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African Union Students' Council(AUSC)"For The Better Africa We Deserve" Gives Thanks and Acknowledgments to the Best African Patriotic ever President: H.E President Dr. POMBE Magufuri of the United Republic Of Tanzania to Have Disqualified Totally The St.CORONA Fake Disease: Thanks For Rejecting Masks, Lockdowns, Social Distancings and at the End Aborted Foetus Cells Covid19 Pope's Vaccines.Wednesday-January 27th, 2021.

African Union Students' Council(AUSC)"For The Better Africa We Deserve" Gives Thanks and Acknowledgments to the Best African Patriotic ever President: H.E President Dr. POMBE Magufuri of the United Republic Of Tanzania to Have Disqualified Totally The St.CORONA Fake Disease: Thanks For Rejecting Masks, Lockdowns, Social Distancings and at the End Aborted Foetus Cells Covid19 Pope's Vaccines.Wednesday-January 27th, 2021.[  H E President Magufuli, REJECT C0V!D V@CClNE, Africa is not a Laboratory, ]

"QAnon Gematria Decode: US MARINES SING DAYS OF ELIJAH, IMPOSSIBLE COINCIDENCES, LAST CALL": Open Letter to H.E President of Republic of Rwanda on Covid19 Vaccination Program by Dr. Iraguha Bandora Yves, MD, MG, RN,BScN(Hons).Wednesday-February 17th, 2021 at 7:59' a.m: Link 

Tanzania President rejects covid19vaccines in Tanzania, Catholic Bishops advised Vaccines.

The advice of these Catholic Bishops confirms that the Covid19 aborted Foetus Cells Vaccines were made following the demonic Satanic Order of the Gay Jesuit Satanic Priest Pope Francis who is offering human babies aborted sacrifices and blood sacrifices to SATAN Himself via the so called St.CORONA and by accepting to receive microscopic aborted Foetus cells flesh being injected in living human beings is as eating meats of died human beings and it turns every vaccinated human being into a Human Cannibal.

This is very serious to demonstrate the hate Some White People have for Black People and H.E President of Tanzania Pombe Magufuri is the only Role Model for every Young. African to build the Better Africa We Deserve for our Selves and for our Next Generations, as by Rejecting these Satanic vaccines of Pfizer and Moderna every other corrupted African Governments Presidents should take the same example as this one of Heroic President Pombe Magufuri to save Our Young People in Africa to build the better Future of Our next Generations.

At the same time, AUSC would like to warn all other global young people to reject individually these Satanic Aborted Foetus Cells made covid19 Vaccines ,the Covid19 its self doesn't exist ,it exist for Pope Francis and Catholic Bishops and their Allies who hate Almighty God and Who do not Trust in Almighty God as the only savior of Humanity.

Therefore, AUSC would ask a serious benevolent  booked refuge to Ours H.E President of the United Republic of Tanzania Dr. Pombe Magufuri for every young African even global Young people who have no place to stay in their Native and resident Countries with their families to have a place in the United Republic of Tanzania to flee from their Countries in case this vaccination situation becomes more sorrowful and chaotic.

The time has come to have United Republic of Tanzania now play a serious benevolent rule to welcome whosoever meets serious hard times from their Governments to flee from their countries to The United Republic of Tanzania due to this Covid19 Aborted Foetus Cells Vaccines associated draconian Measures.

This can also be granted in terms of opening self played scholarships and more young African people immigration opportunities to be legally allowed to flee to the United Republic of Tanzania.

This refuge asked to be legalized and granted by H.E President of United Republic of Tanzania Dr. Pombe Magufuri, is the only possible ways President Pombe Magufuri can save a Dying Africa and it can easy the worse White Man Pope Francis' Destruction plans againist Africa , and therefore United Republic of Tanzania can save the better future of our African Young Leaders and Next Generations.

Thanks to H.E President of the United Republic of Tanzania Dr. Pombe Magufuri for rejecting everything about Coronavirus fake disease's made draconian Rules which could be bringing new colonialism to the Citizens of the United Republic of Tanzania . 

The Special AUSC Prayer for Magufuri: May Almighty God continue to Use You and give You Eternal Life, and Bless the United Republic of Tanzania and all Your Citizens, In Jesus Christ We Play.Amen.

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H.E Dr. Pombe Magufuri President of United Republic of Tanzania:Find more Articles about Him Here.

African Historical Background linked to the current COVID-19 heroism of President Pombe Magufuli: Read biography

SATANIC Common prayer for the 5th anniversary of Laudato si" The Whole World of 7th Day Sabbath Deniers All now on  24th May 2020 is Against the Almighty God, for Promoting the Common Good which means Sunday Rest by Law in the Laudato SI' paragraph 237

