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For Dedication to Our Amazing Word Ministries International YouTube Channel deleted by YouTube Team(Urukundo Rwa Benshi Ruzakonja"Matayo 24:12-20": "Kutandura Koronavirusi neza ni Ukutayipimisha no Kutayikingiza byonyine")-Umunsi wa 7 Niwo SABATO-Yesu azagaruka Ku iherezo ry' ibyago 7 bizava tariki 15/2/2024 kugeza 15/10/2024 saa 1:59' a.m, Quoted"Dr. Iraguha Bandora Yves, MG, MD, RN,BScN(Hons)".Published on Tuesday-July 6th, 2021 at 5:59' a.m.

I.Urukundo Rwa Benshi Ruzakonja"Matayo 24:12-20":Note:{This is African Union Students' Council(AUSC)" For The Better Africa We Deserve" Special Dedication to Our United States of America(U.S.A)based Amazing Word Ministries International YouTube Channel deleted by YouTube Team to please Allow You All Globally To Read, Analyze,Copy,Paste and Share this Link to At Least 7 Peoples online and offline:[ http://www.africanunionsc.org/2021/07/urukundo-rwa-benshi-ruzakonja-kutandura.html?m=1 ].

May Almighty God bless You All.}

1."Kutandura Koronavirusi neza ni Ukutayipimisha no Kutayikingiza byonyine"-Umunsi wa 7 Ni wo SABATO-Yesu azagaruka Ku iherezo ry' ibyago 7 bizava tariki 15/2/2024 kugeza 15/10/2024 saa 1:59' a.m, Quoted"Dr. Iraguha Bandora Yves, MG, MD, RN,BScN(Hons)".

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Click Here,Save this Link on Your E-mail inbox for future Use Vis versus:[https://www.onlinetranslationpro.com/kinyarwanda-to-english-translation ],Sample(Urugero):[(Urukundo Rwa Benshi Ruzakonja"Matayo 24:12-20": "Kwirinda Kutandura Koronavirusi si ukutipimisha covid-19 si no Kutikingiza covid-19")-Igisubizo ni Umunsi wa 7, Ni wo munsi w' ISABATO.:(The Love of Many Will Be Cool "Matthew 24: 12-20": "Avoiding Chronic Coronaviruses is not a test for covid-19 nor is it a vaccine for covid-19") - The answer is Day 7, which is Sabbath Day. ].

2.Chapter 50—Condemned to Die:{Until his latest hour the life of Paul testified to the truth of his words to the Corinthians: “God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, hath shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ. But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us. We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed; always bearing about in the body the dying of the Lord Jesus, that the life also of Jesus might be made manifest in our body.” 2 Corinthians 4:6-10. His sufficiency was not in himself, but in the presence and agency of the divine Spirit that filled his soul and brought every thought into subjection to the will of Christ. The prophet declares, “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on Thee: because he trusteth in Thee.” Isaiah 26:3. The heaven-born peace expressed on Paul's countenance won many a soul to the gospel. AA 510.1 }

