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Answers about 180 Years and 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ on Tuesday - October 15th, 2024 at 1:59' a.m. Published on Monday-July 19th, 2021 at 9:59' A.M.

Thanks for reply Dear Rwema, IBIMENYETSO BY' IBIHE MINISTRIES(To The Open Letter To All Present Truth Preachers ).

I think the link was not easily readable,
I have got your Telephone Call and I hope we may have a time to discuss about these 180 Years which is in the Holy Bible in the Sanctuary Language of Leviticus 16 and John 11 You find 1 atonement Day of Jesus Christ being cleansing the Heavenly Sanctuary=12Hours Prophetically and EZEKIEL 4:6 Numbers 14:34,  1Day=1Year=24Hours=360Days and 360:24=15Days and 15Days=15Years prophetically 12Hours converted in Years equal to 180Years as 12HoursX15Years=180 Years, from 22/10/1844+180Years=22/10/2024, from Earth to Heaven is a journey of 7 Days and as the date 22/10/2024 implies a date of completing the Cleansing of the Heavenly Sanctuary, it means that Casting Sins over Satan has to take place before that Date of 22/10/2024 so that the Angel in Revelation 20:1-5 be returned to the Heavenly Sanctuary with Jesus Christ together with all Saints which has to take 7 Days and from 22/10/2024 subtracting 7 Days means 22-7=15/10/2024 and it marks the Tuesday -October 15th, 2024 which confirms the Day and Hour of Jesus Christ 2nd Coming to take place from Midnight and bringing the Morning of Resurrection and this 180 Years also taken from Matthew 20:1-16 of Labours who must be rewarded at the 12th Hour means at the end of 180 Years on Tuesday-October 22nd, 2024 We will be called to received Our Rewards at the Sea of Glass, and many more evidence from Holy Bible Prophetically stated Events lead to the same date and Hour of the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ and that is End of 6000 Years in the Year 2024 is obtained through 180 Years, all other like 7 Details contributed much in obtaining Tuesday- October 15th,2024 at 1:59' a.m as an hour and day for the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ which was a fulfilment of the Promise made to All 144000 Sealed True 7th Day Adventists Saints of Almighty God from the 1st Vision of Madam Ellen Gould White and it had to be fulfilled prior to the Year 2021 in which the Complete Healing of the Wound of the Papacy Happened as Joe Biden likewise King of France Clovis did to give the Supreme Power to the Beast(Pope Francis) there William Miller Started to Calculate 1335 Years and fell in the Year 1843-1844, thus calculating from 2021 add 1335 Days(Not again Years) fall in the Year 2024.
Try to read more on this message I use to share so that people find more on these calculations details:
I.AUSC New Artcle TitleOctober 31st, 2017 SDA General Conference Ending 3Angels' Messages"Falling Away/Great Apostasy" End of Protestantism by Signing in A Reforming Catholic Confession Satanic Covenant.Daniel 9:27.
*October 31st, 2017-500= October 31st,1517 Martin Luther's Reformation/Protestantism(95Theses), 
#October 22nd,1844+177=2021 Atonement Day began till Setting Up of Abomination of Desolation "Pro-Abortion President Joe Biden's U.S Paris Climate Agreement signed on January 20th, 2021 and U.S Climate Act of 2021 to be Used during COP26 for Church and State Union through Green Climate Sunday of Churches",
#October 15th, 2024+1000=3024 Revelation 20:1-15,
*Thus 1847+1177=3024 New Earth Isaiah 66:23-24, and 
*October 31st, 2017-500=1517, 
*October 31st, 1517-1177=340, 
*October 31st, 2017-840=1177 PRN.
*While 340+1177= October 31st, 1517,
*October 31st, 2017 +500Years =October 31st, 2017 A Reforming Catholic Confession of Ending Protestantism by SDA Religious Leaders' Great Apostasy  2Thessalonians 2:1-7_Luke9&10 New 144000 Disciples Deployed for 3rd Angel's Loud Cry Message began after complete Healing of 1st Beast Wound of Revelation 13:3-18 through Joe Biden's Bowing to LaudatoSI'237' on January 20th, 2021 under Jesuit Inauguration signed Paris Climate Agreement and United Nations(UN) Bowing to Fratelli Tutti taking 3Days and Half(3 Days 1/2) February 7th, 2021 from on February 4th, 2021 to reign for 1260 Days(42 Months) from February 7th, 2021 until July 31st, 2024 at the End of 5th Last Plague which will Last for 5 Months sorrowing those with Mark of the Beast in Revelation 9:4-5,
*340 A.D marked the Death of Constantine II giving free space for raised 1Horn from 3 horns founded from roots of the Western Roman Empire of Constantine II to give birth to Holy Roman Empire from Which Bishop of Rome added a Military Title of Pontifex Maximus=Pontiff of Rome A.K.A Mr.the Pope(666) who was given power through King of France Clovis and Emperor Justinian to come on Global Dominance by 538 A.D.History gives significance to the 1177 Principal Repetition Number(PRN).
The Science"1177-PRN"of The 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ on Tuesday October15th, 2024 at 1:59'a.m.