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1. It is In very short time ago when it was recognized that COVID-19 is not only a subject sensitive for Religious Freedom Hindering, but also a Political related issue that was set to help Europeans to malignantly infiltrate themselves in AFRICA again to recolonize African Countries and Citizens with their modern ways of enslaving current and Future Africans Generations with their COVID-19 fake positive tests , Facial Masks and Vaccines containing microchips with the Number 666 also found in Revelation 13:18.
2. Africans were in many years ago used as slaves in developing European Countries before and after the discovering of the New World by Christopher Columbus which later became United States of America(USA) also founded by European Protestants Refugees , who were persecuted from different European Countries including Germany , United Kingdom , Frances, etc.. persecuted by their Governments which were influenced by the Power of the Vatican Popes, they killed their Parents because of their refusal to obey the Roman Catholic Popes about their Roman Catholic SATANIC Doctrines, which they said was purely SATANIC based on buying papers that give divine forgiveness to the Sins named Indulgences, and It has never been European Protestants' chance to save their Children future lives in Europe until their Protestants parents decided to cross the Atlantic Ocean shipping towards the New World discovered by Christopher Columbus ; and many other European Protestants decided to enter African Continent and found their refuge in African Countries including the Southern Africa Coastal Region which later became the Republic of South Africa after their fighting for Independence.
3. Based on the Power of Vatican Popes in Europe that led to the foundation of United Sates of America(USA), Europe , Africa and America were involved in an economic competition , there was born the New commerce named Triangular Commerce, involved slaves and natural resources from Africa which later became a very significant base of current European strong Economy resulted from manpower that worked in Sugar and mining biggest projects of United States of America and European Countries , while this economic competition revealed to the African Independence Freedom Fighters  that both Europeans and United States of America(USA) gained much wealth from using Africans and their Natural wealth , while Africans lost every thing from this Historical background of wealth accumulation Cycles.
4. The Triangular Commerce which linked European Countries with African Countries and the American Continent Countries has led to the exploitation of African natural Resources and alongside with trading young and adult Africans both males and females as slaves to the Europeans involved in that Triangular Commerce, this led to the European Economic , Military and Roman Catholic Church Religious Success in the 18th Century surmounting the whole world with their Industrial Revolution in Europe. The Industrial Revolution had contributed to the raising of longlasted leadership conflicts inside the Europe especially in France which has later led to raise of Emperor Napoleon who led the battle that involved a French General who imprisoned a Roman Catholic Church Pope in 1798 and again caused massive pollution of the Earth's Atmospheric Air from 1.5 oC to the current highest Atmospheric temperatures which brought the current dangerous Climate Change Crisis and Human induced Disasters and extreme Poverty in Africa and Worldwide.
5. The Climate Change Crisis; from European Industrial Revolution has a very serious connection with Ancient Roman Catholic Popes who persecuted European Protestants whom they persecuted and crossed Atlantic Ocean to find refuge where they founded United States of America , and by resulting in Triangular Commerce and Industrial revolution in Europe which was achieved by exploiting Africa through using their youth and adults as slaves in USA and European Countries' Sugar plantations and mining projects, also using the African Natural Resources by the ancient European leaders and Citizens; Today this Climate Change Crisis has led to the using of current African Republic Presidents to Sign the dangerous Paris Agreement which President Donald Trump has refused to sign on behalf of the United States of American Citizens about implementing PAPAL measures  set for "Climate Change" as a solution. Climate Change solution was declared to find one day of leaving at least One foot print in air and that day was fixed to be on Sunday and it was prepared and plan in the Roman Catholic Church as a Common Good.
6.The Climate Change Crisis solution is mentioned in a project pushed forwards by the current Jesuit Roman Catholic POPE Francis from which He had a clearly detailed New World Order SUNDAY Rest and Worship by Law as planned in his Composed Encyclical Letter He wrote in 2015 that He called Laudato Si'.
7.In the Encyclical Letter Laudato Si', the Roman Catholic Church Top Leadership based in the Vatican Republic led by Pope Francis has inserted both Ecological and Religious based Policies which aimed to give European Countries an other whole chance to reopen an other Pontifical Power that is going to bring the earth on its End during the biblical Prophesied Last World War called Armageddon in Revelation 16:10-21 that will put an end to the current New World Order Roman Catholic Jesuits leadership of the POPE of Vatican Republic of Rome in a time, times and a half of Time equivalent to 42 months or 3 Years and 6 months revealed in the Holy Bible book of Daniel 12:1-13 and Revelation 9:1-21 Revelation 13:1-17-"Almighty God's Wrath".
8.The Holy Bible in Revelation 13:1-18, Revelation 14:9-20 Revelation 9:1-21, Revelation 16:10-21 and Revelation 17:1-18 explains the link created on 24th May 2020 between 50th Anniversary of Earth' International Day on United Nations(UN) of Antonio Guterres 5th Anniversary of Laudato Si' of Roman Catholic Church Jesuit Pope Francis in this New World Order  which is being  promoted by the current United States of America(USA) involving the whole Africa to inject COVID-19 Vaccine which contains 666 based Michrochip in all African Citizens and worldwide humans to gain their innate moral consciousness to work on them like Robots and to threaten the liberty of consciousness in religious matters of Fundamentalists whom Pope Francis considers as Division threats to the Human Society's Solidarity as by proclaiming the 3rd Angel's Message of Revelation 14:9-13 POPE of Vatican is declared by the Holy Bible as the Beast whose number is 666 in Revelation 13:18.
9. It is clearly mentioned in both Matthew 24:15 and Daniel 12:1-13 that  by Roman Catholic Church Jesuit Pope in this New World Order will tend to break the Law of God of Keeping the 7th Day Sabbath Holy by introducing a Sun Day Resing and worshiping by Law in all worldwide Nations by use Laudato SI'  and Paris Agreement on Climate Change through the United Nations(UN-Climate Change Crisis solution of  initiating Green Earth Sabbath from 50th Earth Anniversary through a Season of Creation which Jubelle theme is aimed to introduce a Creation' SUNDAY' in September 2020), United States of America(USA-COVID19-666-micro-shipped Vaccine) and Vatican Roman Catholic Church Jesuits(Pushing worldwide Religious based institutions to put Laudato Si in Life from may 24th, 2020 via the nations' Religious Alliances) to enact and enforce e SUNDAY Rest and Worship by Law, which will bring the end of the Earth as it was decided by Almighty God Who exposes the Vatican's historically based SATANIC changing to the Almighty God's 10 Commandments in their Roman Catholic Catechism.
