st, 2016 as started from January 1st, 2016 to cover the 1st Period of time AUSC International Action Plan 2016-2019 as published online, that aims to prepare for the mentioned Broad Activities in the 2nd Period of the AUSC International Action Plan 2016-2019 which covers the whole year from January 1st, 2017- to December 31st, 2017 and in that period there will never be an possible recruitment for AUSC Offices with Appointed AUSC National Representative.
The AUSC Regional Offices well also given assistants for AUSC Regional Offices  as AUSC Regional Deputy Representatives  who are supposed to only search online to call for applications from all the available Countries from his or her region, you all have to remember how you got the AUSC Call For Applications before you well appointed as AUSC Regional Representatives and Regional Deputy Representatives ,you have consented on working hard to develop Africa within your received applications, and We only need you to make all African Countries from your regions must be represented with AUSC National Offices, do that. If you failed to recruit your Regional Offices 4 additional Staffs then what are you doing here?
We limit social communication in this AUSC leadership system and AUSC is shifting to the official accountability based Leadership .
To appoint 4 additional staff will no longer require any submission of CVs to the AUSC International Communication Office via e:mail
The AUSC Office its  self will appoint its 4 additional Staffs and submit only the list with names and online contacts address including their Whatsapp addresses to the AUSC International Communication Office via, only to keep them in the AUSC International Communication Office database before September 31st, 2016.
Kindly provide your AUSC Office service as mentioned during your application.
H. E. Mr Iraguha Bandora Yves,
AUSC President's office,
Twitter:@AuscOffice, @AUStudentsCoun1


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