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New AUSC Article-"You Shall Not Kill":A Global Religious Dilemma on Getting or Giving Covid19 Vaccine Associated to the Question"Is There Aborted Fetal Cells Used In Manufacturing or Testing AstraZeneca Vaccine,Pfizer Vaccine,Moderna Vaccine,Janssen/Johnson&Johnson Vaccine,In Any Other Covid19 Vaccine?"Fear God to Honor Almighty God's 6th Commandment.Repent,Repent, Remember The 7th Day Sabbath To Keep It Holy.Jesus is Coming on October 15th, 2024 at 1:59' a.m. Published on March 4th, 2021 at 1:59' P.M.


7Last Plagues February 8th,2024 until October 15th, 2024 at 1:59' a.m. Associated Link:[ ].

New AUSC Article-"You Shall Not Kill":A Global Religious Dilemma on Getting or Giving Covid19 Vaccine Associated to the Question"Is There Aborted Fetal Cells Used In Manufacturing or Testing AstraZeneca Vaccine,Pfizer Vaccine,Moderna Vaccine,Janssen/Johnson&Johnson Vaccine,In Any Other Covid19 Vaccine?"Fear God to Honor Almighty God's 6th Commandment.Repent,Repent, Remember The 7th Day Sabbath To Keep It Holy.Jesus is Coming on October 15th, 2024 at 1:59' a.m. Published on March 4th, 2021 at 1:59' P.M.

"QAnon Gematria Decode: US MARINES SING DAYS OF ELIJAH, IMPOSSIBLE COINCIDENCES, LAST CALL": Open Letter to H.E President of Republic of Rwanda on Covid19 Vaccination Program by Dr. Iraguha Bandora Yves, MD, MG, RN,BScN(Hons).Wednesday-February 17th, 2021 at 7:59' a.m: Link 

Constantine SUNday SACREDNESS: 1,700 years Anniversary. Zombies Spiritualism. The Law & Testimonies.[  ].

1.Why are Catholics saying the Johnson And Johnson COVID vaccine is bad?

This questioning if Johnson and Johnson COVID19 vaccine is bad, is having its religious root from the fear of partaking in the Sin being committed by Laboratories that have Killed babies before achieving their age of 5 months or 20 weeks inside their mothers' wombs with aim to abort them and use them in their researches. Associated Link:[ ]

In a very deep investigation of current news about World Health Organization(WHO)'s Global Vaccination Plan to vaccinate Global Citizens against Covid19, it has raised attractions from different individuals having questioned the short-term and long-term benefits and losses that have to be brought by either receiving or giving any of Covid19 Vaccine to a human being. Associated Link:[ ].

It is therefore by using multiple sources where AUSC involved its religious root from the fear of partaking in the promotion of breaking any single Commandment among All 10 Commandments of Almighty God. Religious leaders have raised ethical doubts over one of Australia's primary coronavirus vaccine hopes because scientists have used foetal cells in its development. Developers at Oxford University and pharmaceutical firm AstraZeneca are using cell lines from an electively aborted foetus in the vaccine candidate, with Anglican, Catholic and Greek Orthodox leaders questioning the practice. But using foetal cells in vaccine development isn't new — and the Catholic Church has previously expressed qualified support for the use of vaccines derived from these cells under certain circumstances. Bill Lott, a virologist at QUT's Institute of Health and biomedical innovation, helped to understand the role of foetal cells in vaccine development.Associated Link:[  ].

In trying to beautifying covid19 vaccine , some media say that vaccine does not use the cell strain mentioned , but a different one, called HEK 293, which was derived from human kidney cells of an aborted foetus. Cells from both foetuses have been replicated over the decades, creating what’s known as cell strains. So the actual cells used in the manufacture of this vaccine are not directly from a foetus.   While human-derived cells are used to manufacture the vaccine, they are filtered out of the final product. Associated Link: [ ].