10. In the book the Great Controversy and in the Holy Bible it is mentioned that the 7th Day Sabbath is the Seal of Almighty God , especially which has dared to touch and destroy the plan of Salvation of human beings from SATAN's Hands by forcing the whole World to Rest on Sunday in order to destroy and reject the 7th Day Holy Sabbath which is Seal of Almighty God the Creator of this Earth, which is mentioned in the 4th Commandment , and which is warning all living souls on this Earth today to Honor the 7th Day Sabbath to keep it Holy.
11. However through this Honor Almighty God deserves in the Holy Bible of Obeying His full 10 commandments, Only all 7th Day Holy Sabbath true Protestants Keepers understand from May 24th, 2020 the cause of creating a Vaccine of COVID-19 wich contains 666 Microphip  that aimed to introduce those microchips inside them,  in order to access their frontal lobe Fundamentalists Genes that was formed by being Sealed by Almighty God with the Seal of Almighty God which the 7th Day Holy Sabbath in Revelation 7:1-17 in their brains.
12. Every True Justified 7th Day Sabbath Keeping human beings by Almighty God has made a serious decision  to never betray Almighty God by accepting the lies of World Leaders under influence of Vatican Jesuit Pope for reject the 7th Day Holy Sabbath leading to breaking 10 commandments of Almighty God , also by Honoring the 7th Day Holy Sabbath , True Justified 7th Day Sabbath Keeping human beings by Faith have to reject totally the Roman Catholic Church forged 1st Day of Rest and Worship which is Sunday the day of ancient Roman Pagan Day Apollo by which  Jesuits order was created to defend by exterminating such behavior that oppose those SATANIC Doctrines of rejecting the Truth of keeping the 7th Day Sabbath Holy , which is the current fundamental reason that Protestantism initiated by Jesus Christ in Matthew 24:15 will never End until the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ on 15th October , 2024 at 01:59' from midnight way forwards to redeem those True Justified 7th Day Sabbath Keeping human beings who will be still living by the onset of 1st plague on February 17th, 2024.
13.From the Climate Crisis Paris Agreement a Sunday Rest and Worship based by Law is being enacted in the All Countries of this New World Order accepted by United nations(UN); And those determined 7th day Holy Sabbath Keeping Saints in Revelation 15:1-4 are involved in a future soon to raise real conflict between Jesuitism and Protestantism(Reformation).
14.Therefore, as the issue of putting everything in Knockdown even Churches and Schools, a Creation 'SUNDAY' in September 2020 is going to be introduced allowing to reopen Churches and schools in different Countries that also were forcing their Citizens of using Facial Masks, while waiting for accepting to receive the Bill and Melinda Gates initiated COVID-19 Vaccine which has been pushed by Vatican Jesuit Pope Francis who linked Coronavirus with Laudato Si as a revolt on Nature due to the Climate Change Crisis which was caused by Roman Catholic Church Popes who persecuted European Protestants who crossed Atlantic Ocean to find refuge  in America where a Triangular Commerce was initiated leading  to raising of Industrial Revolution and French Revolution and 1st and 2nd World Wars  and Worldwide Genocides and Countries Ethnic Wars and Massacres from which United nations(UN) was formed and now is raising the Paris Agreement on Climate Change , from which 50th Anniversary of International Day of Earth is linked to 5th Anniversary of Laudato Si' Season of Creation and a Creation Sunday on September 2020 by initiating a Green Earth Sabbath in the Whole world to initiate the New World Order (NWO) along side with COVID-19, Climate Crisis and Laudato Si imposing non human Rights based draconian Measures and Laws to all Citizens in all countries by their Countries Presidents and Thus Dr. Pombe Magufuri of Tanzania is making an exception from other African Presidents to respect the African Independence Freedom fighters' Principals that were based on to found the African Union Students' Council(AUSC)"For The Better Africa We Deserve" on 6th January 2016 on Paje Beach in the Zanzibar Island in the Indian Ocean of the United Republic of Tanzania. 
15.However, based on the Treatment of COVID-19 created in Madagascar , there is no other reason African Countries should keep forcing the African Youth  as the hope of current and future Africa to be Vaccinated with COVID-19 Vaccines which the founders' laboratory tests were found to become positive even on the samples corrected from PAPAYA, Goat & Car Oils recently in the United Republic of TANZANIA. Dear President Pombe Magufuri, Make a free refugee entrance policy that will allow African Youth and others who should never accept the COVID-19 Vaccine and deciding to leave their countries to find where to stay in The United Republic of TANZANIA included in the Laws to give refuge to the victims of these Europeans Colonizing Measures of inserting Microchips in African Youth the Hope for the Better Africa We Deserve as Young Africans on this Continent of Africa.Make it Free to get this Refuge , Many will be making United Republic of TANZANIA a Great Nation and Almighty God will give real rewards to the Tanzanians very worthy of this Decision You made to ban Facial Mask that lead to Respiratory Acidosis and brain damages and lung Cancers aiming to depopulate the Earth and also leading to enforce to be vaccinated with Microchip revealed to Human beings in the Holy Bible in Revelation 13:1-18 as the New World Order tool to persecute God' True Saints who keep the 7th day Sabbath Holy , by introducing a Sunday Rest and worship by Law.
17. For KINYARWANDA USERS: Fungura iyi link ugere kukigisho cyose wige ibyenda kuba mubihugu by' ISI n'Urwanda RURIMO, utware offline downloads kuburira abantu bawe bose bitegure ibyo byose bitazabura kubagera hovuba aha uhereye mukwezi kwa 9 uyu mwaka wa 2020 kugeza Yesu Agarutse gutabara abeza Isabato y' Umunsi wa 7 bazaba bahigwa nk'aho ari abicanyi kandi bahigwa n'abakabarengeye mumategeko bitoreye Ubwabo nk'abene gihugu:( ). Iki kigisho kirararikira umuntu wese uhisemo kukiga ngo agikwirakwize. Ikigisho cyahuje abategereje kugaruka kwa Yesu kuri mumwaka wa 2024 ugaragara mubuhanuzi bw'iminsi 1335 yanditswe mugitabo cya Daniyeli 12:7-13 ,mugihe haba hatangajwe ITEKEKO RY'ICYUMWERU MU RWANDA kumugaragaro no ku isi yose bihereye mukwemerezwa muri congress ya leta zunze ubumwe z' America iby' itegeko ry'icyumweru riri gutegurwa n' ubutegetsi bwa Ki Jesuit bwa Papa Francis muri gahunda yo Kurwanya ihindagurika ry' ikirere binyuze mugushyira mubikorwa inyandiko ye yise Lawudatosi "Laudato SI"( ) ikemezwa n' Umuryango w'abibumbye(UN) mukiswe Paris Agreement hakaba hateganijwe gutangizwa icyiswe Creation Sunday cg Ikiruhuko cy'i cyumweru kuva 09/2020 kugeza hagati ya 7-17/02/2021 aho insanganya matsiko yibyo bikorwa yemeza uburyo amadeni yose yabatuye isi mu ma banki yose bakoreramo azakubwa ho bagasigara batabarwaho idene narimwe ndetse hakabaho gufasha abakene harimo no kwigira ubuntu n'ibindi byinshi bitandukanye biganisha kukwica itegeko rya 4  ry' Imana ihoraho isumba byose rivuga ku kweza Isabato y' Umunsi wa Karindwi(&th Day Sabbath to Keep it Holy) bigatuma isi yose igeza mumwaka wa 2024 hatakiriho uweza Isaabato y' Uwiteka mu bwisanzure n' amahitamo y' umutimanama ukigaragara keretse kuba mukarengane, kwicwa no gushinyagurirwa , bizageza kwitangira ry' ibyago 7 bizatangira mukwa 2 17/2/2024 kugeza Yesu Agarutse kuya 15/10/2024 Kwitegura Imperuka muri New World Oder(NWO) irigutangira na umuvuduko ukabije mubijyanye na COVID-19 , Ihindagurika ry'Ikirere n'ishyirwaho ry'Icyumweru nk'umunsi wo Gusengwaho no kuruhukaho kugahato mubihugu byose byo mw' Isi n' U Rwanda RURIMO bi kazabangamira muburyo budasubirwaho Abeza ISABATO y' Umunsi wa 7  y'ITEGEKO RYA KANE mu Mategeko y'Imana ari mu Kuva 208-11.
17. 'ICYIGISHO CYO GUTSINDISHIRIZWA' n'ITEKEKO RY'ICYUMWERU MU RWANDA May 24th 2020 to February 7th, 2021. Mwitegure Akarengane gakomeye Cyane, Ezekiyeli 36:1-38.

