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The Eternal Order of Almighty God through Jesus Christ is the Lord of Christians' 7th Day Sabbath"Those Who keep God's 10 Commandments fully and Having the Spirit of Prophecy"; While The Jesuit Order of SATAN through Pope Francis is the Lord of Ancient Pagan Roman Sunday in Laudato SI' 237: Currently being promoted as "Freedom Sunday" a Liturgy in this COVID-19's New World Order led by Roman Catholic Church Jesuit Pope Francis. Revelation 13:1-18"Mark of The Beast is Sunday Worship by Law" and is Coming very very Soon"September 1st 2020 to 7th February 2021 till August 31st, 2024 and End of Global Sunday Keepers Activities on Earth on October 15th, 2024 by 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ. Urumva n' Amajwi mu kinyarwanda.

"US Must Follow Norway & Amend Constitution,Open Door for Jesuits." Words of Popery,America vs Jesus


1.In Order to initiate "Universal  SUNDAY LAW" here is a SATANIC Prayer below which was entitled {GATHERING IN GOD’S NAME:
One: The freedom of the Peace of the Lord be always with you
All: And also with you HYMN (To see some suggestions for appropriate hymns, click here.) PRAYER Let us pray.
We pray that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the God of glory, may give us a spirit of wisdom and revelation as we come to know and worship him this day.
May the eyes of our heart enlightened, Bring us to know what is the hope to which we have been called, the riches of his glorious inheritance among the saints, and the immeasurable greatness of your power for us who believe.
God as you put this power to work in Christ when you raised him from the dead, and seated him at his right hand in the heavenly places, You have put all things under his feet and have made him the head over all things for the church, We are his body, the fullness of him who fills all in all and brings freedom to all, through Christ our Lord. Amen.
Jesus said, “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul, and with all your mind.’ This is the greatest and the most important commandment.
The second is like it: ‘Love your neighbour as yourself.’” Lord, have mercy on us : and by your Holy Spirit empower us to love you, and all our neighbours by bringing freedom to all in bondage.
God of love and liberty, We pray this Freedom Sunday That you may instil your will and your ways, In your people, and in all people.
That justice may roll down like waters, And righteousness like an ever-flowing stream. Open our hearts to those in slavery, That the creation itself will be set free from its bondage to decay And will obtain the freedom of the glory of the children of God.
In the name of Christ. Amen. a liturgical service of worship.},
2.SATANIC "SUNDAY" a Liturgical Theology below was entitled "The Church as Worshiping Community and Laudato Si'237 of Jesuit Pope Francis Promotes SATAN's SUN Day for Ancient Roman Pagan Resting and Worshiping Day":
From September 1st 2020 to Lent 2021: Sunday for catholic families from February 2021 the International Sunday Law begging in an Order, not by choosing a Sunday of will, but Starting a weekly Sunday of Rest by Law in Worldwide, below are Pictures from the above article of Sunday SATANIC Lies Forged from Roman Catholic Church to worship against the Almighty God's blessed 7th Day Holy Sabbath:

Walter Veith"Ye Shall Be As Gods": Roman Catholic Church's Satanic Lie.Bible Flock Box"You NEED TO WATCH This BEFORE November 1, 2020 !!!"