Chapter 1—God's Purpose for His Church

Chapter 2—The Training of the Twelve

Chapter 3—The Great Commission

Chapter 4—Pentecost

Chapter 5—The Gift of the Spirit

Chapter 6—At the Temple Gate

Chapter 7—A Warning Against Hypocrisy

Chapter 8—Before the Sanhedrin

Chapter 9—The Seven Deacons

Chapter 10—The First Christian Martyr

Chapter 11—The Gospel in Samaria

Chapter 12—From Persecutor to Disciple

Chapter 13—Days of Preparation

Chapter 14—A Seeker for Truth

Chapter 15—Delivered From Prison

Chapter 16—The Gospel Message in Antioch

Chapter 17—Heralds of the Gospel

Chapter 18—Preaching Among the Heathen

Chapter 19—Jew and Gentile

Chapter 20—Exalting the Cross

Chapter 21—In the Regions Beyond

Chapter 22—Thessalonica

Chapter 23—Berea and Athens

Chapter 24—Corinth

Chapter 25—The Thessalonian Letters

Chapter 26—Apollos at Corinth

Chapter 27—Ephesus

Chapter 28—Days of Toil and Trial

Chapter 29—A Message of Warning and Entreaty

Chapter 30—Called to Reach a Higher Standard

Chapter 31—The Message Heeded

Chapter 32—A Liberal Church

Chapter 33—Laboring Under Difficulties

Chapter 34—A Consecrated Ministry

Chapter 35—Salvation to the Jews

Chapter 36—Apostasy in Galatia(Satanic Jesuit Pope Francis"Modernly Representing Caesar NERO" is a Rigidly Lier with rigidity because He is the most rigid person on this earth in this last decade , He lied about Apostle Paul's 7th Day Holy Sabbath Jesus Christ Oriented Missionary Work in Galatia, where Pope's Rigidity Satanic 1st Day SUN-worship Sundays oriented falsehoods condemned True 7th Day Holy Sabbath Keepers"True 7th Day Adventists " who Preach the 3rd Angel's Loud Cry Message online and offline urging All Catholics and Sunday Keeping People of Almighty God to Come Out of Babylon led by this Rigid Jesuit Pope Francis who sat with a spider man featured Snake representing the Dragon fallen from Heaven which gave this Jesuit Pope the Seat to wage a final war against 7th Day Holy Sabbath Keeping Saints exposing Babylon calling people of Almighty God to get out of it very very urgently before the 7 Last Plagues begin to fall on this earth by the Year 2024).

Chapter 37—Paul's Last Journey to Jerusalem

Chapter 38—Paul a Prisoner

Chapter 39—The Trial at Caesarea

Chapter 40—Paul Appeals to Caesar

Chapter 41—“Almost Thou Persuadest Me”

Chapter 42—The Voyage and Shipwreck

Chapter 43—In Rome

Chapter 44—Caesar's Household

Chapter 45—Written From Rome

Chapter 46—At Liberty

Chapter 47—The Final Arrest

Chapter 48—Paul Before Nero

Chapter 49—Paul's Last Letter

Chapter 50—Condemned to Die(In Kinyarwanda)

Chapter 51—A Faithful Under-Shepherd

Chapter 52—Steadfast Unto the End

Chapter 53—John the Beloved

Chapter 54—A Faithful Witness

Chapter 55—Transformed by Grace

Chapter 56—Patmos

Chapter 57—The Revelation

Chapter 58The Church Triumphant

During Paul's final trial before Nero, the emperor had been so strongly impressed with the force of the apostle's words that he deferred the decision of the case, neither acquitting nor condemning the accused servant of God. But the emperor's malice against Paul soon returned. Exasperated by his inability to check the spread of the Christian religion, even in the imperial household, he determined that as soon as a plausible pretext could be found, the apostle should be put to death. Not long afterward Nero pronounced the decision that condemned Paul to a martyr's death. Inasmuch as a Roman citizen could not be subjected to torture, he was sentenced to be beheaded. AA 509.1

Paul was taken in a private manner to the place of execution. Few spectators were allowed to be present; for his persecutors, alarmed at the extent of his influence, feared that converts might be won to Christianity by the scenes of his death. But even the hardened soldiers who attended him listened to his words and with amazement saw him cheerful and even joyous in the prospect of death. To some who witnessed his martyrdom, his spirit of forgiveness toward his murderers and his unwavering confidence in Christ till the last, proved a savor of life unto life. More than one accepted the Saviour whom Paul preached, and erelong fearlessly sealed their faith with their blood. AA 509.2

Until his latest hour the life of Paul testified to the truth of his words to the Corinthians: “God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, hath shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ. But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us. We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed; always bearing about in the body the dying of the Lord Jesus, that the life also of Jesus might be made manifest in our body.” 2 Corinthians 4:6-10. His sufficiency was not in himself, but in the presence and agency of the divine Spirit that filled his soul and brought every thought into subjection to the will of Christ. The prophet declares, “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on Thee: because he trusteth in Thee.” Isaiah 26:3. The heaven-born peace expressed on Paul's countenance won many a soul to the gospel. AA 510.1