18. Read more about the New World Order's Common Prayer for 5th anniversary of Laudato Si' below:
1.Click here to Listen to the Updated SUNDAY LAW Enactment related You Tube Videos!May 24th, 2020 towards February 7th-16th, 2021.2.Laudato Si' Care for  the coronavirus, 3.Laudato Si’ SATANIC Week Activities, Partner Events, Laudato Si’ Week partners have created a rich variety of events to bring Laudato Si’ to life(Common Good). Search by date or keyword or browse below, and find a list of Spanish-language events here.

1.SDA Leaders Rome TOTAL UNITY. Ted Wilson CDC Masks. Creation SUNday September. Trump Reopen Churches
2.Common prayer for the 5th anniversary of Laudato si" The Whole World of 7th Day Sabbath Deniers All now on  24th May 2020 is Against the Almighty God, for Promoting the Common Good which means Sunday Rest by Law in the Laudato SI' paragraph 237 and It is Against total respect of Almighty God who told the Human beings to Remember the 7th Day to keep it Holy in the 10 commandments as that is the 4th Commandment , Whosoever Teaches anyone to disobey any of the 10 Commandments like is doing Pope Francis will be Killed by Almighty God in Fresh and in Soul very very soon. Laudato SI' is against 10 commandments of Almighty God , because it disobeys the 7th Day Holy Sabbath, and thus POPE Francis is Against Jesus Christ , because Jesus Christ is the Lord of the 7th Day Holy Sabbath,Luke 6:1-5, Pope Francis is full of SATAN's DAEMONS and Is ready to start Ordering all World Governments Leaders to start Killing Protestants who obey the 7th Day Holy Sabbath the 4th Commandment of Almighty God who created Him, Pope Francis is a Very Dangerous Human Being as a Jesuit is Working For SATAN who initiated the Project of Disobeying Almighty God's 10 Commandments,Do not convent, SATAN sinned by breaking the Law of Almighty God to Desire to become Like Almighty God and to Desire to replace His Only begotten Son Jesus Christ who is coming very soon in this coming Spring of 15/10/2024, SATAN failed the Battle with His Daemons in Heaven and that is the only reason why SATAN was cast away from Heaven to this Earth where He wanted to come after His rebellion to corrupt the Human beings that accepted His Lies , POPE Francis in honoring His Jesuit Oath the lie of SATAN that Jesuit-ism works for Jesus Christ gives the channel by which SATAN has entered Pope Francis, when he signed the Jesuit's Oath of blood shedding in order to Destroy Protestants originated from Jesus Christ's Warning to the Humanity in Matthew 24:15 and Whole book of Daniel and Revelation by initiating a New World Order.
Common prayer for the fifth anniversary of Laudato Si’ Loving God, Creator of heaven and earth and all that is in them, You created us in your image and made us stewards of all your creation, of our common home. You blessed us with the sun, water and bountiful land so that all might be nourished. Open our minds and touch our hearts, so that we may attend to your gift of creation. Help us to be conscious that our common home belongs not only to us, but to all future generations, and that it is our responsibility to preserve it. May we help each person secure the food and resources that they need. Be present to those in need in these trying times, especially the poorest and those most at risk of being left behind. Transform our fear, anxiety and feelings of isolation into hope so that we may experience a true conversion of the heart. Help us to show creative solidarity in addressing the consequences of this global pandemic, Make us courageous to embrace the changes that are needed in search of the common good, Now more than ever may we feel that we are all interconnected, in our efforts to lift up the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor. We make our prayer through Christ our Lord. Amen 
15.Solidarity around the world Catholics everywhere are uniting to reflect, pray, and prepare for a better future together to fulfill (Revelation 13:18, Revelation 13:5-8, Revelation 14:6-11, Revelation 17:1-18, Revelation 18:1-24, Revelation 19:1-21).
16. You will be surprised on how many results found online supporting Pope Francis on this topic of today Laudato Si' s 5th Anniversary! 