3.On "Freedom Sunday", churches all around the world come together as a united, From September 1st 2020 to Lent 2021:
On Freedom Sunday, churches all around the world come together as a united, hope-filled, justice-driven community seeking to end modern slavery.
We start with prayer, lament, learning, dialogue, and worship to inform and catalyze our response to this global tragedy. Freedom Sunday is more than a day.
It’s more than a worship service. Freedom Sunday is a movement of hope.
Freedom Sunday this year will be different from years past.
Because of Covid-19, we are encouraging churches to participate any Sunday from September 2020 through Lent 2021.
We realize that some churches may need extra time to gather again and refocus. We will have materials available in July 2020 as usual.
For the first time this year, we will have resources in Spanish! We will also have more resources than ever before.
Link:  ,
4. Look on these Dark SATANIC Lies entitled" Host Freedom Sunday to End Slavery"  :
Everyone trapped in slavery today is a person with a name, a story and a dream.
Freedom is possible when we choose to fight. Every day, innocent people are beaten, raped and abused as they are trapped in modern slavery.
Become a church that breaks the chains of slavery,Dedicate one Sunday at your church to end slavery.Your church can help end slavery. Freedom Sunday is an invitation for your congregation to learn about slavery and partner with IJM to end it.
Dedicate a day to this fight for justice, and your church can help send rescue to children, women and men living in slavery.
Pledge a date for your Freedom Sunday or join the global Freedom Sunday movement on Sunday 20th September 2020!
1)When you host Freedom Sunday, you will: 
a)See the problem of slavery With more than 40 million people trapped in slavery today, the scope of slavery is immense. ,
b)Understand God's heart to end it Your church will learn what it looks like to 'seek justice and defend the oppressed' in our world.
c)Join us in the fight Invite your congregation to join the fight to end slavery with IJM—until all are free!
Link 1: 
2)Sunday Liturgy and Freedom Sunday: Posted 4th Sunday, On November 25th 2018 10:30am (933 W. Exchange St., Akron)  The purpose of this space is to enter communally into the rhythms of worship that re-orient our hearts toward God and God’s Kingdom purposes. Kids' Church is available for 6 months up to 12 years old. As SATANIC Plans put the End in 2030, The Jesuit Pope Francis leading His Satanic Roman Catholic Church rejected the Truth of teaching his church members to Keep the 7th day Sabbath Holy calling it a Jewish Sabbath in his Laudato SI' and chose to Promote Sun Worshiping day"Sunday named Common Good" in the Roman Catholic Church Social teaching" Catechism ".
Look how the Devil's Universal Sunday Law"Common Good" in the Roman Catholic Church calendars worked in darkness since November 25th 2018,10:30 am:
a)Kids' Church is available for 6 months up to 12 years old Vs POPE SUMMONS WORLD LEADERS TO SIGN GLOBAL PACT and said "It takes a whole Village to educate a Child" Contradicting The Sabbath Debate with Doug Batchelor! It's an age old debate. Do Christians need to keep the Sabbath or is that only for Jewish people?  Is Sunday the new Sabbath? What does the Bible say?
Breaking Pope Prophecy Alert: Pope's 2020 Vision Fulfilling End Time Prophecies!!! 2019 was and 2020 will be filled with intrigue and drama the likes of which we have never seen and the Pope has been and will be front and center in the news.   Meanwhile The Pope is on the move to pull off some things that are forecast in the book of Revelation and that eventually will result in the infamous mark of the beast.   What you are about to see in this video is how fearful end time prophecies are fast fulfilling in plain sight, but almost no one is paying attention. So brace yourself as I present to you THE POPE’S 2020 VISION that is right out of the book of Revelation. WE WERE WARNED!  STAY TUNED.  Pope Summons key influencers, world leaders to Vatican - May 2020  Pope 2020  Pope 2019 Year in Review  Bible Prophecy Mark of the Beast  Pope Francis Vatican Roman Catholic  Climate Change  Greta Thunberg  United Nations Sabbath Sunday Law by Mark Fox - Speaker of Amazing Prophecies YouTube Channel.
b)The purpose of this space is to enter communally into the rhythms of worship that re-orient our hearts toward God and God’s Kingdom purposes.{This is language of Laudato SI' paragraph 237}Pope connects Sunday keeping with a better environmentDownload Laudato Si PDF.
c)Sunday Liturgy and Freedom Sunday{To begin in 1/9/2020 with Creation Sunday to raise Sunday Law which  is the Child of the Papacy aimed to have been introduced to all world leaders to Sign education compact to create a new humanism"Something PROPHETIC Is Happening May 14, 2020 !!! " This event was postponed to 11-18 October 2020 due to COVID-19"}: This is the language of Pope Francis , He said, it takes a Village to Educate the Child, and to educate about Sunday of Laudato SI p237 will take the Whole World's leaders on 11-18/10/2020 a rescheduled global Compact Meeting from may 14th 2020 due to COVID19 in Rome, and the Child pope Francis was talking to educate was this movement of Paris Agreement based Sunday Law to be enacted in all Countries on this World beginning on Different Points: 
1)All National Churches with Season of Creation, 
2)Politicians with Paris Agreement on Climate Change"Earth Green Sabbath", with this  IT IS FINISHED Presents: Update that Pope Francis Reschedule Global Education Compact Event from May 14th 2020 To October 11th -18th, 2020.
3)LGBT with Black Lives Matters, 
4) Roman Catholic Church with Sunday Liturgy, Freedom Sunday, and Sunday For Catholic Families, 
5) All Worldwide Protestants Leaders with A Reforming Catholic Confession signed on 31/10/2017, 
6)Apr 5, 2020 Prophetic: Pope Drops Official Title 666"Vicar of Christ i.e Vicar of Son of God from a Donation of Constantine" with aim to deny His Traditional Title that adds up to 666 in Revelation 13:18 which reveals that He is the Bible Anti-Christ and the 4th Beast Representative aiming to protect His Sunday Law of Laudato SI' paragraph 237.
d) This is a tangible evidence that Sunday Liturgy and Freedom Sunday as coupled to the Current COVID-19 are all the plans of Roman Catholic Church's Jesuits tools used to lie human beings on this earth Climate Change exists and that has gave birth to a need of a weekly Sunday Rest"Creation Sunday" from September 1st 2020 during a Season of Creation that will end on October 4th 2020 for praying Almighty God to end COVID-19 , and by attending the Global Compact on education on October 11 to 18th 2020 invited by Francis the Jesuit  pope of Rome  to End Climate Change by Introducing Laudato Si based New World Education, in order to go along with Sunday Liturgy and Freedom Sunday to End Slavery, to End Racism, to End Poverty and Banks Credits and dept worldwide , to End Human Created Disasters based on CO2 producing activities, to End hard copy money and Initiate Digital Currencies, while all of these Jesuits maneuvers has only one purpose to end protestants and return the Worldwide Supremacy and Leadership under the Power of Vatican which represents the Roman Empire's Continuation of prophesied 4th beast in Daniel 2:1-49 and Daniel 7:1-28, and it was a plan of Ignatius Loyola who created this Jesuits' Order just to permanently Kill and End Protestantism and Reformation by killing and cleaning all Protestants on this Earth and exactly from October 31st, 2017 after 500 years of Protestantism and Reformation which began on October 31st 1517, while on 31/10/2017 on the 500th years Anniversary celebration of Protestant was the day that marked the End of Protestantism on a Global Protestantism Leadership, where by the global protestants Churches and Institutions Leaders gathered on that day 31/10/2017 and they signed "a Reforming Catholic Confession Document". 
Currently by proclaiming the true full God's 10 commandments based  gospel of Almighty God in Exodus 20"1-17 including to keep the 7th day Sabbath Holy is the only possible Protest against the Roman Catholic Church and is reformulated in what was called by Jesus Christ in Revelation 14:6-13 as the 3 Angels' Messages where the most sensitive 3rd Angel's message forbids and strongly prohibits whosoever obeys Almighty God to never worship on Sunday otherwise to dare to obey the Roman Catholic Pope Francis' Sunday of Laudato SI' will make every person who will do it to face the wrath of God which is explained as Last 7 plagues from February 16th 2024 until the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ on the Sky on 15/10/2024 at 01:59' a.m.
Meanwhile, the initiation of Sunday Law aChild of the Roman Catholic papacy is going to become the final temptation for every living human being on this earth  that had to start smoothly in 6 months from September 1st 2020 until February 15th 2021 which marks the End of Ordinary Time Winter on February 14th 2021 on Sunday for Catholic Families' Calendar  and at the beginning of  the 1st week of Lent of Sunday for Catholic Families' Calendar on February 21 2021 marks the initiation of the 1st Lent Week for Catholic Families which is the beginning of the International Sunday Law practically , which has to be evolved in 6 months(Kids' Church is available for 6 months up to 12 years old ) from September 1st 2020 up to February 14th 2021, since September 1st 2020 people worldwide are going to be enforced to put in practice the Paris Agreement on Climate Change; Which reserves Sunday Law as a One weekly day of Lock-down to reduce Carbon Dioxide foot print in Air and however using that Sunday as a day of Rest and Worship voluntarily, while finally this must become mandatory and by Governments Laws from February 7th 2021, in order to secure the earth from its Climate Change Destruction by 2030, the United Nations Urged that if there is nothing done before these 10 years counted from 2020 till 2030 , that the Earth will End in 2030, which made them urgently to decide to initiate the New World Order!!!!!Revelation 13:1-18.The new World Order has began with introduction of COVID-19 as a Global Pandemic between 11 to 18 January 2020 and has target to use ID 2020 also known as 666-Microchip that will be inoculated in Human beings via COVID-19 Vaccine solution in the Sub Cutaneous Tissues of the Human bodies across the World by Governments' Military and Police Forces otherwise the other groups of people who will reject this COVID-19 Vaccine will remain in Permanent Lock-down because no body will be allowed to leave the location to an other location without having the electronic sensitive Microchip that reveals to the Government's contact Tracing Agents that a vaccine to COVID19 was given to that Person, which also confirms the up coming persecution to Almighty God's People who proclaim the 3rd Angel's message of Revelation 14:9-11 to warn the World about the SATANIC New World Order Sunday sacredness aimed to worship SATAN through Pope Francis' Sunday of Laudato SI 237, the Beast of Revelation 13:1-18 whose Number is 666.
d) Ellen Gould White guided by the Holy Spirit of calls the Sunday a kid in the synonym of a Child of the Papacy
1)WARNING: Papacy SUNday Dragon Child. GREAT RESET Global CAPITALISM. Adventist Interfaith COMMON GOOD , 
2) Covid-19 FIRE DRILL Is Laudato Si Speaking As A Dragon To Enforce SUNday The Child Of The Papacy , 
3)Adventists Nurturing FREEDOM SUNday Papacy's Child. SDA Conference Roman Catholic OFFENSIVE SERMONS , ]
e) There for , Sunday Rest and Worship by Law in all Countries on this earth, which is the Mark of The Beast of Revelation 13:11-18 and Revelation 14:9-13; Its Preparation has been in its way to be completely achieved at the end of 12 years in 2030( Kids' Church is available for 6 months up to 12 years old ) from November 25th 10:30 a.m 2018 , when this Roman Catholic Church Member Posted this post(4th Sunday: Sunday Liturgy and Freedom Sunday November 25th 10:30am (933 W. Exchange St., Akron)  The purpose of this space is to enter communally into the rhythms of worship that re-orient our hearts toward God and God’s Kingdom purposes. Kids' Church is available for 6 months up to 12 years old. ) on Facebook. 
5.Celebrating Sunday for Catholic Families 2020-2021 - Google Books; Sunday for catholic families becoming a pre-global Law  during the Ordinary Time Winter: from January 17th to February 14th 2021(Selective Sunday for Worship Worldwide) and from February 21st 2021 (Mandatory every week Sunday Worship Worldwide by Global Law during the Lent 2021)  from February 2021 to register the International Sunday Law, beginning in an Order, not by choosing a Sunday of will, but Starting a weekly Sunday of Rest and worship by Law Worldwide in all countries. 