There is a common sense which is a medical perspective of manufacturing different medications used in clinics and also vaccines which do not need an aborted foetus cells to manufacture or to test is an other subject and which has a totally different consideration of End Times Covid19 surging Christian debates, and with a scientific proof to the current Covid19 vaccines mechanism of action and production has no thing big to question except in terms of fearing Almighty God by worshiping Him Only rather than choosing to worshiping SATAN by promoting any one who aborted human beings depriving them life,and that is what Abortion means for a True God Fearing individual as the case of using Aborted Foetuses cells either in Testing or Manufacturing any of the covid19 vaccines. Associated Link:[ ].

2.True Religious End Times Defense against any deceptive form of SATAN Worship should Now be breaking Covid19 links to Abortion to Honor Almighty God's 6th Commandment by rejecting Covid19 Vaccines and its all Draconian Rules.

The researches scrolled on all today are bringing AUSC on a single and certain point that by Aborting Human Foetus only current COVID19 Vaccines have got their ways to be parked in vials, and can thereafter be distributed to different countries worldwide, and be thereby injected in the Muscles of Living Human beings who fear Covid19 more than they fear Almighty God who is now condemning those Industries and Laboratories which produce these Covid19 Vaccines Fearlessly to Almighty God, while those legalized Abortions took place in favor to those scientific Industries and Laboratories to dishonour the Creator and facilitate their making of Money and promoting continuous torturing of Aborted Foetus Cells in their Laboratories, Hence SATAN now being priding over any Christian who is going to benefit from His Transgressive breaking of the 6th Commandment of Almighty Holy Father in Heaven . Associated Link:Abortion and the COVID-19 Vaccine[ ].

Always Roman Catholic Church tends to show up in matters concerning Obedience sincerely to the 10 Commandments of Almighty God and therefore today United States of America(USA) Bishops have raised a very serious condemnation against usage of Johnson and Johnson covid19 vaccines, they have openly opposed the December 21st, 2020 decision made by the Congregation of Roman Catholic Church Faith and Doctrines safeguarding which publicly declared that it is a morally accepted duty of All Roman Catholic Church Members and even all Human beings to be injected in their Muscles the Aborted Foetuses cells manufactured and tested covid19 vaccines ,which later on December 25th, 2020 Jesuit Pope Francis emphasized on a Global scale to distribute and inject Covid19 to all human beings. Associated Link:[ ].

While it is being Officially declared that USA Catholic Bishops see manufacturing of Covid19 Vaccines using Aborted Foetuses cells as a Murder action against Almighty God's 6th Commandment, which publicly Scientific Industries kept opened to the whole world to not hide that scandalous farming of human being cells in their laboratories from where by routine any of their staff goes and drops a human cell and use it for own research, this shameful farming is what Almighty God in Heaven now has condemned and as consciousness Christians began to raise their deep emotional concerns to question the religious consideration of these industries while producing researches using a farm of living human cells that they only obtained from Aborting Females and Males Foetuses, is a SIN of Breaking continuously the 6th Commandment of Almighty God, which is again a very serial Killing Misconduct that scandalous dared to honor SATAN and Dishonor Almighty God. Associated Link:[ ].

Nonetheless, "It is under the same guidance that the archdiocese must instruct Catholics that the latest vaccine from Janssen/Johnson & Johnson is morally compromised as it uses the abortion-derived cell line in development and production of the vaccine as well as the testing," according to the archdiocese. Associated Link:[  ].

The statement continues, "we advise that if the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine is available, Catholics should choose to receive either of those vaccines rather than to receive the new Johnson & Johnson vaccine because of its extensive use of abortion-derived cell lines."

The Archdiocese of New Orleans was established in 1793. It operates 108 parishes, 5 Catholic colleges, and 20 high schools. The archdiocese is currently headed by archbishop Gregory Michael Aymond. Associated Link:[  ].

Although several Catholic bishops and priests have advised against taking any of the COVID vaccines currently available, the Vatican issued a statement in December saying that it is morally permissible to receive the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine.

In Jacob 2:10-13 the Holy Bible condemns God fearing people who try to keep the Commandments of Almighty God and break One of them that equals to breaking all of them 10 commandments in Exodus 20:1-17. Associated Link:[ ].