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Our King Jesus Christ ,the SON of MAN,The Lord of 7th Day Holy SABBATH, The Owner of 10 Commandments of Almighty God is Coming Very Very Soon in this Coming Spring 2024,Southern Hemisphere DST.
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Author's Later Note:The Day and Hour Unknown, Matthew 24:36(Only Almighty God knew as Jesus Christ later mentioned with evidence in John 16:13 that Holy Spirit only as He is provided from the Father after resurrection of Jesus Christ in 31 AD , has to make the Day and Hour Known from October 22nd, 2019 to October 31st, 2019 to the Author of this Article first, and later was published worldwide on November 29th, 2019, it is in Spring ,October 15th, 2024, 01:59' Australia DST).
After that time Jesus Christ said that the Day and Hour no one knows it , not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father: this word was the Truth and after Jesus Christ resurrected in 31 AD,He went straight upwards to meet only the Father and did an immediate follow Up to the Father to send the promised Aid which was the Father's Holy Spirit. And the Holy Spirit among the duties He has to accomplish before 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ, includes to make known every thing that Father only knew before 31 AD that the Son knew not before was crucified in 31 AD. Then, in on November 29th, 2019 The Article below was published , The Holy Spirit manifested in His power to reply to the Author's 40 Days fasting prayers from 22 September to 31 October 2019, when on 22 October 2019 made it Known that after 1335 days from midst of the 7 years from the Great Apostasy of the 7th Day Adventist General Conference on 31/10/2017, It put an end to the 7 years on 15th October , 2024 at 01:59' in the Spring of 2024 of Southern Hemisphere DST , that the Lord of 7th Day Holy Sabbath will Appear on the Earth's Sky.). The Holy Spirit is the power promised by the Heavenly Father, also as a promise in Early Writings page 35 1st Vision of Ellen Gould White that this time of 2nd coming of Jesus Christ must be communicated to all 144000 saints before the Latter Rain to be poured on Us, as an event that precedes the USA National SUND-DAY LAW enactment from 22nd October 2020 to 7th February , 2021, and the above Holy Spirit manifestation was mentioned in John 16:13"12 “I have much more to say to you, more than you can now bear. 13 But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all the truth. He will not speak on his own; he will speak only what he hears, and he will tell you what is yet to come. 14 He will glorify me because it is from me that he will receive what he will make known to you. 15 All that belongs to the Father is mine. That is why I said the Spirit will receive from me what he will make known to you.” The Disciples’ Grief Will Turn to Joy 16 Jesus went on to say, “In a little while you will see me no more, and then after a little while you will see me.” ", which fulfills the prophecy of Jesus Christ in Matthew 24:36 “But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son,[f] but only the Father. 37 As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man.(As Almighty God our Heavenly Father communicated the Day and Hour of destroying the living bodies to Noah after 120-4 months- days added 7 days with the door of the Ark completely opening and closing and opening to keep alerting the world's people in that time, and finally was completely shut Off at the 7th Day the Rain started to destroy all living people for 40 days and water kept raising up in higher levels for 150 days -5 months- and after 40 days-1 month and 10 days- at least water started to return on the ground and some lands could be seen, also this last Year at 07:18' a.m, on October 22nd, 2019, Almighty God has replied the Author of this Article at the 30th day of Prayerful Fasting of 40 days started on September 22nd, 2019 that was ended on October 31st, 2019. After a long period of 120 Days, Almighty God added 7 Days which makes 7 years for our days from 2017 to 2024 as the Author of this Article is doing, Noah has continued to give a warning on the soon coming flood that would exterminate all humankind, and before the closure of the door of the ark, Noah called animals in their names, the Author is calling all 7th Day individual Adventists to take serious consideration on the Reforming Catholic Confession day on 31st October , 2017 that made the 1st ever 7th Day Adventist-SDA General Conference' s Great Apostasy by Allowing delegation from SDA Churches and Institutions to sign for Unit in Baptism with Roman Catholic VATICAN Papacy the Beast on Revelation 13:1-8-18, that the close of probation for them is near from 22nd October 2020 to 7th February 2021, and if they consider that Noah's 120 Days were a reserved period like from October 22nd, 1844 to October 22nd, 2017, as the Final Probation period , As all human beings refused to Enter in the Ark will keep doing the individual 7th Day Adventists , Then Animals as they were called to enter by Noah, thus after International SUN-DAY LAW enacted those whom Animals represent for Noah's days will start to be called from Babylonian Churches that currently keep SUN-DAYs for Rest and Worship of Almighty God from all sides of this world to take Your seats and get sealed with 3rd and 4th Angels' messages accepting 7th Day Sabbath to keep it Holy and by Faith of Jesus Christ only , from 16th February 2021 to 7th February 2024 will be saved , before the 1st 4 plagues begin to fall on this earth.
7 Days were added before the door of the Ark was completely closed (These 7 days of Noah's time, are the 7 Years of this time, from 22/10/2017 to 22/10/2024 considering Jesus Christ's day He entered the most holiest room of the Heavenly Sanctuary , adding 177 Repetition Number [2017-(840=70X12=340+500)=1177=177+1000;{1847+1177=3024;3024-1000=2024=1847+177}] brings probation close on 22 October , 2020 and 7th February , 2021, while taking 1st Sabbath of April 1847 which is 7th April , 1847 , the day Ellen Gould White has received the Vision that given Her the significance of the 7th Day Holy Sabbath on the 4th Commandment of Almighty God , adding 177 Repetition Number brings probation close on 7th February 2024 for current SUN-DAY Churches True Christians whom are mentioned as Almighty God's People who are still in Babylon in Revelation 18:1-4. Therefore, for those who want to save their lives , are being called today to repent , to start keeping all 10 commandments of Almighty God fully with the 4th Commandment of Keeping the 7th Day Sabbath Holy and by Faith accepting Jesus Christ as their only Savior, they will all be save who will follow this 3 steps in Revelation 17:14, 1)Step 1:Accepting this call by this Author in this Article, 2) Step 2: Accepting their failures and confessing all their Sins to Jesus Christ to clean their iniquities by His shed blood on the cross, considering all times in their lives they have broken Almighty God's 7th Day Holy Sabbath and their current ignorance to the Spirit of Prophecy given to Ellen Gould White and to other Holy Bible mentioned Prophets , 3) Step 3: Be strong enough to keep Righteousness by Obey 10 Commandments of Almighty God including the 7th Day Holy Sabbath which makes them become Sealed by Almighty God in their Foreheads, and to fight with their Lord Jesus Christ they start proclaiming the 3rd Angel's Message and the 4th Angel's Message to the rest of their Family Members and their neighbors bringing them in this 3 steps journey of waiting our Lord Jesus Christ until His above announced 2nd Coming on 15th October , 2024, at 00:01'-01:59', Spring 2024, Austria DST. .Quoted from Early Writings:While I was praying at the family altar, the Holy Ghost fell upon me, and I seemed to be rising higher and higher, far above the dark world. I turned to look for the Advent people in the world, but could not find them, when a voice said to me, “Look again, and look a little higher.” At this I raised my eyes, and saw a straight and narrow path, cast up high above the world. On this path the Advent people were traveling to the city, which was at the farther end of the path. They had a bright light set up behind them at the beginning of the path, which an angel told me was the midnight cry. This light shone all along the path and gave light for their feet so that they might not stumble. If they kept their eyes fixed on Jesus, who was just before them, leading them to the city, they were safe. But soon some grew weary, and said the city was a great way off, and they expected to have entered it before. Then Jesus would encourage them by raising His glorious right arm, and from His arm came a light which waved over the Advent band, and they shouted, “Alleluia!” Others rashly denied the light behind them and said that it was not God that had led them out so far. The light behind them went out, leaving their feet in perfect darkness, and they stumbled and lost sight of the mark and of Jesus, and fell off the path down into the dark and wicked world below. Soon(From 2017 to 2019) we [See Appendix.] heard the voice of God like many waters(God speaks using the hand of His Servant "this Author of this Article: OUR KING JESUS CHRIST IS COMING IN SPRING OF 2024"who keeps His full 10 Commandments who are sealed with His 7th Day Holy Sabbath like Moses,Joshua 20:2), which gave us the day and hour ( At 01:59' a.m,on  October 15th, 2024 )of Jesus’ coming. The living saints, 144,000 in number( The 7th Day Adventists who Claim and proclaim the 3rd & 4th Angels' messages), knew and understood the voice( HELP TO TELL THE WORLD ABOUT THE SIGNS OF THE TIMES,2024,THE SECOND COMING OF JESUS CHRIST, CLEANSING OF EARTH WITH FIRE IN 3024 AND THE NEW EARTH.PLEASE HELP TO SPREAD THIS WORD.), while the wicked thought it was thunder(Wicked are busy moving the Climate Change Sunday Laws) and an earthquake(wicked are busy to save the Earth which God said it must bring disasters in its end time beacuase it is old as its people rejected the 7th Day Holy Sabbath resting and giving it a free Day to rest as it was reserved for the Land and Earth to Rest on 7th Day by the Creator  in Genesis 2:1-5 and today all the people are uniting with Laaudato SI' thinking that that will become the solution to combat Climate Change while it will not be possible  as they think that Sun-Day Earth Sabbath can become the only solution, that will only create the Satanic hate against the true 7th Day Holy Sabbath Keepers in each Nation Worldwide after the fixing of International Sunday Laws to be implemented on National Level by Force of the Government's Military and Political Powers). When God spoke the time( on 01:59' a.m, December 15th, 2019), He poured upon us the Holy Ghost(Latter Rain marks as an event prophesied to happen before Global National SUN-DAY LAWS Enactment and was prophesied to being poured on every Truly converted and 7th Day Sabbath Keeping Sealed individual registered as  7th Day Adventist person in the Heaven book of those whose names are written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world and who is shouting to speak aloud the apostasy of the General Conference as fulfills the condition given by Almighty God  in Ezekiel of Sealing members of the Global 7th Day Adventist Churches whose General Conference on October 31st signed Officially  to stop worldwide movement of preaching the 3rd Angel's Message that exposes the SATANIC ROMAN Catholic Church on its false teachings of SUN-DAY as the main possible solution for the whole world to achieve the Universal Common Good by Uniting its Divine Ellen G White based 7th Day Holy Sabbath Vision Foundation in the Year 1847 with the Roman Catholic Church that Extremely Hates the 7th Day Holy Sabbath 4th Commandment which is the Seal and the Mark of the Power of Almighty God and  also as SDA General Conference has already united its global traditional Divine Holy Gospel teachings based on the spirit of Prophecy undermining it to gain unity with other Worldwide apostate Protestants Churches on October 31st, 2017,"3 Now the glory of the God(10 Commandments with 7th Day Holy Sabbath of Israel( 7th Day Adventist Church) went up from above the cherubim, where it had been, and moved to the threshold of the temple (On October 31st, 2017 SDA General Conference Leaders including Ganoune Diop went to VATICAN to Sign secretly for  the SATANIC official Document of Unification of the Global 7th Day Adventists Church with the Roman Catholic Church and other Global Apostate Protestants Churches to Create the Unity of Worldwide Churches which finally given birth to what the Holy Bible calls  the Babylon in Revelation 18:1-24 which is led by the VATICAN Pontifex Maximus Mr Mario a Jesuit Priest of Roman Catholic Church secretly who hates publicly the 4th commandment of Almighty God of Keeping the 7th Day Sabbath Holy, because this only Commandment makes its serious keepers to become immediately the True Protestants while every Promoted Jesuit person has signed with His own Blood  an Oath to exterminate all protestants from this Earth and this is where now Pope Francis is Fighting secretly to push enforcement of International SUN-Day Laws that will be accompanied with a death penalty under a secret of Climate Change Earth Sabbath deniers in order to persecute extremely decided and truly converted 7th Day Holy Sabbath keepers individuals worldwide, we share all of these words in order to expose the ROMAN PAPACY on its courage to push Worldwide Governments to participate in implementing the Laudato Si in order to support the Paris Agreement of Climate Change while all of these things are purely SATANIC and will lead to the fall }. Then the Lord called to the man clothed in linen who had the writing kit at his side(The 3rd Angel's Messenger) 4. and said to him(3rd Angel), “Go throughout the city of Jerusalem(throughout the current 7th Day Adventist Church Members worldwide) and put a mark on the foreheads of those who grieve and lament over all the detestable things that are done in it.(Sealing of Truly Converted 7th Day Adventists worldwide who grieve and lament over all the unusual behaviors and Satanic Activities that are being supported by the General Conference of global 7th Day Adventist Churches including their unification with Roman Catholic Church on 31st October 2017 and including forbidding to preach the true fundamental gospel of 3rd angel's message to the pulpits of all 7th Day Adventists Churches Worldwideforbidding the 7th Day Adventist Church Members to conduct Home based group Prayers to dig deep on the current apostasy of the General Conference of 7th Day Adventist Churches and to study deeply about the current Prophetic events associated to the movement of Climate Change leading to National Sunday Laws of Laudato Si paragraph 237, which makes Almighty God betrayed by the Leaders of His Church the 7th Day Adventist Church that was created after Jesus Christ revealed the Truth of the 7th Day Holy Sabbath to Ellen G.White in the Year 1847 A.D which is to reject the Truth of the foundation of the SDA Church which was only to proclaim the 3rd Angel's Message and to lift Up the 7th Day Holy Sabbath which is the 4th Commandment of God among others 10 that make the glory and the flag of  the True Theocracy of Our Almighty God )"Ezekiel 9:3-4 ), and our faces began to light up and shine with the glory of God(After Latter Rain the great poured power of Holy Spirit from Heaven to the truly converted 7th Day Adventists read to start individually proclaiming the 3rd and 4th Angels' messages and preaching to obey All 10 Commandments of Almighty God including the 7th Day Holly Sabbath to the whole World's People in order for the 3rd Angel to put a Seal on those people who were not members of 7th Day Adventist Churches before and who will be baptized by Holy Spirit during the whole period to begin very soon after announcing the Global International SUNDAY LAWS enforcement on National Level in all Nations where the Sealing to the non 7th Day Adventists Church members will be preceded by the baptism by the Holy Spirit not by the Pastors of this current Apostate 7th Day Adventist Churches who are united to follow false instructions of the current SDA General Conference which has secretly united with VATICAN PAPACY on October 31st, 2017 and failed to warn its worldwide members about that mistake they committed in their names through out these final and last 7 years from October 31st 2017-October 15th 2024), as Moses’ did when he came down from Mount Sinai.(remember that We are shining as  Moses was shining because when He was coming down from Mount Sinai He was that moment  carrying Two Stones on which Almighty God had written with His Own fingers all 10 commandments including the 4th Commandment of Keeping the 7th Day Sabbath Holy which are also called the flag and the glory of Almighty God). EW 14.1,Quoted from the Ellen White Book of Earlier Writings.