5.Facts of the 7th Day Sabbath: The 7th Day Sabbath is the True worshiping and resting day and the only way Jesus Christ should Save Humanity from being destroyed by 7 last plagues from February 16th 2024 till His 2nd Coming at 01h59' a.m on 15th October, 2024, "Adventists Nurturing FREEDOM SUNday Papacy's Child. SDA Conference Roman Catholic OFFENSIVE SERMONS" . 
6. Kuburira abumva i kinyarwanda bose ko Leta y' U Rwanda cgangwa leta y'aho baba bari hose muri diyasipora Nibahatira Kutagira Icyo mukora ku Cyumweru, ititaye kukubaha uburenganzira bw' Umutimanama bwo guhitamo ISABATO yera itegeko rya 4 ryo mu Kuva 20:8-11, Ahubwo Ikabahatira ngo Musenge ku Cyumweru(Sunday Law, Dimenche), namwe Muzabanze mubitekerezeho kabiri kuko Uzabyemera wese azicwa n' Imana mugihe cy' Ibyago Birindwi(7) by' imperuka Kuva tariki 17 Gashyantare 2024 ukageza tariki 15 Ukwakira 2024 Yesu atungutse ku Bicu , ibi bizaba rwose kuva nyuma y' Imyaka itatu(3) uhereye igihe itegeko ry' Icyumweru rizaba ryatangarijwe Isi Yose mu mwaka utaha hagati ya tariki ya 7 na 16 Gashyantare 2021(First Sunday of Lent=Sunday For Catholic Families in New World Order initiated during Season of Creation from September 1st to October 4th 2020 for a "Creation Sunday" izabyara "Universal Common Good=Sunday Law": iri tegeko ry' icyumweru ryihishe mucyiswe amasezerano y' Iparisi abazarikurikiza bose bazababategereje igihano cy' Imana isumba byose Ny' Ir' Isabato Yera cyibaganisha ku kurimbuka kw' abari mu isi bose mu byago bi 7 by'imperuka kuva tariki 16 Gashyantare 2024 kugeza igihe Yesu azaba atungutse ku Bicu muma saha ya saa 1:59 zijoro tariki 15 Ukwakira 2024,hakarimbuka  abazemera Kweza Icyumweru kugahato ka leta n' urugaga ruhagarariye amadini mu rwego rw' igihugu bakanga kweza Isabato itegeko ry' Imana rya 4 mu Kuva 20:8-11(Umva Amajwi-Audio):
a) Kanda aha wumve Amajwi-Audio 1: Agaciro k' Isabato, Isabato IreraUyishe ntakabure Kwicwa. Icyumweru ni Umunsi muhimbano Uwiteka atejeje, Uwejeje mu byago 7 Ntazabura Kwicwa.
b) Kanda aha wumve Amajwi-Audio 2: Uko Akarengane Kazaza gasa Gashingiye ku guhatira abeza ISABATO kuyica kubw' Inyungu za Leta n' abanyamadini, bibumbiye hamwe mukwerereza Itegeko ry' Icyumweru cy' umujezuwiti w' i Roma papa Francis,  cyo muri Lawudatosi paragarafe ya 237.
c) Kanda aha wumve Amajwi-Audio 3 part 1, Audio 3 part 2: Ubuhanuzi bwagenewe iyi minsi y' imperuka ya COVID-19 ari mu buhanuzi bwa Daniyeli bw' Iminsi 1335 muri daniyeli 12:12 butangirana na tariki 7 Gashyantare 2021 , bukageza Daniyeli ahagaze kunyanja y' Ibirahuri mu Ijuru ku itariki 22 Ukwakira 2024, Yesu azaba yara tungutse kubicu ku itariki 15 Ukwakira 2024, Nyuma y' Akarengane gakomeye k' imyaka 3 n' amezi 6 bingana n' amezi 42 yagenewe ybytegetsi bwa New World Order mu Ibyahishuwe 13:5,Ayo mezi 42 azarangira tariki 31 Nyakanga 2024.
d) Kanda aha wige intandaro y' Itorero Imana yereje Kuzaburira abatuye isi kuva mu mwaka 22/10/1844 , usome Iki Gitabo byimbitse wige amateka ya Elina WayitiINTUMWA Y' IMANA
e) Kanda aha usome iki Gitabo wige Inzira yabugufi bita Inzira yo Gutsindishirizwa n' Ubuntu kubwo kwizera: "INTEGUZA Ya Kristo GUTSINDISHIRIZWA "Amagambo yakuwe muri Bibiliya n’ibitabo by’umwuka w’ubuhanuzi Copyright-2012 Troisième impression en Kinyarwanda. Re-Typed June 29th, 2020 for soft copy availability.
f) Kanda aha wumve ubuhamya bw' Umwanditsi: w' igitabo 1)Intumwa y' Imana, 2)Gutsindishirizwa, 3)Intambara Ikomeye, mu kinyarwanda kuri interineti no mu majwi.
g)Kanda aha wumve Amajwi-Audio 4: 2020-06-28-06h45'45'' Ntamuntu Uzinjira mu Ijuru 15-22 Ukwakira 2024 Ataremeye ngo Anemeze Abandi kumvira Amategeko 10 y' Imana n'Itegeko rya 4 ry' Isabato nyumya Y' Itegeko ry' Icyumweru Mu RWANDA no Mubindi Bihugu ku Isi hose.
h) Kanda aha wumve Amajwi-Audio 5: Uko Ubusobanuro bw' Inyamanswa yo Muri Daniyeli no Mu Ibyahishuwe imenyekana umubare ushobora gukoresha 666 iyisobanura cyangwa ukoresheje igitabo cya Matayo 24:15, Daniyeli 7:1-23,Daniyeli 8,9,10,11,12, Ibyahishuwe13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20).
i) Kanda aha wumve Amajwi-Audio 5 _Igice cya mbere(1)Igice cya kabiri(2)Ubuhanuzi bwa Daniyeli bw' Iminsi 1260 n' Icyago cya ga Tanu muri 1 Werurwe kugeza  muri 31 Nyakanga 31 2024; 1290 n' Icyago cya Gatandatu muri 1-31 Kanama 2024, 1335 n' Icyago cya Karindwi muri 1 Nzeri kugeza muri 15 Ukwakira 2024 na 22 Ukwakira 2024.
j)Kanda aha wumve Amajwi-Audio 6 _Paris Agreement mu,(in) Rwanda,Itegeko Ry'Icyumweru,Icyimenyetso Cy' Ubupapa aricyo Bibiliya mu Ibyahishuwe 14:9-11 yita Ikimenyetso cy' Inyamanswa ariyo Nyamanswa Ya 4 yo muri Daniyeli 7:1-23-28,Yesu Azaza saa saba 01:59' a.m mu gicuku cyo ku itariki 15-10-2024 Kurimbura abafatanyije n' inyaamanswa ya 4 mu bwami bwayo bwa New Wordl Order bose bwatangiranye na COVID-19 Pandemic 11-18 January 2020,arokore Abeza Isabato Biyemeje No Kuyipfira Mu Izina Rya Yesu,record20200707075655:
Soma iherezo ry' ubutegetsi bwa vaticani buyobora muri titire y' ubutegetsi bwa pontifexe Maximusi buyihuza n' Inyamanswa yahanuwe na Daniyeli ya 4 yatangiye yitwa ubutegetsi bwa Roma ya gipagani ubu ikaba yitwa ubutegetsi bwa Roma ya Gi papa yiyita Kiriziya Gaturika ya Roma ya Gikirisitu iri kumisozi i rindwi 7 ya Vatikani mu Ibyahishuwe 17:1-18 yatangije gutegekana n' amahembe 10 aribo bami 10 bategekanaga na Consitantino mukuru umwami wabami w'i Roma muri 300-321-340 iyo niyo nyamanswa ya 4 yahaaye ububasha bwayo ubutegetsi bw'idini ya Kiriziya Gaturika y' I Roma muri 538{Daniyeli 7:1-28;  }
k)Soma neza ibyerekeye y' Amasezerano y' I Parisi inama y' abaminisitiri yemeje ko agomba gutangira gushyirwa mu bikorwa (.......) u Rwanda rwemeye kuzinjizamo abaturage barwo, mugihe Amerika(USA) yanze kuyasinya ngo izayinjize mo abaturage bayo!{ 