Paul carried with him the atmosphere of heaven. All who associated with him felt the influence of his union with Christ. The fact that his own life exemplified the truth he proclaimed, gave convincing power to his preaching. Here lies the power of truth. The unstudied, unconscious influence of a holy life is the most convincing sermon that can be given in favor of Christianity. Argument, even when unanswerable, may provoke only opposition; but a godly example has a power that it is impossible wholly to resist. AA 510.2

The apostle lost sight of his own approaching sufferings in his solicitude for those whom he was about to leave to cope with prejudice, hatred, and persecution. The few Christians who accompanied him to the place of execution he endeavored to strengthen and encourage by repeating the promises given for those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake. He assured them that nothing would fail of all that the Lord had spoken concerning His tried and faithful children. For a little season they might be in heaviness through manifold temptations; they might be destitute of earthly comforts; but they could encourage their hearts with the assurance of God's faithfulness, saying, “I know whom I have believed, and am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I have committed unto Him.” 2 Timothy 1:12. Soon the night of trial and suffering would end, and then would dawn the glad morning of peace and perfect day. AA 511.1

The apostle was looking into the great beyond, not with uncertainty or dread, but with joyous hope and longing expectation. As he stands at the place of martyrdom he sees not the sword of the executioner or the earth so soon to receive his blood; he looks up through the calm blue heaven of that summer day to the throne of the Eternal. AA 511.2

This man of faith beholds the ladder of Jacob's vision, representing Christ, who has connected earth with heaven, and finite man with the infinite God. His faith is strengthened as he calls to mind how patriarchs and prophets have relied upon the One who is his support and consolation, and for whom he is giving his life. From these holy men who from century to century have borne testimony for their faith, he hears the assurance that God is true. His fellow apostles, who, to preach the gospel of Christ, went forth to meet religious bigotry and heathen superstition, persecution, and contempt, who counted not their lives dear unto themselves that they might bear aloft the light of the cross amidst the dark mazes of infidelity—these he hears witnessing to Jesus as the Son of God, the Saviour of the world. From the rack, the stake, the dungeon, from dens and caves of the earth, there falls upon his ear the martyr's shout of triumph. He hears the witness of steadfast souls, who, though destitute, afflicted, tormented, yet bear fearless, solemn testimony for the faith, declaring, “I know whom I have believed.” These, yielding up their lives for the faith, declare to the world that He in whom they have trusted is able to save to the uttermost. AA 512.1

Ransomed by the sacrifice of Christ, washed from sin in His blood, and clothed in His righteousness, Paul has the witness in himself that his soul is precious in the sight of his Redeemer. His life is hid with Christ in God, and he is persuaded that He who has conquered death is able to keep that which is committed to His trust. His mind grasps the Saviour's promise, “I will raise him up at the last day.” John 6:40. His thoughts and hopes are centered on the second coming of his Lord. And as the sword of the executioner descends and the shadows of death gather about the martyr, his latest thought springs forward, as will his earliest in the great awakening, to meet the Life-giver, who shall welcome him to the joy of the blest. AA 512.2

Well-nigh a score of centuries have passed since Paul the aged poured out his blood as a witness for the word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ. No faithful hand recorded for the generations to come the last scenes in the life of this holy man, but Inspiration has preserved for us his dying testimony. Like a trumpet peal his voice has rung out through all the ages since, nerving with his own courage thousands of witnesses for Christ and wakening in thousands of sorrow-stricken hearts the echo of his own triumphant joy: “I am now ready to be offered, and the time of my departure is at hand. I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith: henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, shall give me at that day: and not to me only, but unto all them also that love His appearing.” 2 Timothy 4:6-8. .

II. Following censorships protocols of Current progressive social media persecution of present Truth preachers online is being realized following the previous call from Satanic Jesuit Pope Francis declared that The True 7th Day Adventists globally online are advocating for the Truth'3rd Angel's Loud Cry Message'(7th Day Holy Sabbath Keeping to receive the Seal of Almighty God to reject the Sunday which is the Mark of he Beast'Mark of Authority of the Roman Catholic Church').