*SDA Leaders Rome TOTAL UNITY. Ted Wilson CDC Masks. Creation SUNday September. Trump Reopen Churches-Laudato Si' week,"nature  is sending us the message with the Coronavirus pandemic and the ongoing Climate Crisis,..Jubilee for the Earth' IS THE THEM OF AUTUMN'S SEASON OF CREATION. And a 'CREATION SUNDAY' IN SEPTEMBER WILL BE INTRODUCED... A Jubilee will mean STRANGLEHOLDS OF DEPT AND POVERTY BEING LIFTED, and the planet being delivered from human-induced environmental disasters.
*The Daniel 8:14 s' 2300 Years Ending on 22/10/2020 based on Matthew 9:20-22 s' 4320 Years of God's Church From Noah's Time Genesis 6:1-22 s' 2300 BC:The End Time Application of On going Great Event in Heavenly Tabernacle After Crucifixion of Jesus Christ ,in 31 AD. 22/10/2020-22/2/2021 is Time to Leave SDA General Conference.
*22/10/2020 Probation Close like during Noah's Days-Jesus Comes on 15th October 2024-Repetition Model for 2300 Prophetic Days.
*Article title:The Raise of Jesuit POPE Francis as linked to 1177 Principal Repetition Number(PRN) and 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ, during the current VATICAN's Climate Change Crisis, Coronavirus Crisis and Sunday Law Crisis from up coming 7th February 2021 until the End of 1335 Days[Daniel 12:7,11,12,13] at 01:59'a.m,October 15th, 2024;[Chapter 42—The Controversy Ended/The Great Controversy-Audio].
*The Great Controversy
Home EGW Writings Books The Great Controversy