U Rwanda rwemeje burundu Amasezerano y’i Paris yerekeye imihindagurikire y’ibihe

U Rwanda rwinjiye mu mubare w’ibihugu bisaga 80 byo hirya no hino ku isi  byamaze kwemeza burundu Amasezerano y’i Paris yerekeye imihindagurikire y’ibihe. Aya masezerano mpuzamahanga  agena uburyo bwo gushyira mu bikorwa ingamba zo gukumira izamuka ry’igipimo mpuzandengo cy’ubushyuhe bw’Isi, kikaguma hasi ya dogere 2 (2°C) ariko intego ikaba ko iki gipimo kigera hasi ya dogere 1.5 (1.5°C). Nka kimwe mu bihugu byibasiwe n’imihindagurikire y’ikirere, u Rwanda rushishikajwe no gushyiraho ingamba zo kugabanya imyuka yangiza ikirere ndetse no kurushaho kubaka ubudahangarwa ku mihindagurikire y’ibihe. Amasezerano y’ i Paris atanga umurongo wo kugera kuri izi ntego binyuze mu bufatanye bw’Umuryango mpuzamahanga no gushyigikira ibihugu byibasiwe n’ingaruka z’imihindagurikire y’ibihe.
Amasezerano y’i Paris yagizwe itegeko mu Rwanda binyuze mu Iteka rya Perezida Ryemeza Burundu Amasezerano y’i Paris ashamikiye ku Masezerano y’Umuryango w’Abibumbye Yerekeye Imihindagurikire y’Ibihe. Ku wa 6 Ukwakira uyu mwaka, u Rwanda rwagejeje ku Munyamabanga Mukuru w’Umuryango w’Abibumbye inyandiko igena iyemezwa ry’aya Masezerano. Iyi nyandiko yashyizweho umukono na Minisitiri w’Ububanyi n’Amahanga, Louise Mushikiwabo.
Minisitiri Mushikiwabo yatangaje ko u Rwanda rutewe ishema no kwemeza burundu Amasezerano y’I Paris.
Agira ati: “Dutewe ishema no kwemeza burundu Amasezerano y’i Paris yerekeye imihindagurikire y’ibihe. Twizeye ko ubufatanye bw’amahanga buzafasha kugabanya igipimo cy’ubushyuhe bw’isi kikaguma hasi ya dogere 1.5. Binyuze mu Kigega cyo gutera inkunga imishinga yo kurengera ibidukikije (FONERWA), u Rwanda ruri kwereka amahanga ko iyo imishinga yo muri uru rwego icunzwe neza bifasha mu guhanga akazi ndetse no kubaka ubudahangarwa bw’abenegihugu ku mihindagurikire y’ibihe. Twiteguye gukomeza gukorana n’abafatanyabikorwa bacu ndetse n’inshuti mu rugendo twiyemeje rwo kugera ku iterambere rirambye kandi ritangiza ibidukikije.
Amasezerano y'i Paris yemejwe mu gihe ibihugu byitegura guhurira i Marrakech mu nama ya 22 y'Ibihugu byashyize umukono ku masezerano mpuzamahanga yerekeranye n'imihindagurikire y'ibihe (COP22). Ni mu gihe kandi isi yishimira indi ntambwe amahanga aherutse gutera mu rugamba rwo kurengera ikirere ubwo yemezaga ivugururwa ry'Amasezerano ya Montreal, ivugururwa ryemerejwe i Kigali mu Rwanda.
Kubera iri vugururwa , isi izabasha kugabanya dogere 0.5 (0.5°C) ku gipimo mpuzandengo cy'izamuka ry'ubushyuhe bw'isi mbere y'uko iki kinyejana kirangira. Uyu uzaba ari umusaruro wo guhagarika ikora n'ikoreshwa ry'imyuka ya ‘hydrofluorocarbons’ (HFCs) isanzwe ikoreshwa mu byuma bikonjesha nk'uko byemejwe mu ivugururwa ry'Amasezerano ya Montreal. Iyemezwa ry'iri vugururwa ni kimwe mu bikorwa by'ingenzi byo kurengera ikirere ibihugu bizaharanira gushyigikira no guteza imbere ubwo ababihagarariye bazaba bahuriye mu nama izabera muri Maroc mu kwezi gutaha.
Ibyerekeye Amasezerano y’I Paris
Amasezerano y’i Paris azatangira gukurikizwa tariki 4 Ugushyingo 2016, ni ukuvuga iminsi 30 nyuma y’aho mu bihugu byayemeje ibigera kuri 55 byihariye 55% by’imyuka yose yangiza ikirere bitangiye inyandiko zigena iyemezwa n’iyubahirizwa ryayo. Biteganyijwe ko ubwo hazaba hateranye Inama ya 22 y’Ibihugu byashyize umukono ku Masezerano y’Umuryango w’Abibumbye Yerekeye Imihindagurikire y’Ibihe (COP22) izabera I Marrakesh mu kwezi gutaha, ibihugu byashyize umukono ku Masezerano y’i Paris bizahura bikaganira ku ishyirwa mu bikorwa ryayo.
Amasezerano y’I Paris ateganya uburyo amahanga afatanyiriza hamwe mu guhangana n’ingaruka ziterwa n’imihindagurikire y’ibihe ndetse akanagaragaza intambwe buri gihugu gisabwa gutera mu rugamba rwo kugabanya izamuka ry’ubushyuhe bw’isi. Aya Masezerano kandi anateganya inkunga ya miliyari 100 z’amadolari ya Amerika yo gutera inkunga imishinga igamije kurengera ikirere, guteza imbere ikoranabuhanga ritangiza ikirere ndetse no gushyigikira urugendo rugana ku bukungu butangiza ibidukikije.
Imihindagurikire y’ibihe mu Rwanda
Mu Rwanda, ubushyuhe bwazamutse ku gipimo mpuzandengo cya dogere 1.4 (1.4°C) kuva mu mwaka w’1970. Mu gihe nta gikozwe, iki gipimo cyazamuka kugera kuri dogere 2.5 bitarenze umwaka wa 2050. U Rwanda rwatangiye kugerwaho n’ingaruka zikomoka ku mihindagurikire y’ibihe n’izamuka ry’ubushyuhe bw’isi, harimo amapfa ndetse n’imyuzure ikunze gutera inkangu mu bice bitandukanye by’igihugu.
Andi makuru
  • Iteka Rya Perezida n° 20/01 ryo ku wa 27/09/2016 Ryemeza Burundu Amasezerano y’i Paris Ashamikiye ku Masezerano y’Umuryango w’Abibumbye Yerekeye Imihindagurikire y’Ibihe. Waribona hano.
  • Amafoto ya Ministeri w’Ububanyi n’Amahanga ashyira umukono ku Masezerano ya Paris ku cyicaro cy’Umuryango w’Abibumbye I New York muri Mata 2016 wayasanga hano.
  • Amafoto y’Itsinda ryahagarariye u Rwanda mu biganiro byasojwe n’iyemezwa ry’Amasezerano y’I Paris mu Kuboza 2016 wayasanga hano.
  • Rwanda’s Climate Action Plan (Nationally Determined Contribution) hano.
  • Soma hano inyandiko yose ikubiyemo Amasezerano y’I Paris. 
 } Ibyemezo kunsengero, Ibyemezo by' Inama y' Abaminisitiri yemeje imyanzuro yo gushyira mu bikorwa amasezerano y' i Parisi, [ Ukundi washaka ibijyanye n' amasezerano y' i Parisi arinda ikoreshwa ry' ibikomoka kuri peterori hagashyirwaho ikoreshwa ry' ibikomoka kungufu z'indink' imirasire y' izuba ni'ingufu zisubiramo"Renewable Energy-Energy funding included in this Law " andika muri gugo: "amasezerano y' i parisi, mu rwanda, june 2020,"], [UPDATED NATIONALLY
Like all Parties to the Paris Agreement,
Rwanda must take the necessary
actions to fulfill the commitments in its
Nationally Determined Contribution
(NDC) and achieve inclusive and
sustainable development. These
contributions are the instruments
that guide Rwanda’s climate action
to limit the increase in global average
temperature, raise global resilience
and mobilize public and private investments. Collectively, our task is to move forward on a
path towards sustainable development while balancing environmental, social and economic
In 2011, Rwanda developed its Green Growth and Climate Resilience Strategy to guide the
country’s response to climate change. The strategy has positioned Rwanda to play its part
in the global response and, as a result, the country hosted the 28th Meeting of the Parties to
the Montreal Protocol at which the Kigali Amendment was agreed. The amendment is the
single most impactful step the world has taken to limit the growth of greenhouse gases and
we are proud this decision was taken in Rwanda.