Note:{This is African Union Students' Council(AUSC)" For The Better Africa We Deserve" Special Dedication to Our United States of America(U.S.A)based Amazing Word Ministries International YouTube Channel deleted by YouTube Team to please Allow You All Globally To Read, Analyze,Copy,Paste and Share this Link to At Least 7 Peoples online and offline:[ http://www.africanunionsc.org/2021/07/urukundo-rwa-benshi-ruzakonja-kutandura.html?m=1 ].

May Almighty God bless You All.}

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Pr. Emmanuel Nougaisse

"For so hath the Lord commanded us, saying, 'I have set thee to be a light of the Gentiles, that thou shouldest bring salvation unto the ends of the earth." - Acts 13:47 ]

1.Follow the pictures below and save all links from different channels to warn the whole world continuously on everything that Amazing Word Ministries publishes which exposes strongly current Global Events all as are connected to the Roman Catholic Church Satanic Jesuit Pope Francis, including Covid-19 Draconian Measures associated to enforced Covid-19 vaccines and Lockdowns being implemented to enforce the Mark of the Beast of Revelation 13:1-18 of no buy no sell Covid-19 Vaccines linked Draconian Measures being applied likewise to birth U.S Climate Sundays Lockdowns for sustainable Land use and Green transport to protect environment and worshiping the SUN on behalf of Executing Jesuit Pope Francis' LaudatoSI' 237' Sunday Rest and worship by Law.

The whole world on the account of 7th Day Adventists(SDA), they understand the role of Amazing Word Ministries also in exposing the modern days Pharisees from the General Conference of SDA Global Churches with Jesuits hidden in the Leadership of General Conference of SDA ,while these Leaders are daily betraying the mission and the vision of the SDA Church according to the pioneers' main objectives to never unit in Ecumenical meetings(Ecumenical Vademecu Satanic Vatican Document) or covenants with Antichrist system of Vatican Satanic Church led by Popes, Pastor Ted Wilson has been trying to redefine the Ecumenism to favor SDA General Conference Great Apostasy and support it from October 31st, 2017 when He delegated more than 15 SDA General Conference Representatives to sign A Reforming Catholic Confession.

Amazing Word Ministries has always managed to dig deeply to extract more sensitive apostasy taking place in the SDA General Conference ,below are the Videos:

Adventists & Catholics Celebrate the Ecumenical Charter, Promote Eucharistic Unity and End Divisions June 2021.Adventist Ecumenical Charter GLUE TOGETHER With Pope Francis & "ONE HOLY APOSTOLIC CATHOLIC CHURCH":


2.The love of many became cold, and turned into hate, persecuting Amazing Word Ministries International YouTube Channel by deleting all the Videos which very importantly exposed the Satanic agendas of Jesuit Pope Francis aiming to try to keep the world's individuals far from The Power of Holy Spirit of Latter Rain revealed through Present Truth 3rd Angel's Loud Cry Messengers such as Pastor Emmanuel Nougaisse targeting to silence His Amazing Word Ministries from YouTube so that Jesuits can keep their Criminal offense against Jesus Christ by hiding the true Covid-19 and Climate Change based issues happening daily on this earth quickly leading to the enforcement of US.National Sunday Law"Mark of the Beast" in all Nations as directly and indirectly connected to Covid-19 vaccines and other covid-19 draconian measures linked to Jesuit Pope Francis' Satanic Encyclical Letters especially LaudatoSI'237' and Fratelli Tutti,all of this makes the fulfilment of Matthew 24:12-20, and the warning Jesus Christ left to the whole World for His Faithful Servants is to keep the 7th Day Sabbath Holy even if it will be during a condition such as explained in Matthew 24:20, which means that there is no room left for Sunday Resting for the individuals who want to follow Jesus Christ during this final battle between SATAN"All Jesuits including Pope Francis " and Jesus Christ"144,000 True 7th Day Adventists Worldwide of Revelation 14:1-20 ".