For True Christians are only those who Hate SATAN and His All evil fashioned earthly styles found in any of available materials worldwide, and in terms of temperance ,they decide to never get closer to those SATANIC Fashioned Materials and kept their children far from them, and if it is a case of a USA Roman Catholic Church Bishop it should not be only to condemn Johnson and Johnson Covid19 Vaccine which evidently used aborted fetus cells in manufacturing their vaccines however they needed to condemn the entire Farm of Human being Cells kept in other and all different industries whichsoever honor SATAN now rather than honoring Almighty God by using Aborted Foetuses Cells in any of their laboratories based research ,not only as having used them to manufacture or test their final researches but by daring to house a ridiculous unusual Farms of Human being cells obtained after Killing innocent babies ,whom if not killed today should have reproduced other human beings like You and Me. Associated Link:[ ].

Vatican's Roman Catholic Church USA Bishops contracted Jesuit Pope Francis and Vatican and the Jesuit Dr.Fauci advised Catholics to take Covid19 Vaccines used Aborted Foetuses cells either in testing or manufacturing and thereafter they will repent! Later, like the way they use for penitence to their Priests to clean their sins themselves from Catholic Catechism social teaching guidelines, which ignores the True Way of Salvation by Faith in the Blood of Jesus Christ Alone!!!Such a Satanic Advice to Catholics is questioned at the level of trying to cheat Almighty God registration of Sin committed with ignorance. Associated Link:[].

Chapter 49—Paul's Last Letter

Differently For the 7th Day Adventists whose Ellen Gould White Visions from Almighty God prohibited any form of entering in the body suspicious products such as Covid19 vaccines in respect of Temperance, therefore a True 7th Day Adventist who considers the Last Days Events and Proclamation of the 3rd Angel's Loud Cry Message as associated to the Health Reform from the Ellen Gould White's Book on 3rd Angel's Loud Cry Message  Temperance requirements about Health , Food and diet can not be involved in Cheating Jesus Christ on this SATANIC Matter of Covid19 Vaccines while waiting the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ who is closing the Cleansing of Heavenly Sanctuary from October 22nd, 1844 and to be all done at the End of 180 Years on October 22nd, 2024 in 8 Days following the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ on October 15th, 2024 at 1:59' a.m. Associated Link:[ ].

Chapter 3—Health Reform and the Third Angel's Message

What the church needs in these days of peril is an army of workers who, like Paul, have educated themselves for usefulness, who have a deep experience in the things of God, and who are filled with earnestness and zeal. Sanctified, self-sacrificing men are needed; men who will not shun trial and responsibility; men who are brave and true; men in whose hearts Christ is formed “the hope of glory,” and who with lips touched with holy fire will “preach the word.” For want of such workers the cause of God languishes, and fatal errors, like a deadly poison, taint the morals and blight the hopes of a large part of the human race. AA 507.2

As the faithful, toilworn standard-bearers are offering up their lives for the truth's sake, who will come forward to take their place? Will our young men accept the holy trust at the hands of their fathers? Are they preparing to fill the vacancies made by the death of the faithful? Will the apostle's charge be heeded, the call to duty be heard, amidst the incitements to selfishness and ambition that allure the youth? .

Paul continued his charge: “Watch thou in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, make full proof of thy ministry.” Paul was about to finish his course, and he desired Timothy to take his place, guarding the church from the fables and heresies by which the enemy, in various ways, would endeavor to lead them from the simplicity of the gospel. He admonished him to shun all temporal pursuits and entanglements that would prevent him from giving himself wholly to his work for God; to endure with cheerfulness the opposition, reproach, and persecution to which his faithfulness would expose him; to make full proof of his ministry by employing every means within his reach of doing good to those for whom Christ died. AA 506.3

Paul's life was an exemplification of the truths he taught, and herein lay his power. His heart was filled with a deep, abiding sense of his responsibility, and he labored in close communion with Him who is the fountain of justice, mercy, and truth. He clung to the cross of Christ as his only guarantee of success. The love of the Saviour was the undying motive that upheld him in his conflicts with self and in his struggles against evil as in the service of Christ he pressed forward against the unfriendliness of the world and the opposition of his enemies. 