Rwanda’s firm commitment to climate action can be seen in this revised NDC, which
increases ambition in all components. It is particularly focused on transparency, clarity and
the monitoring of the goals we have set for ourselves. As a party to the Paris Agreement,
Rwanda is committed to setting ambitious targets needed to enact change.
Rwanda’s Nationally Determined Contribution is built on data-driven analyses of the main
contributors to the country’s greenhouse gas emissions. The report demonstrates Rwanda’s
progress and commitment to identifying targets for reducing emissions across sectors
through inter-ministerial cooperation, working with sub-national entities, mobilizing domestic
resources, and support from bilateral and multilateral donors. This document, therefore, is a
testament to the spirit of community that is needed to address climate change.
Rwanda’s Nationally Determined Contribution will serve as a blueprint for advancing
targeted and measurable climate action in key sectors. The document will also serve to guide
coordinated responses for both government agencies as well as international organizations,
NGOs, civil society, and community-based organizations. Achieving our targets will depend
on sustained, multi-agency action in every segment of Rwandan society. 
This document sets a path for ambitious climate action and allows organizations, individuals,
and communities to see where their efforts fit within the national and global strategies
needed to address the biggest challenge of our time.
Climate change is causing enormous damage to the natural environment and has resulted
in the loss of life and livelihoods. Recognizing the consequences of inaction, Rwanda remains
steadfastly committed to the Paris Agreement and has dedicated the resources required to
achieve substantial emissions reductions.
We all have a role to play in the global movement to reduce emissions. This challenge comes
at a time of multiple, competing priorities requiring government funding and coordinated
response. However, the path towards low-carbon, climate resilient development has been
prioritized not only by the Government of Rwanda, but also the people of Rwanda as the
most desirable way forward to realize a sustainable future for generations to come.
Rwanda benefits not only from enormous natural resources but also the will of the people
to make coordinated progress in reaching our national targets. The vision of the country’s
progress is intertwined with both the collective climate action and individual agency required
to reduce our carbon footprint for the benefit of all.
As the document draws from the input of multiple institutions, so will the combined
response build from inter-agency cooperation and engagement. It is imperative that despite
the enormous sacrifices required, the nation as a whole move forward together with the
international community in a way that fully recognizes the challenges threatening our
shared future and fully acknowledges the responsibility each of us must take to correct the
global response that has thus far proved inadequate.
However, it is also with sheer optimism and a shared sense of purpose that Rwanda continues
to make progress not only as part of the Paris Agreement, but also as part of the moral and
ethical leadership required to leave a better future for the generations that follow.
Rwanda’s Nationally Determined Contribution is submitted in full recognition of not only
the enormity of the task, but also with the knowledge of the disastrous consequences in the
event of failure. Nevertheless, the targets presented here are a testament not only to the level
of technical capacity needed to achieve them, but also the shared sense of responsibility
and agency that will make the actions possible.
It is with this full commitment and acknowledgement of the gravity of the global consequences
of climate change that Rwanda remains wholly supportive of the Paris Agreement and to all
of the responsibilities and actions outlined therein. Together we will build a green Rwanda
and protect the planet.
Dr. Jeanne d’Arc Mujawamariya
Minister of Environment
Republic of Rwanda  ],
Umwaka wa 59
Igazeti ya Leta n° Idasanzwe
yo ku wa 04/06/2020
Year 59
Official Gazette n° Special of
59ème Année
Journal Officiel n° Spécial du
Ibirimo/Summary/Sommaire urup/page
A. Itegeko / Law / Loi
Nº 004/2020 ryo ku wa 02/06/2020
Itegeko ryemera kwemeza burundu Amasezerano y’inguzanyo, hagati ya Repubulika y’u
Rwanda n’Ikigega Mpuzamahanga Gitsura Amajyambere (IDA), yerekeranye n’inguzanyo
ingana na miliyoni mirongo icyenda n’imwe n’ibihumbi magana ane z’Amayero (91.400.000
EUR) y’inkunga y’inyongera igenewe politiki y’iterambere ry’urwego rw’ingufu mu Rwanda,
yashyiriweho umukono i Kigali mu rwanda ku wa 03 Gicurasi 2020………………………....3
Nº 004/2020 of 02/06/2020
Law approving the ratification of the Financing Agreement between the Republic of Rwanda
and the International Development Association (IDA), relating to the credit of ninety-one
million four hundred thousand euro (EUR 91,400,000) for Rwanda energy sector supplemental
development policy financing,signed at Kigali, Rwanda, on 03 May 2020…………………3
Nº 004/2020 du 02/06/2020
Loi approuvant la ratification de l’Accord de financement entre la République du Rwanda et
l’Association Internationale de Développement (IDA), relatif au crédit de quatre-vingt-onze
millions quatre cent mille Euros (91.400.000 EUR) pour le financement supplémentaire de la
politique de développement du secteur de l’énergie au Rwanda, signe à Kigali, au Rwanda, le
03 mai 2020……………………………………………………………………………………3 ]
l)AUSC Founder and President is giving this Public Warning to every person on this Earth to Remember the Sabbath Day to Keep It Holy,for We are Serving our Lord of 7th Day Holy Sabbath Jesus Christ as written in Luke 6:1-5 by sharing these Chronological Holy secrets of the Four22nds, One15th, 5Octobers, 3Tuesdays,1 Thursday and 1 Friday: 22 October 3024, 22 October 2024, 15 October 2024 ,22 October 2020, 22 October 1844 as the  United States of America (USA) has set this date on the National Calendar "October 22, 2020" for Popular Holidays & Observances Worldwide!! We still have by now 130 days to get on 22 October 2020
[Insengero n’utubari birakomeza gufunga (Ibyemezo by’Inama y’Abaminisitiri)
18-05-2020 - 21:59'    |     Ibitekerezo ( 1 )
None ku wa mbere tariki ya 18 Gicurasi 2020, Inama y’Abaminisitiri idasanzwe yateranye hifashishijwe ikoranabuhanga, iyobowe na Nyakubahwa Perezida wa Repubulika y’u Rwanda, Paul Kagame, ifatirwamo imyanzuro ikurikira:

1. Inama y’Abaminisitiri yasuzumye ingamba zafashwe zo gukumira ikwirakwira ry’Icyorezo cya COVID-19, yemeza ko ingamba zikurikira zihita zitangira gukurikizwa.

Izi ngamba zizongera kuvugururwa nyuma y’iminsi 15 hashingiwe ku isesengura ry’Inzego z’ubuzima.

Ingamba rusange zo kwirinda COVID-19

a. Gahunda yo gupima abantu indwara ya COVID-19 izakomeza mu Gihugu hose.

b. Udupfukamunwa tuzakomeza kwambarwa igihe cyose umuntu agiye aho ahurira n’abandi.

c. Serivisi zemerewe gukora zigomba kubahiriza amabwiriza atangwa n’Inzego z’Ubuzima (gukaraba intoki, kwambara udupfukamunwa, gusiga intera hagati y’umuntu n’undi).

d. Abacuruzi bose barasabwa kwemera kwishyurwa hakoreshejwe ikoranabuhanga nka bumwe mu buryo bwemewe bwo kwishyurana.

e. Ingendo zirabujijwe guhera saa tatu z’ijoro kugeza saa kumi n’imwe za mu gitondo.

Serivisi zemerewe gukomeza gukora

a. Ibikorwa by’Inzego za Leta n’iby’abikorera bizakomeza, ariko buri rwego rugakoresha abakozi b’ingenzi, abandi bagakomeza gukorera mu rugo bifashishije ikoranabuhanga.

b. Ibikorwa bya siporo y’umuntu umwe hanze biremewe, ariko inyubako zikorerwamo imyidagaduro (gyms) zizakomeza gufunga.

c. Ingendo zemewe gusa hagati mu Ntara. Ingendo hagati y’Intara zitandukanye cyangwa Intara n’Umujyi wa Kigali zirabujijwe, ariko zizasubukurwa ku itariki ya 01 Kamena 2020.

d. Imihango yo gushyingura igomba kujyamo abantu batarenze 30.

e. Ishyingirwa imbere y’Ubuyobozi riremewe, ariko rigomba kwitabirwa n’abantu batarenze 15. Iyindi mihango nko gusezerana mu nsengero cyangwa ibirori byo kwiyakira ntibyemewe.

Serivisi zizakomeza gufunga

a. Imipaka izakomeza gufungwa, kereka ubwikorezi bw’ibicuruzwa (cargo trucks). Abanyarwanda n’abandi bantu basanzwe batuye mu Rwanda bemerewe gutaha, ariko bagahita bashyirwa mu kato (isolation) nk’uko amabwiriza y’ubuzima abiteganya. Abari mu kato baziyishyurira ikiguzi cya serivisi zone bazahabwa.

b. Amashuri azakomeza gufunga kugeza muri Nzeri 2020.

c. Insengero zizakomeza gufunga.

d. Utubari tuzakomeza gufunga.

e. Moto n’amagare ntibyemerewe gutwara abagenzi, ariko bishobora gukomeza kwifashishwa mu gutwara ibintu babigeza ku bandi. Bizongera kwemererwa gutwara abagenzi guhera ku itariki ya 01 Kamena 2020.

f. Inama n’amateraniro rusange cyangwa mu ngo z’abantu birabujijwe.