II.SERMON:Read from the Holy Bible in Genesis2:1-3&Exodus20:1-11&James2:10-13:1Day=1000Years Psalms90:4&2Peter3:8 giving 6000Years+1000Years=7000Years for 1 Full Cosmic Week&2nd Coming of Jesus Christ for End of Earth in 6000Years happening very soon in this upcoming Year 2024,Revelation12:17,Revelation13:3-18,Revelation14:9-12,Revelation15:1-8,Revelation18:1-5,Revelation20:1-15 Jesus Comes on Tuesday October 15th,2024+1000Years=3024 Hell Comes at 7000 Years Full. 

III.SOURCE:Read and share this article Link below[Open Letter to All beloved Present Truth Preachers Worldwide.Link:(].

IV.PRAYER:Dear My Almighty God Holy Father in Heaven,Forgive this Person,Give Your Holy Spirit to this Your Child/Person1John3:1-24 to understand this Your Last 3rd Angel's Loud Cry Message Warning to Never Dare to Rest For and Worship the SUN god"SATAN"by Law on Sundays'U.S.Climate Act of 2021 as the being developed U.S.National Sunday Law'"Mark of the Beast=Climate Sundays Lockdowns" but to Accept and Believe in the Luke6:5&BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST to Refuse and reject SATAN's Image&Number of The Beast SARS-CoV-2-mRNA"666"'Microchip'Poison(Covid-19Test&Vaccines)in order to be free to Repent,Repent,Repent To Remember The 7th Day Sabbath To Keep It Holy in order to Divorce From All Demons as the End of Life on this Earth is Near in 2024 through the 7 Last Plagues(February15th,2024 to Tuesday October15th,2024 at1:59'a.m)of Revelation16:1-21 to do not die in SIN and Quit SATAN today to live together with JESUS CHRIST in Your Soon Coming Eternal Life in HEAVEN2024&NEW EARTH3024,in CHRIST JESUS NAME I PRAY,AMEN.Isaiah28:1-29&Romans12:1-21&Matthew24:20. 

V.WISHES:May Our Almighty God Bless You and Yours All.Amen.

Rwanda-East Africa.