Chapter 00- Introduction/The Great Controversy-Audio
Chapter 1—The Destruction of Jerusalem /The Great Controversy-Audio
Chapter 2—Persecution in the First Centuries/The Great Controversy-Audio
Chapter 3—An Era of Spiritual Darkness/The Great Controversy-Audio
Chapter 4—The Waldenses/The Great Controversy-Audio
Chapter 5—John Wycliffe/The Great Controversy-Audio
Chapter 6—Huss and Jerome/The Great Controversy-Audio
Chapter 7—Luther's Separation From Rome/The Great Controversy-Audio
Chapter 8—Luther Before the Diet/The Great Controversy-Audio
Chapter 9—The Swiss Reformer/The Great Controversy-Audio
Chapter 10—Progress of Reform in Germany/The Great Controversy-Audio
Chapter 11—Protest of the Princes/The Great Controversy-Audio
Chapter 12—The French Reformation/The Great Controversy-Audio
Chapter 13—The Netherlands and Scandinavia/The Great Controversy-Audio
Chapter 14—Later English Reformers/The Great Controversy-Audio
Chapter 15—The Bible and the French Revolution/The Great Controversy-Audio
Chapter 16—The Pilgrim Fathers/The Great Controversy-Audio
Chapter 17—Heralds of the Morning/The Great Controversy-Audio
Chapter 18—An American Reformer/The Great Controversy-Audio
Chapter 19—Light Through Darkness/The Great Controversy-Audio
Chapter 20—A Great Religious Awakening/The Great Controversy-Audio
Chapter 21—A Warning Rejected/The Great Controversy-Audio
Chapter 22—Prophecies Fulfilled/The Great Controversy-Audio
Chapter 23—What is the Sanctuary?/The Great Controversy-Audio
Chapter 24—In the Holy of Holies/The Great Controversy-Audio
Chapter 25—God's Law Immutable/The Great Controversy-Audio
Chapter 26—A Work of Reform/The Great Controversy-Audio
Chapter 27—Modern Revivals/The Great Controversy-Audio
Chapter 28—Investigative Judgement(Facing Life's Record)/The Great Controversy-Audio
Chapter 29—The Origin of Evil/The Great Controversy-Audio
Chapter 30—Enmity Between Man and Satan/The Great Controversy-Audio
Chapter 31—Agency of Evil Spirits/The Great Controversy-Audio
Chapter 32—Snares of Satan/The Great Controversy-Audio
Chapter 33—The First Great Deception/The Great Controversy-Audio
Chapter 34—Spiritualism(Can Our Dead Speak to Us?)/The Great Controversy-Audio
Chapter 35—Aims of The Papacy(Liberty of Conscience Threatened)/The Great Controversy-Audio
Chapter 36—The Impending Conflict/The Great Controversy-Audio
Chapter 37—The Scriptures a Safeguard/The Great Controversy-Audio
Chapter 38—The Final Warning/The Great Controversy-Audio
Chapter 39—The Time of Trouble/The Great Controversy-Audio
Chapter 40—God's People Delivered/The Great Controversy-Audio
Chapter 41—Desolation of the Earth/The Great Controversy-Audio
Chapter 42—The Controversy Ended/The Great Controversy-Audio