2. Nyakubahwa Perezida wa Repubulika yamenyesheje Inama y’Abaminisitiri ko yahaye imbabazi umuntu umwe, n’imbabazi rusange abakobwa mirongo itanu (50) bari barakatiwe n’inkiko kubera icyaha cyo gukuramo inda.

3. Inama y’Abaminisitiri yemeje Iteka rya Minisitiri ryemeza ifungurwa ry’agateganyo ry’abagororwa 3596 bahamwe n’ibyaha binyuranye.

4. Inama y’Abaminisitiri yemeje politiki, gahunda n’ingarnba zikurikira:

o Imbanzirizamushinga y’itegeko rigena ingengo y’imari ya Leta y’umwaka wa 2020/2021 hamwe n’imibare y’ikigereranyo cy’ingengo y’imari y’igihe giciriritse cy’imyaka itatu 2020/21 - 2022/23;

o Ingamba zivuguruye mu gushyira mu bikorwa Amasezerano y’i Paris yerekeye imihindagurikire yIkirere no kubungabunga ibidukikije;

o Umushinga wa East Investment Company wo kubaka no guteza imbere isoko rya Bugesera.

5.Inama y’Abaminisitiri yemeje imishinga y’amategeko ikurikira:

o Umushinga w’itegeko rishyiraho Ikigo gishinzwe iby’Ikirere mu Rwanda (Rwanda Space Agency);

o Umushinga w’itegeko ryemera kwemeza burundu amasezerano avuguruye ashyiraho Umuryango w’Ubukungu wThihugu bya Afurika yo hagati (ECCAS).

6. Inama y’Abaminisitiri yunguranye ibitekerezo ku ivugururwa rya gahunda yo guteza imbere siporo mu mashuri.

7. Inama y’Abaminisitiri yemeje ko aba bakurikira bahagarira ibihugu byabo ku rwego rw’Aba_mbasaderi n’Umuryango Mpuzamahanga mu Rwanda:


o Bwana Chae Jin-Weon: Ambasaderi wa Repubulika ya Koreya mu Rwanda ufite ikicaro i Kigali.

o Bwana Jaspal Singh: Ambasaderi wa Repubulika ya Singapore mu Rwanda ufite ikicaro muri Singapore.

o Bwana Jesus Agustin Manzanilla Puppo: Ambasaderi wa Repubulika ya Venezuwela mu Rwanda ufite ikicaro i Nayirobi.

o Bwana Valentin Zellweger: Ambasaderi w’Ubusuwisi mu Rwanda ufite ikicaro i Nayirobi.

Uhagarariye Umuryango Mpuzamahanga

o Madamu Mama Keita: Umuyobozi w’Ibiro by’Akarere ka Afurika y’Iburasirazuba muri Komisiyo y’Ubukungu y’Umuryango w’Abibumbye ishinzwe Afurika (UNECA) ufite ikicaro i Kigali.

8. Inama y’Abaminisitiri yashyize mu myanya Abayobozi ku buryo bukurikira:

o Abagize inama y’Ubutegetsi- Urwego rushinzwe Iterambere mu Rwanda (RDB)

1. Itzhak Fisher, Perezida

2. Evelyn Kamagaju, Visi Perezida

3. Alice Nkulikiyinka, Ugize Inama y’Ubutegetsi

4. Diane Karusisi, Ugize Inama y’Ubutegetsi

5. Ivan Kagame, Ugize Inama y’Ubutegetsi

6. Eric Kacou, Ugize Inama y’Ubutegetsi

7. Solange Uwituze, Ugize Inama y’Ubutegetsi

8. Liban Soleman Abdi, Ugize Inama y’Ubutegetsi

9. Faith Keza, Ugize Inama y’Ubutegetsi.

Kanda hano wumve Ikigisho cya mbere(Igice cya mbere 1_Igice cya kabiri 2_Igice Cya Gatatu 3:  )
Ukande kuri buri gice aho ngaho maze wiyumvire ibijyanye n' Ubuhanuzi buganisha abantu bose beza Isabato, k' Umunzani wo kwizera Ubushobozi bw' Imana Abadiventisiti b' umunsi wa 7 bapimirwa ho, ariwo "Ukwemera Kwicwa na Leta(Death Penalty cg Capital Punishment ya St Thomas Aquinas) ntibatinye Urupfu bakatirwa n' amategeko yatowe n' abatazi agaciro k' amategeko 10 y'Imana  aho kubicisha Amategeko 10 y' Imana arimo irivuga ku kimenyetso cy'Imana aricyo kutica  'ISABATO' mugihe Icyumweru(Ikimenyetso cy' Inyamanswa"Universal common good ,ariyo International Sunday Law") cyizaba cyigizwe umunsi mpuzamahanga werejwe gusengerwa ho no kutagira igikorwa ukorerwaho kubwo kubahiriza amasezerano yo kurengera ibidukikije y' i Parisi ( Paris Agreement on Climate Change) bikemezwa na Leta n' abahagarariye amadini yose aya Gikirisitu n' atemera kristu yo mu gihugu.
Iri tangazo ry’Ibyemezo by’Inama y’Abaminisitiri yo ku wa 18 Gicurasi 2020, ryashyizweho umukono na Minisitiri w’Intebe, Dr. Edouard Ngirente. Kungingo ya 4, ],
 AUSC-ASICTB,AUSC  Critical Thinkers advocate calls for urgent repentance for every human being to book Your VISA in The NEW EARTH.Jesus Christ The King of  NEW EARTH is coming back very very soon:
Belief Origin.Inspirational VerseIsaiah 62:1-12 , Jesus Christ entered the Most Holiest apartment of the Heavenly Sanctuary on Tuesday 22 October 1844with 1st Probation Close for all 7th Day Adventists on Thursday 22 October 2020, and after 180 Years on Tuesday 15th, 2024 Jesus Christ our Savior will appear on the Earth's Sky, and after our journey to the Sea of Glass in 7 Days we will enter the Heavenly Gates on Tuesday 22 October 2024,and then after 1000 Years in Heaven, we will descend from Heaven with the New Jerusalem on this earth back on Friday on 22 October 3024 to begin the 7th Day Holy Sabbath on this Earth,next day will be the 7th Day Sabbath ,we will keep it Holy during the whole day , and on the Next Day on Sunday the 1st day of the Week , we will be able to enjoy to re-begin our Holy Calendar that was destroyed by SATANIC Leadership of VATICAN PAPACY by Popes who have given seat to this current Jesuit Pope Francis who is pushing for Global Sin of permanently destroying the Holy 7th Day Sabbath to Introduce the SATANIC SUN-DAY Rest and worship by Force by World Governments since February 7th to 17th, 2021, While from February 7th-17th, 2024 to October 15th, 2024 All 7 last plagues will kill all human individuals on this earth who are going to accept that SUN Worship Day called Mark of the Beast with its number 666 as it is written in Revelation 13:18,Revelation 14:9-11 and Revelation 16:1-21. 
Promise to inherit the new Earth is found in Isaiah 12:1-6, and Chapter 42 of the Great Controversy.
Warning to every person on thus earth Remember the Sabbath Day to Keep It Holy,for We are Serving our Lord of 7th Day Holy Sabbath Jesus Christ as written in Luke 6:1-5. Chronological Holy secrets of the Four22nds, One15th, 5 Octobers, 3 Tuesdays,1 Thursday and 1 Friday
22 October 3024: Eden's 7 Days Holy Calendar beginning in New Earth, 22 October 2024: 7th Day Holy Sabbath Sealed Saints arrival on Heavenly Sea of Glass15 October 2024: 2nd Coming of Lord of 7th Day Holy Sabbath Jesus Christ during the 7th last Plague , 22 October 2020: 1st Probation"Heavenly Judgement" Close for All 7th Day Holy Sabbath Keepers and beginning of 3 months and 15 days periods for Later Rain descents until February 7th, 2021, 22 October 1844: Last Day of William Miller's 2300 Prophetic Days' Advent Movement"Midnight Cry" and Last Day of Jesus Christ leaving the Holy Apartment of Heavenly Sanctuary and 1st Day of beginning of Heavenly Judgments on died individuals from Sept the son of Adam and Eve the same 1st Day of Jesus Christ our Highest Priest the Lord of 7th Day Holy Sabbath  Entering the Most Holiest heavenly Sanctuary   ;