1)180 is not a new prophetic Number, it is a conversion of 12 Hours of former Atonement Day specific Duration translated in spiritual equivalence by 1 Hour =15Years which gives meaning of 12 Hours as same spiritual equivalence by 180 Years and that is not a new prophetic Number.
2) Almighty God is the only One who has revealed these calculations details to Me(Dr.Bandora) and It was during a 40Days of Fasting from September 22nd, 2019 to October 31st, 2019 following my Prayers I asked Almighty God to make it clear for Me to know the Day and Hour of 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ, it was not through Vision or Dream, I only believed that Daniel 9:27 linked to Daniel 12:1-13 has never been completely fulfilled when I was studying the whole book of Daniel ,these are Chapters which I am sure are the Words of Almighty God reserved for the True 7th Day Adventist to identify the Day and Hour of 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ either being in this Year or during the time after enforcing Sunday Law and it is very much clear that The Holy Bible is the Voice of Almighty God who is the only One who had the hidden Truths become revealed to 1stly William Miller and I also have got that Assistance to understand its current Meanings (Daniel 12:7-13 has successive 1260 Days and 1290 Days and 1335 Days that must end as days not as Years following the time period of setting up of Abomination of desolation which took place in this Year 2021 and at their Ending times 1260Days staring from February 7th, 2021 end on July 31st, 2024, 1290Days from the same beginning February 7th, 2021 ending on August 31st, 2024 and 1335 Days starting from February 7th, 2021 Ending on Tuesday 22nd, 2024 and Jesus Christ Rewards Daniel at the Sea of Glass on Tuesday October 22nd, 2024 while Resurrection of Daniel that had to take place on this Earth required 7 days prior to Rewarding day and 7Days means from Tuesday October 15th, 2024 adding 7 Days gives Tuesday October 22nd, 2024 at the end of 1335 Days on which Daniel Must stand in His Position to receive the Rewards,remember that on October 19th, 2024 will be the 7th Day Holy Sabbath on which We will have to rest together with Jesus Christ together with All Saints and All Angels on the planet where Lives Enoch and on 8th Day of our Journey including that 7th Day Sabbath of Rest on October 19th, 2024 it will take 7 Days of Journey and 1 Day of Rest but counting Days of Journey We understand that 7Days are needed to be taken from this Earth on Tuesday October 15th, 2024 +7 Days gives Tuesday October 22nd, 2024  and this must take place after Resurrection of All Died Saints at the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ 7 Days prior to the Day of receiving the Rewards at the Sea of Glass while Daniel 9:27 has a week that must end during 7 Last Plagues and this has never taken place yet when Jesus Christ was on the Cross in the midst of 7 Years started from 27 A.D and this is what represent the Final 7 Years started on October 31st, 2017 will end in 2024 and their midst is 2021 where the abomination of desolation is set through Covid-19 and US Paris Agreement signed on January 20th, 2021 and Joe Biden the 2nd Beast of Revelation 13 taking the position of the Prince who had came at the midst of these 7 Years and on whom the 7 Last Plagues will Be poured on His Throne and on the Throne of the 1st Beast of Revelation 13) and this confirm what Almighty God said that You Can do nothing if I am not with You, this means ,You can be only able to understand these calculations details if You ask Almighty God to make it clear for You, time is at hand my brother , Jesus Christ is coming very very very soon and will surprise only unbelievers, not Believers(2 Thessalonica 5:4).
3) Almighty God has not said anywhere that His Voice can not be given through the Mouth of His Saint, this is very clear that Jesus Christ and  many others Stated that the Day and Hour is only known by Almighty God , and Almighty God promised to make it known in the 1st Vision of Ellen Gould White in the Book Early Writings between Pages 30-40 and read it it does not mention to be revealed to others rather than True 7th Day Adventists (144000 of Revelation 14:1-4-9-12) to be used for Loud Cry on warning for upcoming 7 Last Plagues, and this promised day and Hour is from that 1st Vision clear that it has to be announced before the Outpouring of the Latter Rain which makes Our Faces Shine like Moses Descending from Mount Sinai carrying 2 blocks of God's Law and likewise We are carrying the same Law especially the 7th Day Holy Sabbath in Revelation 14:9-12 and Revelation 18:1-5 and Revelation 18:8 by which the 2nd Commandment in Exodus 20:4-6 and Revelation 22:12-17 revealed that intersection of 2 Distinctive Last Generations is met in the Year 2024.5 which I derived to generate February 15th,2024 to October 15th, 2024 as the 8 Months and 2 Days period in which all 7 Last Plagues will be falling on this Earth in that same 1 Year of 2024 but not necessarily to fall covering the full 12 Months as it took 8Months and 2 Days for the Flood to desolate the whole World it will take the same time period to make this whole Earth Completely desolated through 7 Last Plagues in Matthew 24:37  to make it be fulfilled.