King James Version

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Repetition Model application for 2300 Prophetic Days, as coupled to Historical 5 Strongest worldwide Empires from Babylon to Pagan Roman Empire till end of Early Christianity and Raise of Final Vatican Papacy 7th/2/2021 to 31st/7/2024.

You can Click Here to View our Alarm, set for You to Start Counting down for 2nd Coming of Our Lord Messiah Jesus Christ our King of 7th Day Holy Sabbath and of All Sealed 7th Day Holy Sabbath Keepers until Tuesday, 15 October 2024 (Chicago time).

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The Great Controversy

Home EGW Writings Books The Great Controversy


Listen, Read and Share Links of The Great Controversy Book Audio  All Chapters-English and in Kinyarwanda.

The Book Great Controversy in Audio: Igitabo Intambara Ikomeye mu majwi
0.[Chapter 00- Introduction/The Great Controversy-Audio],(Chap 0-IJAMBO RY'IBANZE in Kinyarwanda )


Copy and paste to share to 7 people /Sangiza n' abandi bantu 7,Yesu yaje twatashye:2020-06-06:14h41'51''Inama y' Agakiza Yesu i Getsemani itangiranye n' itariki ya 1Nzeri2020 kugeza kw' Itegeko ry' Icyumweru 15Gashyantare 2021,Yesu azagaruka 15 Ukwakira 2024,Isaha yageze,Mwiyeze Imbabazi Z'Imana Kubeza Isabato ni 22Ukwakira 2020. Imvura y'itumba n'ihembura rizamara amezi 3 n' iminsi 15, bizahuza na Gashyantare 7th-17th, 2020.Twatashye Yesu Yaje,Mwige Ikigisho cya 42 Intambara Ikomeye, musome Yesaya 12:1-6, Musome 1 Abami 81:66, Mubihuze na Yohana 17:1-26"17:17"Ubereshe Ukuri, Ijambo Ryawe niryo Kuri:1)Inyandiko:  ,2) Amajwi: , 3) YouTube updates on Sunday Law movements: 
Ijambo ry' Umwanditsi ku musomyi W' IGITABO INTAMBARA IKOMEYE"YouTube"(Isengesho):

"Uwiteka Imana yacu Uhabwe ikuzo n' Icyubahiro, dore aho iki gitabo kigeze , mumajwi, umuntu wese uje aha abasha nawe kumva ibice byose by'iki gitabo INTAMBARA IKOMEYE mu Kinyarwanda, kandi akanakanda ahanditse download, ibice byacyo byose uko ari 42 akabikura kuri interineti akabika amajwi y' iki gitabo hafi ye , bitewe n'akarengane kegereje abeza isabato yawe Data wa twese ,akazabasha kuba aho yabisangiza n'abandi bitamusabye kuba yasubiye kuri interneti.
kandi Mwami mana yanjye ,nkaba ngusaba kumvisha abasoma iby'iyi nyandiko kurararikirwa nayo gutakambira Uwiteka Imana yacu ngo tubashe guhabwa Imbabai z' Ibyaha , no gusukirwa Umwuka Wera Mu Mvura y'itumba.
Mbisabye byose mu Izina rya Yesu Kristo Umwami n'Umukza wacu.Amen."

Igitabo cy' Intambara Ikomeye mu majwi kuri interineti,Umva ibice byose , ubikurure ho ubibike ,ubisangize n' abandi;14/06/2020:

9.Chap 9-ZWINGLE
24.Chap 24-AHERA CYANE
32.Chap 32-IMITEGO YA SATANI:(Imyaka 6000)
42.Chap 42-IHEREZO RY'INTAMBARA:(Imyaka 6000)



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