3. It has been a long time ago that Amazing Word Ministries was facing censorships from YouTube deleting all New Created YouTube Videos and Channels and when they found that the content of Videos on the Channel of Pastor Emmanuel Nougaisse becomes to much Heaviest on putting in danger the demonic dignity of Jesuit Pope Francis, as once happened to a Conservative Catholic YouTube Channel of LifeSiteNews due to exposing Pope Francis' Satanic Fundamentalist condemnation and Joe Biden' s Abortion Administration, Amazing Word Ministries Channels were deleted, new backups were created and the Truth such as the below videos' contents were kept spreading downloaded kept in individuals' offline storages and Laptops and being disseminated in many places continuously even now, which really shows that there is nothing deceived People and their Satanic Jesuit Pope Francis can do to silence the Truth(3rd Angel's Loud Cry Message=The 7th Day Holy Sabbath as it is being now revealed within 1177 Principal Repetition Number as well), the best thing to do, however, is to work for It and work with its Global offline and online proclaimers such as Pastor Emmanuel Nougaisse and AUSC Right Now, because the 7 Last Plagues are coming very very soon from February 15th, 2024 until Tuesday-October 15th, 2024 at 1:59' a.m at the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ.

4.Every thing believed in Covid-19 leads to 666 Number of the Beast"Jesuit Pope Francis the 1st Beast" to enforce the Mark of the Beast"U.S Climate Sundays Lockdowns Act of 2021" by the Image of the Beast"Global Churches and States Unions " under "U.S Jesuit White House Administration the 2nd Beast in the Years 2021-2024 "Revelation 13:1-18, Revelation 14:1-20, 15:1-8, 16:1-21, 17:1-18, 18:1-24, 19:1-21,20:1-15): [1)Six Face Shields covering 2)Six Facial Masks surrounding Six Hair Covers,3)Six Protective Gloves per each Column, 4)Six Protective Gowns, 5)Six Protective Boots per each Column, 6)Six Carriers for Covid-19 so called Six Clients Cadavers being carried outside from an Autobus with Six Rooms reserved Mortuary in Rwanda an East African Nation where a Vial of Covid-19 Aborted Foetuses Cells Manufactured Vaccine will begin to be Manufactured Financed by European Union for 1 Vial to be shared by Six believers in Covid-19 cases and deaths tolls surgings with fears revealed from a 7th Day Adventists Parents born Health Minister Dr.NGAMIJE Daniel ]:
Umunyamakuru wemeje ko aho Abadiventisiti b' Umunsi wa 7(SDA Global Churches under General Conference All are advocating for Satanic Covid-19 draconian measures including Covid-19 Venomous Vaccines) benshi bagiye ari mu kwikingiza Covid-19 kuruhande rw'ab' isi aho Leta zose zo mu isi ziyobowe na Papa Francis President wa Leta Ya VATICAN bashaka kujyana abatuye isi bose mu kuramya igishushanyo n' ikimenyetso n' umubare 666 by' ubupapa bwa SATANI ,ahita ku Mana, kandi abanze ibyo benshi birunduriyemo by'itiriwe kwirinda kwandura no kwanduzanya Covid-19 nk'uko ababana barekeshejwe kwiga n'ibyo byaduka byo muminsi y' imperuka(No Jab, No Job=No Buy No Sell,Revelation 13:1-18) byagejeje kuguhatira amashuli kwigisha no k' Umunsi wa 7 ariwo SABATO y' Uwiteka barahiye Imbere y' Imana n' imbere y' abategeka iby'iyi Si igiye kurimbuka ishaka bemeje ko batazigera basubira mu ishuli; inzira ifunganye ariyo ijya ku Mana inyuramo bake cyanee, mugihe Uyu wemeza ko aho abenshi bagiye ahashyigikiye nawe yamaze kurangirirwaho n' Imbabazi z'Imana Niba Atari ukwibeshya:
Ezekiel 12:1-28" Umuhanuzi Abera Abantu IkimenyetsoNibivugwe byemerwe neza nk' Uko biri nta kubica iruhande muri Bibiliya Yera bibwirwe abanze kumva Bose ko Isi isigaje imyaka 3 n' amezi 3 abayiriho Bose banze Imana bakayikurwa ho mu byago 7 by' imperuka kuva 15/2/2024 kugeza 15/10/2024 saa 1:59' mugicuku Yesu Agarutse Kutujyanana n' Abanyeshuli b' Abadiventisiti Mu RWANDA Basize byose kandi bari no mu nzira ibajyana mu ijuru, kandi Ntibemera n' amabwiriza yo kwirinda Koronavirusi(Covid-19) kubera ko Umwuka Wera W' Uwiteka yatwemeje ko ari icyaha(Covid-19 Draconian Measures including mRNAs SARS-CoV-2-St.CORONA-Vaccines) [ https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=BVWR9RN4z_0&list=PLp4EdRHp7h4dTsvsMgSvNLgZcKYIZ8kxX&index=4 ].:

5. As it was during the Early Christianity eras and as well during the Reformation eras, those who showed up to try to silence the Gospel of the Truth spoken by the Holy Bible, they resulted in becoming the most influential people who made the truth more recognized and more searched on for it is very curious to understand really, the reason why YouTube can not tolerate Amazing Word Ministries Videos on its platform by deleting completely the whole Channels, it makes a very questionable scientific reason for everyone to try to listen and watch to at list a one week based uploaded Videos contents by the Amazing Word Ministries as this is what grew the fear and grumbling of Vatican itself, Pope Francis Himself, SDA General Conference Leadership and even YouTube CEO Himself, they finally came to arrive to a certain level of  trembling before this Serious Truth Victory from the Mind and the Mouth of one single True 7th Day Adventist Individual Pastor Emmanuel Nougaisse who Pierces daily the Minds of All Jesuits together and their Allies and advisers of Jesuit Pope Francis who can not be able to bear and tolerate the Amazing Word Ministries Videos Contents at that Level where the New backup Channels of Amazing Word Ministries are becoming a Burden for the Whole YouTube Communication Industry to Bear the Truth of the 3rd Angel's Loud Cry Message and which cause them to become very frustrated at that level of deleting not one video at least, but deletion of the whole Channel repeatedly!!! 

6.Shame on YouTube CEO and on Vatican as a whole, it mighty be more bravely to stand firm for Vatican and Its corrupted bought Social Media Platforms to let the whole world to undertaken the self examination individually according to the Bible Truth proclaimed by the True 7th Day Adventists nowadays which aims to make the whole world judge the Falsely Constructed Christianity of the Roman Catholic Church and its Popes to analyse the whole issues concerning the 7th Day Holy Sabbath and the Great Controversy between Pope Francis' LaudatoSI'237' Sunday Law defenders and Jesus Christ's 7th Day Holy Sabbath Commandment defenders by themselves.

7.Sunday Law(Weekly Climate-Covid-19 Sunday Lockdown) has Four Stages described by the Holy Spirit through Madam Ellen Could White, while U.S.Climate Act of 2021 a U.S Congress Passed Bill to advance globally the January 27th, 2021 Climate Executive Order of U.S Catholic President Joe Biden who signed a U.S Paris Climate Agreement on January 20th, 2021 on fresh Global Supper Power U.S bowing to Satanic Vatican's Encyclical Letter Laudato SI'237' of Jesuit Pope Francis which declared SUN worship day SUNDAY as a 7th Day of Rest and worship LAW by so called Christians during paganism based rituals of Eucharist Masses Weekly basis Celebrations in honoring Fallen Lucifer A.K.A SATAN with U.S National Sunday Law Preparation and Congressional Bill Legislation in Stage 1 being covered in the Year 2021, Global U.S Climate Act of 2021and Climate Sundays Lockdowns dissemination and implementation in Stage 2 to be covered in the Year  2022, Global-National-Church Climate-covid-19 Sundays Rest and Worship by Low in Stage 3 to be covered in the Year 2023 finally with Stage 4 to be covered in the Year 2024 as it will prophetically be triggered by the First 4 of the 7 Last Plagues starting to fall from February 15th, 2024 within which Jesus Christ will come the 2nd Time appearing in this Sky during the End of the 7th Last Plague on Tuesday-October 15th, 2024 at 00:01'-1:59' a.m.