My telephone is 0781907002, We can talk much more about this message, and I am very proud of Your reply and feedbacks, and regular updates You put on your YouTube Channel "Ibimenyetso By' Ibihe Ministries".
4) It would be more excellent if I get how to explain these calculations details in a conference online and help Our Remnants True 7th Day Adventists to have an open discussion on this Almighty God's revealed Calculations to help us prepare His People for the very eminent 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ.
5) The 6000 Years seems to have ended since the Year 1991 and to become ended as well in the Year 2027 and in the Year 2031 because the Spirit of Prophecy in the Great Controversy and the Desire of Ages books revealed that Jesus Christ was born 4-3BC at the average of 4000 Years when sin came to Earth through Adam and Eve while also it repeated the same average of Jesus Christ Baptised and Tempted in 27AD around 4000 Years and as well Crucified and resurrected in 31AD around 4000 Years which means it was Clear that 4000 Years meant a Full 40 Years Generation starting from 9BC +40 Years=31 A.D and adding 2000 Years give 9BC+2000Years=1991 and 31AD+2000Years=2031 and from 27AD+2000Years also makes 2027, and this must be understood very clearly that Matthew 24:34 final Generation starting from 1991 will end in 2031 but this is a Generation which will receive Rewarding to Eternal Life and it is the 150th Generation from Adam and Eve that is justified by Exodus 20:6, We have an other Generation started from 1831 to 1871 that is stated in Exodus 20:4-5 which 4th Descendants will face the wrath of Almighty God as a Punishment for them based on their Fathers of iniquity who refused William Miller's Ending Date of 2300 Prophetic Years on October 22nd, 1844, and From that day October 22nd, 1844 counting 4 Generations of each 40 Years means 160 Years gives October 22nd, 2004 a beginning of counting the 4th Last Generation of people who will receive the Rewards of 7 Last Plagues to be killed as Revelation 22:12-17 said Jesus Christ will come with 2 kinds of Rewards at the same day and Hour on Tuesday October 15th, 2024 to reward each of One of People from those 2 different Generations according to the what they have done, and it required to find intersection of Years 40 Years are possible to be completed from 1991 to 2031 but 40 Years are not possible to be completed from 2004 to 2044 because 2031 is the only upper limit for 6000 Years Cosmic Week and it gives that only 27 Years are allowed from October 22nd, 2004 to 2031 which gives the possibility of 2 Generations to meet the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ with Rewards of 7 Last Plagues and to identify the period in which 7 Last Plagues will take place required to take the mean(Moyen) of 40Yeara+27Years=67Years:2=33.5 Years, and from 1991+33.5 Years=2024.5, which is delivered as intersection can be obtained, 2024.5 means 2024 Years and 0.5 Years which is 6 Months, 6 months to give days 6Months :2=3 Months ,3Months: 2=1.5 Months and total is 3Months+1.5 Months=4.5 Months , 0.5 Months is equal to 15 Days and We therefore obtain 4 Months and 15 Days, We obtain the Interval of intersection by taking Median of 6 Months substrate 4 Months and 15 Days gives 6Months-4Mothns and 15 Days=2 Months and 15 Days which gives February 15th, 2024 as Lower Limit of the Falling period of 7 Last Plagues , while 6 Months+4Months and 15 Days gives 10 Months and 15 Days which gives October 15th, 2024 as the Upper Limit of the Falling period of 7 Last Plagues, and the whole 8 Months and 2 Days of period of falling of 7 Last Plagues will begin from February 15th, 2024 until 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ on Tuesday- October 15th, 2024 from Midnight to make the Morning of Resurrection possible between 00:01' A.M to 1:59' A.M and fulfill intersection of 3 Verses from Matthew 24:43, Mark 13:35 and Luke 12:37-38(Intersection is said to be 00:01' to 1:59' A.M which is Mu Gicuku).
6) Ntagihe Ukundi Revelation 10:6 means 2300 Years of Daniel 8:14 has completed on October 22nd, 1844 and it is true that it will be ended with 1335 Days of Daniel 12:12-13 and 1 Final Last week of Daniel 9:27 through 7 Last Plagues from February 15th, 2024 to October 15th, 2024 at 1:59' a.m at the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ and Resurrection and transfiguration of 144000 and All Living Saints to take 7 Days to arrive on the Sea of Glass on Tuesday- October 22nd, 2024 to receive the Crowns of Gold ,Palm of Victory and Harps of Gold prior to going to meet Almighty God face to face on Wednesday- October 23rd, 2024 For Jesus Christ to present us as again as the 1st Fruits in front of Almighty God our Holy Father in Heaven.
Best regards my brother in Jesus Christ.
May Almighty God bless You.


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