Paul concluded his letter with personal messages to different ones and again repeated the urgent request that Timothy come to him soon, if possible before the winter. He spoke of his loneliness, caused by the desertion of some of his friends and the necessary absence of others; and lest Timothy should hesitate, fearing that the church at Ephesus might need his labors, Paul stated that he had already dispatched Tychicus to fill the vacancy. AA 508.1

After speaking of the scene of his trial before Nero, the desertion of his brethren, and the sustaining grace of a covenant-keeping God, Paul closed his letter by commending his beloved Timothy to the guardianship of the Chief Shepherd, who, though the undershepherds might be stricken down, would still care for His flock.

Counsels on Diet and Foods contacts the views of Roman Catholic Church on abortion links to covid19 vaccines as strange fashioned Satanic materials used to honor Stan by farming live cells of Aborted humans which dishonored Almighty God's 6th Commandment: Associated Link[ ].

3. Type of Vaccine and its link to Abortion:

-AstraZeneca Oxford covid19Vaccine used Adenovirus Recombined DNA and aborted foetuses cells in testing :Associated Link:[ ].

-Modarna&Pfizer covid19 vaccines used engenieered Messenger RNA and aborted foetuses cells in testing: Associated Link:[ ].

-Janssen/Johnson&Johnson Covid19Vaccines,used aborted foetuses cells in production, manufacturing and testing.Associated Link:[].

4.Countries in Africa has received Covid19 Vaccines from WHO Global Vaccination Plan"COVAX" and Citizens have this religious dilemma allover the Globe.

COVAX, which is led by the GAVI vaccines alliance along with the World Health Organization (WHO) and other partners, aims to deliver over 1.3 billion doses to 92 lower- and middle-income countries, covering up to 20% of their populations.

Backers of the initiative hope to level a playing field that has seen wealthier nations quickly vaccinate millions, ahead of poorer regions. Only a few African nations have started inoculating citizens with vaccines acquired outside of COVAX.

First shots under COVAX are arriving at several African nations this week:

-Ivory Cost, Kenya, South Africa, Uganda and Senegal cases among the nations in sub-Saharan Africa.Associated Link:[ ].

-Ghana case: Associated Link[ ].

-Rwanda case: Associated Link[ ].


5. St.CORONA and Coronavirus linked to Revelation 13:1-18 through A Beast whose number is 666 canonized a died Name CORONA to bring about a SATANIC ghost being worshipped in the Roman Catholic Churches as a Saint of Epidemics"Pandemics ".

Above is the Photo of a Female Died and later canonized by a Pope'666' under a SATANIC ghost renamed ST.CORONA and the Roman Catholic Church as a Saint of Epidemics ,Hence Coronavirus a 666 Beast Number related Canonization of CORONA who is considered as a died saint by Roman Catholic Church but a SATANIC ghost now ravaging the whole world as Virus of CORONA "CoronaVirus" of ST.CORONA. Associated Link:[ ].

Nevertheless St.Corona being a so called saint of epidemics was thereby involved in complete dissociation of Vatican's statements of pro-Abortion opposed by USA Bishops' statement of Anti-Abortion confirming that Babylon is Fallen, as there is a very deep and seriously misunderstanding between Vatican Pope and USA Bishops on favoring any form of Killing exposed byIndustries who produced any form of Covid19 vaccines which mandatory utilized either Aborted Foetuses cells in processing, testing or manufacturing, the main consideration being a dilemma for Christians to favor those industries which is regarded as to worship SATAN who inspired that Abortive vaccination production mechanism and fearlessly to being Cursed and condemned by Almighty God ,those scientists are now actors of murdering babies as they still keep their live cells in their Laboratories, which means that those foetuses are still being tortured microscopically while being gathered as a farm of human beings entertained in those laboratories, which undoubtedly Almighty God is still listening to those cells of aborted foetuses crying loudly to be delivered at the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ when they will be resurrected. Associated Link:[ ].