 is ...

  • 296th day of the year. There are then 70 days left in 2020.
  • 43rd Thursday of 2020.
  • on the 43rd week of 2020 (using US standard week number calculation).
  • 31st day of Fall. There are 60 days left till Winter.
  • Birthstone for this day: Opal and Tourmaline

October 22, Zodiac Sign


October 22, 2020 United States Holidays & Popular Observances

October 22, 2020 Popular Holidays & Observances Worldwide

  • National Nut Day - Canada
  • Maha Saptami (महा सप्तमी) - India

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1.VICARIUS FILII DEI, 666, The Number of the Beast
2.Article Title: SUNDAY LAW is coming by February 7th-16th,2021-AUSC shares a Historical truth linking Holy Bible and Political Events that involve USA-VATICAN-and ELLEN GOULD WHITE:Trump:I’m Best President for Popery.RCC praises BenCarson as Its Champion.Image of Beast Speaks Next."The Great Controversy Application".The Mark of the Beast meeting united on 11th-18th October 2020.USA&China on Fight South China Sea Issue raising World War III.
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6.The Gethsemane Great Controversy Application from 1st/9/2020 to 15th/2/2021:"SATAN's Creation Sunday during Season of Creation from 1st September, 2020 'the Global Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation 'to 4th October,2020 becomes a Judas' betrayal period when JESUS' 3 times in 3 Hours Prayer in "Mark 14:1-72 is giving the Saints' 4 Months and 15 Days consecutive Prayers warning Until February 7th to 15th, 2021 the week of Enactment of Universal Sunday Law" Please share this article to 7 People .
7.2020-06-06:14h41'51''Inama y' Agakiza Yesu i Getsemani itangiranye n' itariki ya 1Nzeri2020 kugeza kw' Itegeko ry' Icyumweru 15Gashyantare 2021,Yesu azagaruka 15 Ukwakira 2024,Isaha yageze,Mwiyeze Imbabazi Z'Imana Kubeza Isabato ni 22Ukwakira Dr.Iraguha Bandora Yves,MG,MD,RN,BScN(Hons).
8.'ICYIGISHO CYO GUTSINDISHIRIZWA' n'ITEGEKO RY'ICYUMWERU MU RWANDA May 24th 2020 to February 7th, 2021. Mwitegure Akarengane gakomeye Cyane, Ezekiyeli 36:1-38.
9.NANDITSE Hano IGITABO Kikwigisha neza Inzira ikugeza ku GUTSINDISHIRIZWA"Guhabwa uburenganzira bwo kwinjira Mu Ijuru": Amagambo yakuwe muri Bibiliya n’ibitabo by’umwuka w’ubuhanuzi.
10.Click here to Listen to the Updated SUNDAY LAW Enactment related YouTube Videos.
11.Iyica rubozo y' Indahiro y'Aba Jesuit k' Urwango Abajesuit banga Yesu Kristo Umwami w' ISABATO na Luteri n' Abandi baporotestanti batangije Ubugorozi barigukora iyo bwabaga ngo batangize icyiswe New World Order (NWO: Malachi Martin on Liberation Theology, The Jesuits' New Religion of The NEW WORLD ORDER of POPE FRANCIS (Holy Bible Anti-Christ) read Personal WARNINGS for 2019-2024 ) ihuriza abatuye iyi Si bose kukubahiriza kuruhuka ku munsi muhimbano w' Icyumweru cy'ibigirwamana by' abapagani b'iroma kugahato mu bihugu byose byo kwisi ngo bazarubiture mu kwihorera  Kubeza ISABATO  by' ukuri yo mu mategeko 10 y'Imana Ihoraho Isumba Byose,binyuze muri Amasezerano y'i Paris yo kurengera Ibidukikije (Paris Agreement on Climate Change) bihereye muri Leta Zunze Ubumwe za Amerika(USA) binyuze mu guhindura Itegeko nshinga rya Leta Zunze Ubumwe za Amerika (USA) mu mategeko y' Umuryango w'abibumbye(United nations) no Murugaga rw' Abahagarariye Abanyamadini mu Bihugu Byose (World Religious Alliance-National Councils). Mwitegure,Yesu azahita agaruka Ukwakira 15, 2024 gukuraho ikibi cyose no gucungura Abeza by'ukuri Isabato yo mumategeko 10 y' Imana Ihoraho nyuma y' Iminsi 1335 yomuri Daniyeli 12:12 uhereye igihe Itegeko ryo Kweza umunsi w' Icyumweru rizatangarizwa Isi Yose. Gashyantare 7-17,2021.
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13.Copy and paste to share to 7 people /Sangiza n' abandi bantu 7,Yesu yaje twatashye:2020-06-06:14h41'51''Inama y' Agakiza Yesu i Getsemani itangiranye n' itariki ya 1Nzeri2020 kugeza kw' Itegeko ry' Icyumweru 15Gashyantare 2021,Yesu azagaruka 15 Ukwakira 2024,Isaha yageze,Mwiyeze Imbabazi Z'Imana Kubeza Isabato ni 22Ukwakira 2020. Imvura y'itumba n'ihembura rizamara amezi 3 n' iminsi 15, bizahuza na Gashyantare 7th-17th, 2020.Twatashye Yesu Yaje,Mwige Ikigisho cya 42 Intambara Ikomeye, musome Yesaya 12:1-6, Musome 1 Abami 81:66, Mubihuze na Yohana 17:1-26"17:17"Ubereshe Ukuri, Ijambo Ryawe niryo Kuri:1)Inyandiko:  ,2) Amajwi: , 3) YouTube updates on Sunday Law movements: 
14.Igitabo cy' Intambara Ikomeye mu majwi kuri internet,Umva ibice byose , ubikurure ho ubibike ,ubisangize n' abandi;14/06/2020

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