III.YouTube Demonic Team has been following Up all the Present Truths presented by Pastor Emmanuel Nougaisse on All His Alternative backups YouTube Channels which will give Almighty God a reason to judge them and condemn them to hell fire if they don't leave those demonic Pope Francis' Controlled and corrupted YouTube Sensor ship Posts, it has no help to the Vatican Biblical Beast Jesuit Pope Francis to corrupt all Satanic based Leaders of the Current social Media Platforms while trying to persecute the Present Truth 7th Day Sabbath Keeping 144,000 Saints by applying useless Sensors ships to try to silence the 3rd Angel's Loud Cry Message of the Holy Bible in Revelation 14:9-13 and Revelation 18:1-5 as this is a mission that a human being who cares on Almighty God's 10 Commandments fully will not stop doing, exposing the Satanic Covid-19 Draconian Measures associated with Jesuit Pope Francis's declared Fratelli Tutti New World Order and Green transport and sustainable Land Use for LaudatoSI' 237' Climate Sunday rest and worship by Law by applying Similar Covid-19 Draconian Measures Lockdowns on Sundays for the environmental Jesuit Pope Francis's based Satanic Encyclical Letter LaudatoSI': YouTube has 1stly Deleted the whole Amazing Word Ministries Videos of Pre-Covid-19 Ages and previously deleted all other Post Covid-19 Videos from the Amazing Word Ministries International YouTube Channel thinking that it will weaken or silence His Determined Loud Cry Message Proclamation which strongly expose the Satanic activities in connection with Biblical Beast Jesuit Pope Francis and Coronavirus(Covid-19) Draconian Measures associated with Satanic venomous Aborted Foetuses Cells produced Vaccines which are killing Our Family Members (This happens to even a family member of mine shamelessly vaccinations makers bearing the Burden of the blood of my uncle who was vaccinated for the 2nd dose and developed unusual tremors and impaired gaits and uncontrollable speeches recently dies 2 days ago, and I feel like a Medical Doctor who served no purpose to save others while my family members who refused to hear my advice's to do not take those Satanic Covid-19 Vaccines now are starting to die , my family friend Old 7th Day Adventist Pastor who was vaccinated the 2nd dose despite ignoring Madam Ellen Gould White's Counsel on food and diet that prohibit us to use Vaccines, now is having the similar symptoms such as those which my died uncle had last week when He was still alive but following the 2nd dose of Covid-19 vaccine as well. 
Dear Almighty God, come quickly to save the humanity with Your Latter Rain Power, as SATAN using Jesuits is going to kill the whole world ignorant people deceiving them to accept Covid-19 Tests and Vaccines contrarily to their Innate Liberty of Consciousness.
IV. Abantu benshi batinye kugaragaza ibitekerezo byabo, n' uruhande baherereyemo mu mpande ebyiri zirigusorezwaho amateka y'isi muri iyi New World Order iyobowe n' umujezuwiti Papa Francis, kubijyanye na covid-19 ni nako bizabagendekera Ku Itegeko ry' Icyumweru:

1. Abantu bafite ikibazo kubijyanye no gushidikanya, niba basubira munsengero, cyangwa niba batazasubirayo, abandi bakomeje kwitiranya kwikingiza kwa Madamu Ellen Gould White no kwikingiza inkingo za covid-19 muri iyi minsi yo kuva mu Ukuboza 2019 kugeza ubu biringiye ko bafite ubwishingizi muguhisha uruhande baherereye mo, nyamara ibi byose biriguturuka kukuba ntabihamya bihagije bafite byo gusobanura uruhande Imana yategetse ko Uwera wese utegereje kugaruka kwa Yesu agomba kuba aherereyemo,kandi atari muburyo bwa rwihishwa, kugirango ubutumwa bwa Marayika wa 3 mu ijwi rirenga bugire umumaro wabwo wo gusiga isi yose isobanukiwe n' Ikimenyetso cy' Imana ,Ikimenyetso cy' inyamanswa n' Ibyago 7 by' imperuka n' akarengane Imana izaba ije kurokora mo abashyizweho ikimenyetso cy' Imana.Soma neza iby' iyi nkuru: http://www.africanunionsc.org/2021/06/isabato-cyangwa-icyumweru-kiriziya.html?m=1 ].