It is useless for any Roman Catholic Church Bishop to condemn Covid19 Vaccines due to links they have with abortion, but it would rather be very useful if they choose to honor Almighty God fully by joining the call to get out of Babylon in Revelation 18:1-5 and dissociate completely from Pope Francis according to the 3rd Angel's Loud Cry Message from Revelation 14:9-11 being proclaimed by True 7th Day Adventists in Honoring Almighty God by keeping not only the 6th Commandment but also keeping the True Day of Rest the 7th Day Holy Sabbath which is the Seal of Almighty God, and also rejecting their hanging Wooden crosses to respect the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Commandments of Almighty God ,and to do so successfully ,they need to do a Turning Point from Vatican's Jesuit Pope Francis doctridoctrines of Atheism and Antichrist by denouncing union with Roman Catholic Church to continue Martin Luther's Protest as He was as well a Roman Catholic Priest like them ,however decided to leave alone those Satanic Demonic Popes. Associated Link:[ ].

Repetition Model application for 2300 Prophetic Days, as coupled to Historical 5 Strongest worldwide Empires from Babylon to Pagan Roman Empire till end of Early Christianity and Raise of Final Vatican Papacy 7th/2/2021 to 31st/7/2024.

You can Click Here to View our Alarm, set for You to Start Counting down for 2nd Coming of Our Lord Messiah Jesus Christ our King of 7th Day Holy Sabbath and of All Sealed 7th Day Holy Sabbath Keepers until Tuesday, 15 October 2024 (Chicago time).

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The Great Controversy

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Listen, Read and Share Links of The Great Controversy Book Audio  All Chapters-English and in Kinyarwanda.

The Book Great Controversy in Audio: Igitabo Intambara Ikomeye mu majwi
0.[Chapter 00- Introduction/The Great Controversy-Audio],(Chap 0-IJAMBO RY'IBANZE in Kinyarwanda )

Copy and paste to share to 7 people /Sangiza n' abandi bantu 7,Yesu yaje twatashye:2020-06-06:14h41'51''Inama y' Agakiza Yesu i Getsemani itangiranye n' itariki ya 1Nzeri2020 kugeza kw' Itegeko ry' Icyumweru 15Gashyantare 2021,Yesu azagaruka 15 Ukwakira 2024,Isaha yageze,Mwiyeze Imbabazi Z'Imana Kubeza Isabato ni 22Ukwakira 2020. Imvura y'itumba n'ihembura rizamara amezi 3 n' iminsi 15, bizahuza na Gashyantare 7th-17th, 2020.Twatashye Yesu Yaje,Mwige Ikigisho cya 42 Intambara Ikomeye, musome Yesaya 12:1-6, Musome 1 Abami 81:66, Mubihuze na Yohana 17:1-26"17:17"Ubereshe Ukuri, Ijambo Ryawe niryo Kuri:1)Inyandiko:  ,2) Amajwi: , 3) YouTube updates on Sunday Law movements: 
Ijambo ry' Umwanditsi ku musomyi W' IGITABO INTAMBARA IKOMEYE"YouTube"(Isengesho):
"Uwiteka Imana yacu Uhabwe ikuzo n' Icyubahiro, dore aho iki gitabo kigeze , mumajwi, umuntu wese uje aha abasha nawe kumva ibice byose by'iki gitabo INTAMBARA IKOMEYE mu Kinyarwanda, kandi akanakanda ahanditse download, ibice byacyo byose uko ari 42 akabikura kuri interineti akabika amajwi y' iki gitabo hafi ye , bitewe n'akarengane kegereje abeza isabato yawe Data wa twese ,akazabasha kuba aho yabisangiza n'abandi bitamusabye kuba yasubiye kuri interneti.
kandi Mwami mana yanjye ,nkaba ngusaba kumvisha abasoma iby'iyi nyandiko kurararikirwa nayo gutakambira Uwiteka Imana yacu ngo tubashe guhabwa Imbabai z' Ibyaha , no gusukirwa Umwuka Wera Mu Mvura y'itumba.
Mbisabye byose mu Izina rya Yesu Kristo Umwami n'Umukza wacu.Amen."

Igitabo cy' Intambara Ikomeye mu majwi kuri interineti,Umva ibice byose , ubikurure ho ubibike ,ubisangize n' abandi;14/06/2020:
9.Chap 9-ZWINGLE
24.Chap 24-AHERA CYANE
32.Chap 32-IMITEGO YA SATANI:(Imyaka 6000)
42.Chap 42-IHEREZO RY'INTAMBARA:(Imyaka 6000)



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