2. Uko byagenda kose, Imana yatanze inzira 7 ubu zigaragarira mo ibihamya byo kugaruka kwa Yesu Kristo tariki 15/10/2024 at 1:59' a.m nk' isezerano abategereje kugaruka kwa Yesu bahawe mu iyerekwa rya Mbere rya Madame Ellen Gould White, bigaragaza uko ibyago 7 by' imperuka bizatangira gusukwa muri iyi Si kuva tariki 15/2/2024 kuzageza Yesu Kristo agarutse tariki 15/10/2024 mugicuku cya Nijoro kuva saa 00:01-1:59' a.m ,tuzamubona atungutse kubicu.

V. End of 6000 Years of 1 Cosmic Week of 7000 Years in 2024:
Persecuted by the world but not forsaken by Jesus Christ Our Lord of the 7th Day Holy Sabbath-Luke 6:1-5.

This prophecy fulfilment was a conditional Prophecy, the day and Hour had to be announced prior to the beginning of Revelation 18:1-5 which begins with the Glory of Almighty God expressed as a result of Latter Rain which made it possible for 144,000 who had maximized Former Rain to have victory over sin and receive Latter Rain as the Seal of Our Living Almighty God became fixed in Our foreheads ,while the only promised Holy Ghost to the Sealed 7th Day Adventists is the Latter Rain; However, the Year 2021 which began with Covid-19 Vaccines is a sure evidence that the Sealing Process in the Laodicean SDA Global Church was completed before the Year 2021 and probation was closed for those remained in a Laodicean State, this as well provides an other evidence based reason why No Body Can say that the 3rd Angel's Loud Cry Message has not yet began, while the beginning of proclamation of the 3rd Angel's Loud Cry Message follows the completed Sealing process among the Global SDA Individuals, and the announcement of the Day and Hour of 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ takes place even before the Outpouring of Promised Latter Rain while Exhibition of the Glory of Almighty God of the 4th Angel of Revelation 18:1-2 is an evidence of received Latter Rain whereas the Proclamation of the 3rd Angel's Loud Cry Message in Revelation 18:2-5 is an evidence of shining of All True 7th Day Adventists Globally whose the 10 Commandments of Almighty God as His Law was Sealed among His 144,000 disciples and making it become possible for the united 144,000 in one purpose of proclaiming the Revelation 14:9-12 and Revelation 18:1-5 and Ezekiel 8&9 makes the 144,000 Saints have their faces shining like the face of Moses when He was coming down from Mount Sinai(Soon we [See Appendix.] heard the voice of God like many waters, which gave us the day and hour of Jesus’ coming. The living saints, 144,000 in number, knew and understood the voice, while the wicked thought it was thunder and an earthquake. When God spoke the time, He poured upon us the Holy Ghost, and our faces began to light up and shine with the glory of God, )according to the 1st Vision of Madam Ellen Gould White in the Book of Early Writings. Therefore, until today Tuesday-July 6th, 2021 it would have been too late for Almighty God to Allow His True 7th Day Adventists to Here from His Voice about the Day and Hour of 2nd coming of Jesus Christ, However, Tuesday-October 15th, 2024 at 1:59'A.M was communicated to me since I waspraying for Almighty God on October 22nd, 2019 for Him to reveal to me that His Hidden Day and time of His Son's 2nd Coming and From then until now I have no doubt that it was through His promise from the 1st Vision He gave to Ellen Gould White that nowadays the 6000 Years predications are being preached and more deepest links were analysed basing on the 2nd and 4th Commandments of Almighty God which revealed that Revelation 22:12-17 brings intersection of distinctive two final generations who are going to receive two distinctive rewards during one same rewarding period in which All 7 Last Plagues must take place, and intersection which became 2024.5 was calculated with mathematical derivation to deduct Years ,Months and Days from this intersection Year 2024.5, which gave that period from February 15th, 2024 to October 15th, 2024 from midnight 00:01-1:59' A.M determining the whole 8Months and 2 Days period in which all 7 Last Plagues will take place.

AUSC Title: Genesis 2:1-3&Exodus 20:1-11: 6000Years+1000Years=7000Years for 1 Full Cosmic Week&End of Earth in 6000Years in 2024.
May God Bess You.


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